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What started off as a formidable Tepid collab, with TO on beats, was further enhanced by pixietricks' vocals. This FFX mix intros with dramatically minor/major chromatic cross-panned piano that has enough intricacy and depth just by itself to really grab you, but things just get better from there, as Lee's drumwork comes in, followed by Jill's vocal. The ReMixer writes:

"I've always been a fan of Hamauzu's work, especially his part in FFX. After listening to his Piano Collections on Via Purifico (and learning most of it from the sheet music), I was compelled to pick up my acoustic and play along with it. As I started recording, the piece shaped into something more Mitsuda, so I added a fretless bass and later brought in some slide guitar for the sake of it."

This material is more harmonically challenging that anything Tepid's tackled, arrangement-wise, to date, and aspects of the progression descend or ascend unexpectedly, but the ornate instrumentation and flowing arrangement handle this fluctuation gracefully. It's certainly dense stuff, though; anyone looking for something relaxing or consistent might be a bit jarred by some of the intonation and changeups - but in a good way. There's electric guitar as well, and some well-utilized reversed samples towards the end, that flesh out the timbral palette. It's Tepid's most mature piece to date, and while it's still rhythmically static in terms of tempo, there's a very dynamic approach to intonation and sequencing that I think shows a lot of development. This isn't a piece you can get everything out of on one listen, or even two; I'll be coming back to focus more intently on the intervals and progression, myself. That type of depth is great to see (and hear). Larry writes:

"I loved the interplay between the wailing electric guitar, the beautiful piano, the driving beatwork, and the melancholy vocals from 2:28-3:14. I really felt a sense of synergy between everyone's contributions that left me a greatly satisfied customer. Everything was loud and powerful, but nicely balanced to allow the listener to pick up every part; very impressive. Phil, Lee & Jill did a great job lending a much more energetic, emotive spin to "Path of Repentance" that I otherwise thought wasn't possible."

Indeed; repenting's never been this engaging, or sounded this good.



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on 2012-02-29 22:22:39

I can't believe I haven't commented on this mix before. Absolutely beautiful interpretation. To me, it's like the song has been given a Motoi Sakuraba face-lift upon the original Via piano melody. Haunting female vocals? Check. Cool acoustic guitar strumming in the background? Check. Electric guitar licks plus solo? Double check. I also like the fact that you took the complexity and rhythm of the main piano melody from the Piano Collections version rather than the original in-game track. I love both, but the former is a bit cooler.

on 2010-05-06 11:22:50

Everything was awesome except I think the lead guitar tone was a little overly brittle, and a little too far forward in the mix. Besides that, it was exceptionally good. Great beats, nice piano and acoustic guitar, and Jill sounds fantastic. A good atmosphere and nice melodies put me in a good mood anytime, and this mix does it all well.

on 2010-03-22 00:40:54
As I always say I'm still improving, and that song is over a year old now, so it's pretty unrepresentative of my performing now, but I do agree, when I look back and listen it's somethin that I could have worked on.

I know nothing of stringed instruments, but are you serious? The guitar fits perfectly in this song and I wouldn't want you to change a thing! This is a great mix, one of my favorites on the whole site. And if your guitar has improved? Well then even better, I look forward to hearing more from you :smile:

on 2009-09-04 20:00:02

Beautiful harmonies throughout the song, there are several moments throughout the song that just grab your attention and hold onto it. All of the elements of the song are very cohesive, it always impresses me when collabs like this feel so natural :-)

on 2009-09-03 13:52:54

The original song is beautiful and fits the mood of the scene it's in, but wow, you guys took it to another level! I'm listening to it for the 5th or 6th time on repeat right now and I'm just getting lost in the remix. It's wonderful and haunting too! Keep it up!

on 2008-10-29 20:10:04

I wish this song was 3 more minutes long if not more than that.

Having loved the FFX piano collection version this, this is even more awesome

But wow, when the song ended it caught me off guard being sucked into its awesomeness

Fastest 3 minutes ever!

on 2007-12-29 13:17:12

How long has this utterly amazing remix been hiding in my music collection? Far too long. I've always loved the original, but when I was sorting through my music and I found this gem it gave me a far more awesome appreciation for the original song. Absolutely powerful and amazing.

on 2007-07-19 23:21:01

Being a guitarist I believe the sexy guy needs to practice etc.


PS. Don't take it as a flame or large critic, for I only registered to post this suggestion.

None taken, glad you registered. As I always say I'm still improving, and that song is over a year old now, so it's pretty unrepresentative of my performing now, but I do agree, when I look back and listen it's somethin that I could have worked on.

I took up the piano 2 years ago to hide the fact I'm a fairly average guitarist, and it's been worth it in the long run. My usual style is finger picking but I've been playing a lot of leads in the last 8ish months, so in regards to the 'keep it up' comment, I've been taking guitaring viagra for the last year :)

Thanks for your concern.

on 2007-07-19 10:00:00


Being a guitarist I believe I know what bothered both me and pretty much all of You in that electric guitar: the guy needs to practice. Yes, You! I suggest You start off with vibrato, this is something very overlooked nowadays. As for tone, I believe it generally pretty much did fit, but I'd put about 20% less gain. And... keep it up.

For now, I would rate the electric guitar about 3.5 / 5.


PS. Don't take it as a flame or large critic, for I only registered to post this suggestion.

Trivun (crispymongoose)
on 2007-04-30 11:24:08

This song was absolutely brilliant, very emotional, and the guitar sequences made it even better than the original song from the FFX OST. I must admit, I was a bit sceptical when I first heard about OCRemix (a friend suggested I have a look), but now I feel the songs to be brilliant, created by people who obviously have a raw talent for music composition, and this song shows this perfectly.

(Sorry to pixietricks, tepid and the orichalon, considering this is meant to be copyright to you guys) I actually took the time to make a music video based on this song, partly for the chance to excercise my film-editing skills, and also to make sure this song gets out into the world where those who wouldn't normally listen to it have the chance to do so. The film is also called 'Via', and it's on both Youtube (search crispymongoose) and Myspace (search Trivun), if anyone's interested. However, the video can't compare to hearing the song for the first time.

on 2007-02-24 03:13:57

I was left in awe in front of that song truly... you captured the feeling that was in the original in there i can tell .... The vocals went to gave me shivers so you can guess i appreciated

If it would be for one bad comment i would say the guitar at 2.07 starts a tad too early but it really doesn't get in the way of loving the song

In 3 words


on 2007-01-03 16:45:47

I always liked FFX's "Path To Repentance", and this inspired remix not only captured the original mood of the piece, but made it more passionate and interesting. The music itself was well done, particularly the intro--but what really made the mix, for me, was Pixie's vocals. That is some serious talent.

All in all, great stuff!

on 2006-12-17 18:55:17
i cant believe how much emotion and power you got out of the original :o

I couldn't agree more. This is absolutely filled with emotion.

Everything in the intro builds up very nicely, and the slight breakdown at 0:30 with the acoustic guitar is very nice, and when everything comes back in at 0:33, it joins everything else without sounding cluttered at all.

The next breakdown at 0:48 was very well executed, with extremely well performed and emotional vocals by pixietricks.

When things kick back in, we're treated to a guitar solo that carries just as much emotion as pixie's voice did in the previous breakdown.

The bare guitar at 1:49 gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it. As great as everything else was in the song, I think that the guitar in 1:49 to 2:00 has to be the highlight of the song IMO.

Amazing work guys.


Martin Penwald
on 2006-12-08 16:51:40

Something about the electric guitar just rubs me the wrong way; I simply do not like the sound of it. The acoustic one is perfectly fine, though.

The lyrics were amazing; we need definitely more of this opera-stlye singing.

on 2006-11-24 21:41:36

Ever since the first time I heard her, I've been a pixietricks/Jillian Goldin fan. There has yet been one remix done by her that I haven't absolutely adored.

Her vocals usually play a dominant role in the songs she participates in, but in this her vocals are more a supporting role, which I found to be an interesting change of pace. Her voice is rather haunting in this tune, I must admit.

The piano work is top-notch and rather complex, I think, though I might have liked to see a bit more experimentation with the melody (Though to do that might make it aurally confusing given the complexity of the melody, so it could go either way). The acoustic guitar work is good (and vaguely reminiscent of Serial Experiment Lain), but the electric sounds a bit random and almost out of place, but not overly so, and as was mentioned seems more to be something to think about then something that meshes overly well. The fretless bass was an interesting choice, but goes well with this piece, and overall this remix seems to have a haunting, remorseful feeling to it that I feel came across relatively well.

All in all, a unique piece with an interesting feel, and overall I felt it was done quite well. Great job to the remixers!

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