ReMix:Final Fantasy VIII "Fisherman's Revelation" 3:03

By Bladiator, Tepid

Arranging the music of one song...

"Fisherman's Horizon"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2007-03-04, evaluated by the judges panel

Tepid writes:

"For any of you whom were judges in ye old times, I submitted an older version of this mix, which was recorded and mixing with my old software, Cakewalk HS 2002. 2 years later, after a couple requests from various peeps and one WIP that was left aside, I decided to remake the original mix, and record some shizz with my new software Reason and Cubase. After swindling, the one referred to as Bladiator to perform my piano realistically with his own flair the piece came together. It's not as raw as the original, but it's a hella lot better produced, and that was the issue last time. Same reverse guitar, delayed effects, no distortion but this time the necessity of piano."

I love it when ideas that were seemingly dead are resurrected; I need to do this myself with a couple WIPs from early 2006, but Phil's done it admirably with this FF8 mix, taking advantage of Bladiator's skills on the ivories to polish up what was always a solid concept. That concept now shines with production that matches its potential, featuring lovely acoustic piano and guitar, deep, satisfying bass, an appropriate acoustic kit, and a violinish lead. What impresses me most is the variety in pacing; at times tranquil, at times more energetic, and successfully pulling off the late-breaking-key-change-as-extender concept, the arrangement uses the instruments employed as both legato/melodic and staccato/rhythmic components, and does so effectively. JJT writes:

"This is well executed. The combination of various sonic elements ends up sounding very nice. Karl's piano work is great, as always, and the guitar (plus backwards guitar) works nicely. The melodic and harmonic elements of this piece are top notch. As TO mentioned, the rhythm section is really subdued (except for one section), but that's not necessarily a bad thing."

Lee did have some beef with the drums; I don't necessarily see it. While I might have liked a little more ambience on the snare so that it resonated a bit more, I didn't have a problem with the actual rhythm track itself, and it seemed appropriate to the foreground action. Overall this is a pleasant piece that blends live and emulated acoustic elements effectively. It has a warmth and closeness that make it enjoyable, and seems more intimate than most of the actual FF8 score, which always seemed somewhat impersonal to me, for whatever reason. Good stuff; two-year revision periods can clearly work out, as Phil and Karl herein prove.



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on 2017-06-21 05:54:09

Man, I've been enjoying this smooth piece for a long time, but decided to post my comment only now for some reason. Pretty sweet tune with a somewhat jazzy feeling. Karl's mellow piano is absolutely delicious and Phill's guitars are pretty good as well! Very pleasant and relaxing track with a nice sunny atmosphere :)

Silver Knuckles
on 2012-08-23 02:21:52

I just have to say, I was listening to this and was imagining going through a completely remade version of Fisherman's Horizon. That's right, if they ever remade FF8 to a FF10/beyond style, I'd hope that they'd use this version of the song for the town's theme, since I feel like it'd be perfect.

on 2009-10-13 16:59:45

Have to say this is a brilliant piece of work :-P

The Guitar/Piano works very well and gives it a very casual laid back feel.

The whole composition gives the impression of being by the seaside on a glorious summer day, which I'm guessing was the whole point...

A 5 out of 5 remix in my opinion :)

on 2007-11-24 03:58:46

Very smooth combo, I'm always a fan of the guitar and piano mix, however, I wish it was a little longer.

on 2007-04-15 07:10:59

I just LOVE this Remix. I have it on repeat! It's helping me do my coursework =D Extremely relaxing, just simply awesome. Very well done!!!

11/10 =)

on 2007-03-18 19:20:27

Right on, guys! Solid arrangement, nice interpretation of the melody and cool reinstrumentation (kind of a smooth jazz feel). I really dig the breakdown about 1/3 of the way, when the guitar starts its accompaniment... very tasty!

on 2007-03-13 12:40:48

Hearing it for the first time, it sounds like an opening theme for a Chinese drama/sitcom.

on 2007-03-11 15:30:58

This one has a great feeling to it. Clean and Clear with a nice melody. I really like this one.

on 2007-03-08 04:29:36

Wow, this track is refreshing. It's been a while since I heard an FFVIII mix I really enjoyed this much. It brings the ever-pleasant feeling of lounging around in a back yard on an early sunny morning. Good show.

on 2007-03-07 15:14:17

Someone have who has the original wanna rapidshare/megaupload/whatever it since VGMix is currently down? I'd kinda like to compare the two.

on 2007-03-07 13:18:40
You guys must be smoking something. The original is a beautiful track, and made it to the official FFVIII rearrangement album as a breath-taking orchestrated piece.

I agree, great source track and the rearrangement that Leah speaks of is awesome - FFVIII had some good stuff in it. I wish there were more remixes out for this game, but the sound track is fairly mellow overall and probably harder to work with.

This remix was great. I enjoyed the sound quality and production very much. I was, however, hoping to hear a bit more variation from the original source - you know, a bit more spice to get things exciting :). Great stuff either way, though.

Kidd Jredd
on 2007-03-07 05:22:31

I like both versions of this mix for different reasons. The VGmix one was rough but had lots of soul. This one has nicer samples and cleaner production, but the feeling is a little different. The drums feel somewhat mechanical to me, but I still enjoy them being there.

The two of you work well together and I'm glad to see a version of this idea up!

Nice work overall guys :). Jredd-

on 2007-03-06 18:46:12

Phil says he swindled me, but in fact I heard the original and begged to be let on the new and improved version. :)

on 2007-03-06 03:25:43

This is nice, but I prefer the original vgmix version.

on 2007-03-05 21:57:06

I love the original, and this is an amazing interpretation. My one beef is that overall it feels like its been rushed through. Perhaps it's just the change in tempo compared to the original, but I think it would have sounded better if it were a tad slower.

Still, I'm loving this mix, it's been on repeat for at least 20 minutes now.

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Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VIII (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Fisherman's Horizon"

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