ReMix:Shadowgate "Crypt Rock" 3:12

By phoenixdk

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES), music by Hiroyuki Masuno

Posted 2007-04-21, evaluated by the judges panel

Phoenix, aka Christopher Aaby (who must go to the front of every surname-alphabetized queue in existence), writes:

"I am submitting a remix medley of songs from the game Shadowgate for the NES. It's basically a mix of melody leads from the game, played over various rhythm parts of my own design, add some groove, mix and stir. Everything is played on electric guitar and bass, except the drums, which are electronic, and a single synth effect in the beginning of the track."

That's one lonely synth effect, surrounded by bullying, fretted instruments that probably stole its lunch money after the track was over. Crunchier than your grandmother's breakfast cereal, and with just as much fiber, Mr. Aaby's arrangement successfully throws several melodies from the game into a satisfying rock stew. Guitar parts are plentiful and varied, with attention to processing and panning to ensure timbral variety; drums, on the other hand, are sequenced well but a little on the anemic side, at least according to some of the judges. Jesse writes:

"the drums are definitely on the cheesy side. However this track is pretty solid. The arrangement does use a lot of different melodies, but the transitions are natural and they lend some dynamics to the track. the guitar performance is good, and the left/right setup works great. The guitars provide excellent counterpoint to each other."

JJT echoes this appraisal:

"Solid. My only complaint is the drums which somehow sound a step below general MIDI. I'm not even sure how that works. The sequencing is fine, its just the hi-hat and cymbols that are particularly bad. You could find MUCH better samples on the 'net for free without looking too hard. Anyways...I can see a lot of people really digging this track. It rocks, and the playing is as good as the tone. I would gladly place this on the proverbial alter in tribute to the proverbial pagan gods of rawk. You get the idea. Nice work."

I think these two peeps did my work for me and summed it up pretty nice; hopefully Phoenix rises to the occasion and submits more mixes with somewhat improved percussion, but even if that takes some time, his arrangement and guitar skills are compensating enough to result in some kicking and enjoyable rock.



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on 2011-12-29 19:49:10

The Shadowgate originals feel kinda strange for me, namely due to the time signature adaptation if anything.

But to hear it taken in a more interpretive 4/4 form complete with aggressive rhythm backing remeniscent of Stemage's work shows that there's some dedication in really focusing on the integrity of the melodies in this kind of structure. The guitars and bass are all very well recorded, the drums feel generally punchy (though if anything I felt the kick needed more power and more equalised separation from the bass itself), and even the solo at 2:30, while a little moist, manages to show some very strong soloing skills for the track.

It's a shame it ends ridiculously quickly too; would've hoped for one last head-banging section going into the end right after the solo, but that might just be my only qualm with what to me feels like a very well done rock-driven arrangement. I dig this a lot :)

on 2009-12-08 19:12:51

Really aggressive but ultimately I don't really feel compelled by this song. It's got a lot of energy but it doesn't feel melodic enough to listen to for fun, and it feels way too powerful for background music. Phoenixdk did a pretty good job with it but for some reason I'm just not feeling it :?

on 2009-10-29 22:10:47

Nice work on making a badass mix. I'm tapping my foot to this one. Except for the cymbals, those need some upgrading.

on 2008-03-16 10:35:28

I love it

Really can be used as a soundtrack to a movie :-D

Martin Penwald
on 2007-05-10 15:08:53

Nice, fast song with some very interesting guitar work starting at 2:26. The breakdown from 1:35 on should've been more different from the rest of the song, though; as it is, it just does not stand out as much as it should/could.

on 2007-05-01 10:15:01

Oh, dear. It's so *nearly* great... but the tuning's off by a very tiny amount, just enough to really get on my nerves.

But I still wish I could play the guitar like that, though...

on 2007-04-30 15:56:21

This is very well done and composed. I can tell which songs are which as well. Excellent transitions are also well executed.

A classic 4 rock fans!

BTW, fellow Pegga WesPip, I like the sig...the gold teeth there are called "grills" (unless of course the dentist gave him a bad fillin' job LOL).

on 2007-04-26 18:40:01

dont know what the original was like but this was awesome

on 2007-04-23 12:26:01

Wow you really captured the old school thrash feeling here, I dig totally agressive rhythm sound, and though i'm not sure about the cymbals, everything else works pretty well, and sounds very authentic. I dig it, nice work.

on 2007-04-23 01:11:53


You can never have too many rock remixes.

The Instrumental Light
on 2007-04-22 15:22:37

This is pretty awesome, its hard to judge what would be wrong with a song like this. For the time being, great job!:wink:

on 2007-04-21 16:32:04

Not bad. Fun, dirty, raw, nice to turn up loud and chair-mosh to. :D It does feel like there's a certain energy missing though. Seems like the guitar work is more technical than impassioned, and maybe the volume dynamics, transitions etc. aren't as dramatic as they could be. Still a very solid, enjoyable mix. Hope to hear more from this remixer.

on 2007-04-21 14:31:23

Wowzorz, this song sounds kinda like the Harkonnen team in Emperor: Dune. I'm digging the tune ^^. This is definately 1 song that I'm blasting in my car, lyrics or not.

on 2007-04-21 14:21:29

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Primary Game:
Shadowgate (Kemco , 1989, NES)
Music by Hiroyuki Masuno

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