Posted 2007-06-16, evaluated by the judges panel

Maurice Willems and Sanjay Sampatsing (collectively Digital Element, or "DigiE") are back after a three year hiatus since a rather kickass OMF2097 ReMix with... an Ice Cap mix??? They went from "relatively obscure" to "dead horse beating" somewhere in the last thousand days, but the good news is that, while this is definitely a theme that is rather ubiquitous and may even be on some blacklists out there, yet again artists have been able to do something new with it. Maurice and Sanjay resubmitted based on judges' comments, and were prepared to resubmit again if they had to - I admire such resiliency and persistence. Fortunately, they got it going on with this revision. Andy addresses this essentially retooled iteration:

"Thank you for resubmitting! Mainly people don't and it's really unfortunate, because a lot of the time the mixes were close to begin with. Anyway, I'm really liking what was done here - as BGC and Malcos pointed out this is practically a new mix, but the feel and general structure seems to be like your original sub. Mixing/mastering is much better on the whole... Arrangement is great. Good variations and personalization. The breakdown at 2:19 is a nice change, and I really like the synth at 2:31 especially... All things considered, this is an excellent example of refining a borderline mix with judge critique in mind. You significantly beefed up the production, focused the arrangement, extended the ending, and ultimately brought the mix above our bar."

It's definitely one of the rougher pieces to arrange, especially in an electronica genre, due to the abundance of similar efforts out there, but these fellas throw in some exploratory and slick stuff, both from a composition and production angle. See synth solo at 2'30", which soars above cross-panned, crystalline backing arpeggios before being filled in underneath by a huge, warm bass and chunky beats. From a production perspective, I really like the way this piece employs a lot of higher, atmospheric textures while maintaining low-end analogue warmth. From an arrangement perspective, it's clear that most of the fun deviation and deviant fun takes place in the second half... it's good, and there's enough of it, but it was also an effective decision to limit the mix to 4'31", as I think it could have meandered into repetitive territory had things been stretched further. As it stands, however, this is a very solid, well-produced electronica take on the Ice Cap theme... while I personally wish that we'd see more esoteric/obscure game + track selection, and the recent trend seems to be in the opposite direction, nevertheless a good mix is a good mix is a good mix. It's also great to see DigiE back after so long, and successfully working through an iterative feedback process to bring us some kickin' tunage. Good stuff.



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on 2011-09-02 14:29:03

Ice Cap has such a great melody that it's hard to not enjoy any ReMix made from it. The breakdown was interesting compared to what came before it, and both the synth and percussion of this ReMix makes it awesome. It has a great beat and the flow of arraignment was nicely done. On my recommended list for sure.

on 2010-11-19 17:54:36
:-D I like the original source material of this song, so almost any song made from it I like as well. This one is really fun and upbeat, but it doesn't lose that lonely feel that the source has. I like how the pace slows down half way through the song, and then I am agreed with those else who have posted. That solo is reallly cool. :mrgreen:
on 2010-03-12 20:39:51

I freakin' love the solo at 2:30. This is my favorite ice cap zone mix ^_^ I don't care if there are a ton of em, I love em all. Great work!

on 2010-01-19 10:14:11

:-oYa know what....the more and more Ice Capped remixes that come out the more burnt on the track i get....I personally love the origonal Ice Capped revision...the VERY FIRST one ever made....all the new ones that keep comming out make me wonder....are we obsessed with sonic 3 music? YES WE ARE! :-o

8 out of 10 for this one :P

on 2008-12-26 04:03:11

I wouldn't class myself as a Sonic music diehard (Mario was more my bag) but mixes like this make me jealous of people with Sonic nostalgia. Stuff like this can be and has been attempted with Mario material, but it will never sound as fitting and thus as good as this.

People get divided over synths. Whether they are good or bad synths is irrelevant, people will always either love them or despise them. I'm in the love camp. What happens past 2:30 causes this mix to skyrocket. WIN!

on 2008-06-06 17:42:48

I think it is the most wonderful remix i have heard of Sonic 3 very precious piece of art

on 2008-03-19 15:34:41

I thought i'd listen to this one since I just heard a pretty 'meh' icecap remix and thought it'd be interesting to compare the two. I gotta say that this one completely slays the other one in just about every area. Production, synths, percussion, etc. It's all here.

The get-up section tied in well, and made a clean breakdown to the original with some improv synthage. Texturally, it's great, and the percussion is slammin. I wish there was a stronger and more memorable ending, but i'll take it as is no problem.

Good stuff.

on 2008-02-07 19:34:57

I'm going to have to agree with superjoe - there's an epic feel here that the original didn't quite convey. The fact that a remix can is quite impressive. I've never actually been one to listen to the Ice Cap themes, because for whatever reason, most of them rubbed me the wrong way.

Not so this one. Sure, flogging the dead horse, as DJP said, but it's a good flogging. I really can't think of anything else to say at this point, save that it'll be going into my Top Rated playlist.

Martin Penwald
on 2007-06-30 15:07:12

While it is true that Ice Cap is a fairly popular track, I like what DigiE did with it here arrangementwise.

However, I really dislike the synth coming in at 0:46. It's too high and too loud in my opinion. The other synth is pretty annoying as well, particulary in the breakdown around 2:30. The piano sounds pretty average in some places, but gets the job done surprisingly well, especially in the end.

In conlusion, nice arrangement, but the choice of instruments/synths isn't my cup of coffee.

on 2007-06-28 17:48:08

I love the epic feel to it, and I especially love the synthesizer at 2:30

The "jungle"-y drum sounds are fantastic (noticeable at 1:00). Isn't that tune from the hidden palace zone or lava reef? If so, awesome combination.

I put this song and BGC's Eastern Ice Field on a 2-song repeating playlist and listened to them all day. They never get old.


Nicole Adams
on 2007-06-24 15:25:43

Besides the muddiness in the low end, I love this! Hope to hear more from you guys.

Kidd Jredd
on 2007-06-22 20:34:47

I know there are a lot of Ice Cap remixes out there yet I don't really mind it though. There are lots of mega man 2 remixes and Mario ones floating around the net too. I think what matters is that you put your own style to it and really do something new with it.

In the case of this mix, I believe that it was accomplished very well!

It's got a nice peaceful orchestral ambiance. To contrast, it's got some phat glitch electronica beats.

The synth basses and leads fit well and the solos are a welcomed addition to a popular theme.

I probably have listened to other things you've done but I forgot about them so I need to check them out again :). Continue to make mixes, the style reminds me a little bit of Zircon, and that's a good thing.

Nicely done.

on 2007-06-22 04:48:03

I dig this; I'm really lovin' that industrial sound. Sorta reminds me of a few of those Ayla tracks that were poppin' up back when I was in high school, though this is much heavier than those things ever got. Some of the synth sounded fuzzy, but I didn't mind it much. Could just be my speakers, they're gettin' older. Love the source, and this track is a good, solid tribute to it.

on 2007-06-17 17:48:16

I don't mind the arrangement itself, and the synths are wonderful, but I really think the string and piano samples are terrible. Both sound very fake and for most of the song they just clutter it. I guess I wouldn't notice it if it didn't sound like they were doing the same thing over and over. Blah.

The string's presence isn't necessary most of the time they are playing, and something beside the piano would have fit better. A keyboard maybe?

on 2007-06-17 14:42:23

Personally, I don't think a lot of the Ice Cap remixes here really preserve the spirit of the original that I love so much (which seems like a pretty hard thing to do). Fortunately, that's not the case with this one. The original is pretty well-defined in this remix, yet does something new with it... And I like it. This remix and big giant circles' Eastern Ice Field are definitely my favorite Ice Cap remixes.

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"Ice Cap Zone: Act 1"

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