ReMix:Super Mario 64 "Devastation's Doorway" 3:43

By Sole Signal

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Koopa's Road", "Koopa's Theme"

Primary Game: Super Mario 64 (Nintendo , 1996, N64), music by Koji Kondo

Posted 2007-09-01, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Greg Michalec, aka Audix, writes:

"Hi, here's a mix that doesn't incorporate the bond theme, so maybe I'll have a bit more of a chance with this one. :) It was loosely inspired by zircon's recent Monstrous Turtles track and my intent to create a rock based mix."

While James Bond and Star Wars are off limits due to being written for and commonly associated with films as opposed to video games, Super Mario 64 is indeed fair game through and through, and since our only recent submission from it was aluminum's kickin' mix back in June, it seems like great timing. According to, Greg " a twenty-one year old Valparaiso University student currently based in Valparaiso, IN, who has had his music featured in several indie films and small-budget videogames. He has slowly developed a large online fanbase with his unique blend of electronic, acoustic, and orchestral styles"; of course, that's his own website saying that, but I think after you listen to this mix that you'll at least agree with that last part. As for the first part, it seems like someone needs to update their online bio, as Larry informs me that Greg celebrated his birthday yesterday, making him 22. Nothing like a little post-birthday post-up on OC ReMix; hopefully he's enjoying whatever gifts he may have received as much as I'm enjoying this track.

The initial version of this that Greg sent in had some EQ issues. JJT writes:

"this is very enjoyable. the more i listen to it, the more i like it. there's enough originality on the arrangement end to keep this interesting, and lots of tasty production twists (filters, etc) that add color to overall presentation of the mix. things get really, really cluttered in the mid frequencies, though. the synths really need a lot more room to breathe, so to speak. there are also some sections (1:15) where the mids are screaming but the low-end is a bit neglected."

Audix has since gone back and addressed the EQ criticisms that represented the sole sticking point for most judges, and the finished product is both silky and edgy at the same time, with excellent textural detail, particularly on percussive elements. It doesn't skimp on arrangement either, especially as it progresses, representing a good blend of both compositional and production prowess. Definitely interested in hearing more from Greg; this is a fantastic first mix that fires on multiple cylinders and should get some traction.



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MC Ardle
on 2011-08-16 20:07:47

Absolutely amazing! I love every aspect of this song! No complaints at all!

on 2010-12-23 13:19:52

Ah yes! The Final Road......the best ReMix for this would need a great intro build up, grand instrumentation, breakdown that has Koopa's theme in a dark chord and an epic finish in it complete with bells and thunder............oh, I'll be damned, this has all of it! Seriously, this is awesome, very fitting for one of the last tracks.

on 2009-03-23 13:02:18

Good stuff, really classy synthage mixed in with some piano and marcato strings- pretty classic combination, and it's cool to hear Audix hit the OCR ground running with such a killer mix. Great pitchbends and filters.

The only real detriment is that the percussion is pretty passive for most of the mix. I'd love to hear a more involved beat with some powerful fills. There are a few that work pretty well, and there is a lot going on to distract from the basic beats, so I guess it's not a complete issue.

Great mix.

Sole Signal
on 2007-11-27 16:48:01

Thanks guys.

Just ran across this random Galaxy AMV (pretty well done) which reminded me of this track.

Conspiracy much?

Yep, this sounds like the whole thing was done in FL Studio's Sytrus. Lacking instrument choice, but the notes and the actual remix is 10/10.

Eh, aside from the opening pad I don't think it's that noticeable. :P

Martin Penwald
on 2007-09-19 16:43:09

Very nice. Powerful arrangement with a lot of variety.

Your transitions strike me as particulary good, e.g. the change from intro to main part at 0:34, or the one at 2:30. Good use of breakdowns, too.

on 2007-09-13 19:55:41

Conspiracy much?

Yep, this sounds like the whole thing was done in FL Studio's Sytrus. Lacking instrument choice, but the notes and the actual remix is 10/10.

on 2007-09-13 02:32:40

Awesome. I wish I could nail this sound as well as you just did.

Please make more. :mrgreen:

on 2007-09-12 02:27:23

I love the Conspiracy Pad for Sytrus ^^, sexy song Audix :D, maybe when I actually get good we can do a collab sometime.

Thanks for the comments everyone; got a couple more in the works, one I'll be submitting probably within the next day or so (the Ocean Palace one).


Thanks for listening. :)

Sorry for the double post just wanted to say....ZOMG OCEAN PALACE!! I love Ocean Palace :D

Sole Signal
on 2007-09-07 02:32:51

Thanks for the comments everyone; got a couple more in the works, one I'll be submitting probably within the next day or so (the Ocean Palace one).

hollywood-cliche modal figures.


Thanks for listening. :)

on 2007-09-07 01:57:04

Nice Mix. I really like the intro.

Dave Harris
on 2007-09-06 20:00:38

I enjoy the source tune a lot (Bowser's Road, or whatever you'd care to call it.) I wasn't particularly taken by this mix much though, since much of the original harmony I loved in the track was taken out to make room for the hollywood-cliche modal figures. Hey, you can't please everyone! However it is very sonically impressive, swish production aesthetics and the like, and well made overall; I can see why it made the cut.

on 2007-09-05 15:34:35

I've gotta say that I haven't often heard a timapani line that I liked. I think that was timpani in your intro... at any rate I enjoyed the drums all the way through this piece. The pitch bending was excellent too, you had just the right mix of bend with the melody to add to the music without overdoing it. All in all, I really enjoyed Devestation's Doorway.

on 2007-09-04 09:58:06

Excellent, I was looking forward to this ever since hearing the WIP. Great rendition of the tune, no complaints.

Benjamin Briggs
on 2007-09-03 15:18:39


this has so many staples of a really great remix... you used the fucking boss theme as the BRIDGE

just wow, great great work... it sounds like you could work on sample humanization (sitar, some of the string patterns) and reap some pretty substantial benefits

but seriously, phenomenal debut mix

on 2007-09-03 13:57:14

Finally got posted... I've been holding on to WIP's for a long time. Shame this one couldn't make the SM64 Project... Good job either way, Audix/Miszou/Greg...

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Super Mario 64 (Nintendo , 1996, N64)
Music by Koji Kondo
"Koopa's Road"
"Koopa's Theme"

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