ReMix:Chrono Cross "Who Stole My Stars" 3:21

By Diggi Dis

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Girl Who Stole the Stars"

Primary Game: Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1), music by Yasunori Mitsuda

Posted 2007-11-03, evaluated by the judges panel

Personally, I would have named this one "Dude, where's my stars?," but then again, I'm a chrazy person. Diggi Dis sent this one in attributed to "Chrono Chross," which gets a little happy with the "ch" action, and is inchorrect. That's the type of chrappy title I would have found amusing, though, so it's chool. This ReMix of Star Stealing Girl is classic Diggi, with awesome beats, usage of clean/straightforward samples (see choral patch) alongside more organic, nuanced elements, and in general tight sequencing, especially with regards to adding a little bit of funk. It's a small detail, but for example at 1'53" the downwards pitch-bend on the trailing end of a synth riff that didn't absolutely need to be there in the first place, but adds an intangible sense of completion because it is - that's the type of thing that DD2 (Disco Dan is the original DD, so...) does superbly. The following dropout, where solo piano takes on most of the heavy lifting, changes the tone from rockin'/funky to elegant and dramatic in a heartbeat, but naturally. And I loved the backwards patches used towards the end, coupled against rich, creamy EP - delicious. If Diggi Dis mixes were food, they'd be covered in butter, whipped cream, custard, confectioner's sugar, cheese, and chocolate, only somehow it would all blend perfectly, and involve no long-term coronary risk. It's great to see effort and new ideas still factoring in right up until the mix closes - again, attention to detail. Jesse says:

"The beats are awesome. As to the more artificial sounding areas in general: He gets away with doing this stuff because there's plenty in here that doesn't sound mechanical. There's plenty of subtlety to contrast with the vox and acoustic piano, so they have a purpose and a function. When you listen to the drums, and the electric piano, the more mechanical stuff sticks out in a good way. Typical Diggi Dis. Beautifully conceived and executed."

... and I concur. If my food metaphor made you hungry, go get a snack or something, but come back and download this mix immediately afterwards. Delicious.



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on 2010-05-29 18:35:14

This remix is indeed amazing and I'll need to listen to it more to have a greater appreciation, 'cause this remix has a lot of appreciation value. Excellent mix.

on 2010-04-10 20:56:47

WOW. 8-O I haven't even played/seen/watched Chrono Cross at all, and I ran into this from the torrents again, but this is an AMAZING mix. Love the mixing quality, the intro is great, the synth-ish lead is used in a great and unique way, percussion fits like a glove, and he goes out the way he came in: with a feeling of somewhere far beyond our reach. Diggi Dis has WAY outdone himself this time around!:grin:

on 2010-01-19 10:57:14

Smooth and steady intro, love the pick-up and the over-all beat is excellent!

Cant get enough of it!

I say another revision of this particular track using this style of vocal-input (just in my words) with a slight grunge/metal feel to it would bring out the true feel in my opinion, to one of the greatest CC Tracks EVER!

10 out of 10! 5 Stars! 3 Thumbs Up!

on 2009-04-17 02:04:31

This is one of my favourite remixes on the site. the drums and voice samples are just so well done. Great work!

on 2009-04-08 06:28:47

This is a great song to chill out too and the choir samples were fantastic to listen too.

on 2009-04-08 04:04:10

I expected a lot more people to express a lack of enthusiasm about this mix. I'm pleasantly surprised at the generally positive support that people seem to have for it. To me it isn't the most memorable of tracks, but it is a nice little tool that I can utilise to unwind, relax and have a Coke to.

I'm conditioned to choir samples (after dozens upon dozens of hours of playing the Metroid Prime trilogy) so I thought they were nice and also quite different to typical choir usage as well. As was also noted by people before me, the ending is also something I would have liked to have seen extended, because of a noticeable spike in quality of arrangement.

For me, Chrono Cross mixes are never going to floor me, because I find the source either overly serene or overly melodramatic, but I'm glad there is stuff like this made to give me more of a chance to appreciate what I may be missing beyond my initial impressions of the originals.

on 2007-12-19 13:47:04

Friggin loved it. One of those remixes that you can listen to all the time and it never gets old. Great work, great everything. Unlike some people, I did enjoy the vocal parts incorprated in there, gave it a grand choir sort of feel. Thanks for this one Diggi Dis.

on 2007-12-09 03:44:29

Don't usually post here, but since I had such an affinity for this song I thought I should. I never heard the original track, and I don't think I need to. This piece can create an image of its own.

Martin Penwald
on 2007-11-22 16:08:14

I'm one of the people who actually enjoy the voice sample; it gives this remix the certain something to make it memorable. Reminds me of 90s synth-music.

Other than the interesting drums, the thing that I like most about this remix is the very end. I wish the last ~20 seconds would last 3 minutes. Very nicely done.

on 2007-11-15 20:53:24

love the source, and love this too. The only thing I wasn't so fond of was the vocal bit. Sounded a little out of place to my ears.

Shael Riley
on 2007-11-13 12:54:16

I enjoyed it! Strong composition, characteristic of all the apsects we love in Diggi's music. My only criticism is that the percussion could have been EQ'd a little lower (in pitch, not volume) on the sonic spectrum; it competes, my good Diggi, with other voices when it could be flattering them. This is especially important when we have drum programming as intricate as we have here. That said, I'll note that the synthetic imitation of a guitar being played in reverse was an especially delightful surprise in the coda.

Glad to see our European friend back in the saddle.

on 2007-11-11 18:00:04

This is a great remix. Puts me in the mood to play some CC..

on 2007-11-08 23:34:47

So, I've had this on constant loop for like half an hour and I'm saying to myself "should I be getting tired of this song by now?"

Well, clearly it hasn't bothered me enough to cause me to hit stop yet. I guess this would be classified under easy listeng (w/ bombastic drums.) Good stuff.

I suppose after having listened to this for like half an hour, I should have an in depth review ready, well not exactly. I love the panning on the synth instruments, though. The digitized voices are decent, but I like the phazer instrument at 1:50 a lot more. Also, the connecting measures between verses are pretty seamless. I like how with the reverb, you almost made turned the piano into ambiance (2:30-end.)

on 2007-11-08 04:12:45

Awesome take on the theme...

It's not the most interpretive, but what it concentrates on is just really damn cool. You really spice up a song that is such a standalone... Enjoyed all of the nuances with the percussion and synth/bass etc.

BTW: I love your rhodes, holy shit SO SO SO nice... I could have gone for like, 3 more minutes of just that, seriously.

on 2007-11-06 04:26:55

Alright, fine. Bland and uninteresting was a bad comment. I'll try to be more specific:

The beat is pretty normal, though the rest is semi-interesting. The choir sample really brought the mix down a level. It just sounds like a group of guys singing indistinct stuff in a disconnected manner. In fact, my biggest complaint is about the choir sample - it should not have been used at all.

If not for that, this piece would be much better. The drums still need to be more interesting, and though the choir ruins this piece for me, it's certainly not BAD as a whole.

There. Sorry for being a brash jerk/idiot in my earlier post.

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Primary Game:
Chrono Cross (Square , 1999, PS1)
Music by Yasunori Mitsuda
"The Girl Who Stole the Stars"

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