ReMix:Wizards & Warriors "Wizards in My Armor (Warrior in My Long Johns)" 6:22

By Brothersynthe, Trenthian

Arranging the music of 4 songs...

"Inside the Trees", "Start", "Title", "Woods of Elrond"

Primary Game: Wizards & Warriors (Acclaim , 1987, NES), music by David Wise

Posted 2007-12-30, evaluated by the judges panel

2007... we hardly knew thee! I'll be doing a full ritual "State of the ReMix Address" sometime in the next couple weeks, but a short preview synopsis would basically be something like: It was a fantastic year for the site, but a depressingly minimal year for me personally as a ReMixer. I'm very proud of my single solitary Tifa collab with Jesse, don't get me wrong, but I had intended for '07 to be my "return" as a more prolific ReMixer. Indeed, I *do* in fact have 7 or 8 WIPs in various states of completion, but unfortunately none of them came to full fruition save for Short Skirts. Several of those WIPs are vocal, and I've also got an inkling to do an arrangement of this classic theme from Wizards and Warriors. Alas, none of it happened this year, so New Year's Resolutions are all I can give you. Trenthian, on the other hand, gives us a great mix that happens to be both vocal and from W+W. It's almost as if he's on a personal mission to compensate for my inadequacies!! But I kid... Honestly, most if not all of the mixes I started in '07 SHOULD see the light of day in late '08, and the reason they've been delayed is that I've been head-down in a boatload of development work on the site. I'll go into limited detail at MAGFest and in the afforementioned address, but some of that dev work will simply remain secret until it's unveiled, hopefully in Q1 2008. You'll have to trust me that I'm not simply slacking off and playing Super Mario Galaxy while claiming to be coding ;)

In the meantime, however, there are tons of folks who get to work on far more fun stuff like actually MAKING music, and while I'm jealous as hell of them, I'm also extremely grateful and continually impressed. Trenthian goes where no Trenthian has gone before, at least in these parts, with a vocal mix (!!) that creatively lends narrative to one of the classic themes of VGM. I'm a huge fan of bazooie's Theme, so I walk into any vocal rendition of this melody with high expectations, but the-John-so-nice-they-named-him-twice delivers. In his submission email-cum-informercial, John St. John writes:

"Id like to offer you a chance to 100% FREEEEEEEE do somthing or other.
Listen to our exciting commercial offer.

What is included with your subscription?
1. Vanished Princess (read: Varnished)
2. Medieval Electric Rennaissance Disco Butt-Rock
3. Trenthian Singing for the lulz
4. Brothersynthe Guitar Solo
2. Electric Recorder Solo.
6. It's More likely than you think.

Cryptic, and yet so... Trenthian. This is an epic, 6+ minute synth rock fiesta, with appropriate lyrics, enthusiastic and enjoyable rockout vocals, and instrumental wonders aplenty. I'd also like to point out the downright intense number of Johns involved - it's a ReMix by John St. John, involving long johns. On the John-o-meter, I'm pretty sure this is the best ReMix we have, with up to 300% more John than other mixes, including some of my own. If you listen to it on the john at Long John Silver's, you may in fact OD from the sheer Johnitude. "Brothersynthe" is a pseudonym for John's guitar solo emulation persona, as the guit solo here is indeed fake, but very credible and - more importantly - musical. Palpable writes:

"Very very creative arrangement! The transitions between source songs are flawless and the whole thing sounds very much of one piece. The mix of guitars, vocals, traditional instruments, and chiptune synths is really fun and unexpected, and the energy level is high throughout. And speaking of unexpected, I too cracked up when I heard the lyrics near the end. You've got the technical parts of this down too. Playing and singing are strong, and the instruments sat well and played nicely with each other. Oh, and the bassline that starts at 3:06 grooves like "Owner of a Lonely Heart". Love it!"

Lyrical work here is especially worth noting, as there's attention to word choice and variation that shows refinement and consideration, even if the tone is lighter hearted. Awesome stuff, very well-conceived and executed, and imaginative and humorful to boot.



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on 2023-07-02 17:30:14

Not that anyone's likely to see this, a jillion years later, but a jillion years later, this became the silly mashup I was proud enough about having done, that it got me to start posting things on youtube I made on youtube where people could maybe actually see them - this song, which absolutely kicks, in two part harmony with Miley Cyrus's Flowers, and then as soon that happened, I ended up making a three part counterpoint version that also included I Will Survive... it is *weird* how well it works...) Anyway, serious amount of respect for Trenthian's vocals, too, haha. Or it wouldn't still have been floating around my head, 15 years later.

on 2012-09-12 19:30:16

found a jpeg image that, when opened in winamp, played a small looped chunk of this song. MAGNIFICENT.



on 2012-08-16 12:19:59

I almost can't believe how good this is! ^__^ Even coming from a great source track, this is amazing. :D And from a 40 sec track, no less. XD It's not just the awesome solo at the third minute mark that keeps this going, that's for sure. :3

on 2012-08-01 12:40:37

Almost 5 years later and I'm still rocking out to it... That's all I really need to say ain't it?

on 2011-01-25 19:39:18

ohhhh (ohhhh) thaaat (thaat) maaaaSSAAaaage suuure souunds..niiice:lmassoff:

on 2010-05-03 15:31:05

Ridiculously good.

The intro was a little sloppy, but beyond that, pure excellence. An OCR classic.

on 2009-10-29 13:04:45

Interesting intro mate. E. Guitar is new to the Trenthian sound. The performance is a little loose, but it's not bad. The drums come in the and the energy picks up and I'm grooving. Then the VOX. Now I'm very particular about my vox, so when I say that they sound pretty good, understand that that means a lot! The harmonies are simple, but they have a great pop sound to them. The doubling of your voice was a very good choice. It's a very common technique that a lot of people don't pick up on and it helps more than most people realize. The break down section with the more breakbeat drums really sounds cool. I like the flute lead with the chiptune counter. The bass finds that pocket and boy does it groove. The Santana style guitar sounds a lot better. The performance is much better here than the beginning. This track really gives a great "live" vibe. The VOX comes back in with the brass and playing the same thing. SOUNDS GREAT! This is simply fantastic! It reminds me of a track that I remember from the Miss Congeniality soundtrack. The outro is pretty cool with the harpsichord. Very cool concept all the way through.

on 2008-11-14 15:11:56

I smile a little every time this track comes up on the Ormgas playlist. Great stuff. :)

on 2008-07-27 00:41:14


on 2008-06-17 13:39:41

I don't think this will ever get old.

on 2008-03-06 10:42:42

Wow. Just wow, i have only liked one other Vocal mix but this one blows me away. Totally Epic. i could listen to it for hours. great work!

on 2008-03-05 15:08:39

Ok, to start off, if I could get only ONE remix like this in 10 years, I would still be happy. I think I've listened to it at least 2 hours in the last 3 days XD

The vocals, solos, background, simply everything is made out of pure pwnage.

Personally though, I would have ended the song with: " the same damn thing again!" I still like the baroque style ending but I think it would have given more power to the sentence to end the song that way :P

Like others said, you could definately use that smexy voice of yours in your future songs :P

Just can't wait in 4 years when you'll release a new song so minutiously polished as this one, hope it's sooner though :P

Keep up the good work, and the funny lyrics! XD

on 2008-02-28 17:46:16

This is by far one of my favorite mixes on OCR. Here's hoping for more Johnification in future mixes. I especially liked this vocals in this mix. The guitar solo + recorder solo were also great, probably due to your rocking Synthesizer Brothersynthe.

on 2008-02-16 13:47:15

those solos frickin rocked my brain. this song rules

your the man now dog
on 2008-01-22 23:22:29

this is hands-down one of the most entertaining remixes I've ever heard. hell, it's probably one of the best songs I've heard. i literally can't stop listening

Sources Arranged (4 Songs)

Primary Game:
Wizards & Warriors (Acclaim , 1987, NES)
Music by David Wise
"Inside the Trees"
"Woods of Elrond"

Tags (9)

Chiptune,Electric Guitar,Singing,Vocals: Male
Arrangement > Extended Soloing
Lyrics > Lyrics: Original
Time > Duration: Long

File Information

6,218,156 bytes

Forged in a foundry, the brightest blade
The princess has vanished without a trace
My sword shall guide him to his goal
(The darkest minions come to avenge their fallen)

Armour of iron, it's made to last
Helmet of mythril, its shine is cast,
No turning back now, too late to run
Carry your sword like the warrior of legend

The odds are against you, they're closing in
Superior knowledge will help you win
Without the key you're stuck here
The maiden's life depends on you

The future is never certain
The pathway is rarely narrow
Only the mission matters now
Just pray the purest heart can win the day

Though the evil wizard's spell is cast,
The warrior shows his mettle
Daughter of the king,
Fairest maiden in all the realm.

Evil shall not triumph over good
He's coming to slay this foulness
Yay, he took his vows,
Knight championed to serve his king

The future is never certain,
The roadway is rarely stable
A true hero walks the hardest route,
To fight for truth against the bravest odds

The future is never guaranteed,
The highway is wrought with dangerous ends
Carry your sword and raise your shield,
The hardest fight of all lies straight ahead

[Electric recorder solo improvised by Trenthian]

[Guitar solo improvised by Brothersynthe]

Waging epic battle, with the wizard and his evil magic
(The hero's wavering)
All his strongest devils gather with him seeking your destruction
(Foulest incantations)

Perseverance guides you to the end. The evil can't withstand
the force behind your mighty blows. The master knows his time is coming
Now's the time to be most cautious. Pull no punches. Give no mercy.
Swing your sword to end this fight, the princess cannot last much longer.

The battle for evil has ended
The warrior's body WEARY
Princess in arm, he stumbles home
The mission's goal so close he carries on

The outcome is never guaranteed
A hero's welcome awaits you now
Maybe a shower and massage,
A happy ending if ever I heard one

Oh! That massage sure sounds nice.

Armour of iron, it's made to last
Helmet of mythril, its shine is cast
No turning back now, too late to run
carry your head higher, you're the warrior of legend

All of the maidens, they want you now
But most of all longs the princess fair (most of them all)
A fine king you'll make, some day I'm sure
At least till the sequel, where you'll have to do the same damn thing again!


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