ReMix:Crusader of Centy "Daily Training" 4:10

By Scaredsim

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Place of Peace", "Rafflesia Training Grounds"

Primary Game: Crusader of Centy (Sega , 1994, GEN), music by Motokazu Shinoda

Posted 2008-10-16, evaluated by the judges panel

Another mix from a new game, this time Crusader of Centy for the Genesis. Simon writes:

"Here's a pop arrangement from Crusader of Centy, two songs : Rafflesia Training Grounds & Place of Peace. I recently played this game again, and each time I love listening this awesome soundtrack. I just can't believe it has never been arranged before (as far as I know). So, I tried. And hope you like it."

As it happens, the judges dug the original version Scaredsim sent in, but felt like it needed some tweaks, specifically with the drums. The ReMixer obliged and sent in this update, which also has a stronger lead, and the rest was history. I have to say, Simon's really picking some fantastic source material, and this continues his trend of shining light on lesser-mixed but very worthy tracks. This is less guitar-centric work, with piano/organ/bell/ep taking melodic lead. The upside to that approach is that the mix treads new ground for Simon and further varies his sound. The downside is that electric guitar was a strong production element in his previous mixes, and compensated for other samples/instrumentation that - while not shabby at all - weren't as slick. So at times this mix sounds like what Shariq referred to in the original judges' decision as "BGM from some old Falcom PC RPG" - i.e. a little exposed. But that label ALSO conveys pretty amazing, intricate sequencing and a knack for constructing dynamic, complex compositions, so it's definitely both compliment and critique. Mattias summed it up well:

"So, potent arrangement this one. Keeps the feel from the original 'Training Grounds' song and weaves it in with 'Place of Peace' in a very pleasing way. Arranged material is arranged enough and instrument choices were overall pleasing and very 80s :3 The production is good too. Most of the instruments sounds good but a little bit weak compared to how punchy the drums sound, especially the snare as Larry pointed out. I think some of the sounds have a certain GM-quality to them but absolutely the passable kind. So, the production is up to par with our standards.. The arrangement is over the bar.. Keep it up Simon!"

Simon also gets +3000 awesome points just for doing a Centy mix in the first place... this material needed some attention, as it's an RPG that not too many have played that nevertheless met with critical acclaim back in the day and has a great score. While not the ReMixer's most impressive mix from purely a production perspective, it maintains his very high standards for intelligent, creative arrangement, and wanders outside the comfort zone of a more guitar-centric methodology with success.



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on 2012-02-09 16:38:04

Training montages for the win!

*eats ridiculously large meals*

*swings ridiculously large weapons*

*fights ridiculous looking monsters*

*wins ridiculously awesome princess*

on 2009-05-30 06:29:28

Well i must say that there is nothing to say that is bad about it. The piano was great and the guitar work was awesome.

Vitor Machado
on 2008-12-18 22:17:34

This a great ReMix, as someone said the transitions are great, and it's a very "warm" feeling song. Brings good memories from Crusader of Centry/Soleil, even though I never really went to far in it, for some reason...:|

I totally loved the guitar part at 2:29, wish it were a little longer.:puppyeyes:

on 2008-12-10 09:46:45

Bravo I dig the piano intro, and basically everytime you change instrumentation, transitions done very well. Great stuff !!!! =)

on 2008-11-08 21:35:53

Bravo ! C'est un remix très bien réalisé, qui reste formidablement dans l'esprit du jeux ! Continue comme ca !:wink:

Well done ! it's a very well made remix, really in the game's spirit ! Keep it up !


Shadow Wolf
on 2008-11-03 22:44:51

Continuing my review festival (I just sat down today and listened to over 20 new mixes, I haven't listened to any new ones since the beginning of September). The beginning of this mix for some reason reminds me of the end of a race in F-Zero. But it quickly develops further, and begins to channel... I dunno. Something anime. This whole thing sounds like a cut from an anime to me, but I'm not sure which one or why. I've only ever watched like 3. At any rate, good development and variation on the theme throughout the mix. It doesn't stagnate. At the same time, I do have to say it doesn't really go anywhere unexpected either. A good mix, although not one I'd put on repeat for hours.

EDIT: Woah creepy. Martin said the same thing I did, and I didn't even read his post before I wrote this.

Martin Penwald
on 2008-11-03 15:35:29

This song definitely has a late 80s/early 90s anime soundtrack feel to it, maybe with the exception of the slightly darker part starting around 2:00 and the guitar.

Uplifting, cute arrangement. Nice work.

on 2008-10-26 22:06:08

You'll like? how not to like? for the first time a Crusader Of Centy, beautiful, 10 POINTS i love it i love it i love it i love it ♥♥♥♥♥:-P

on 2008-10-20 05:23:39

Love it! Reminds me so much of Wonderboy in Monster World.

That's very much a good thing.

Oh, and of course, Scaredsim's usual good work.

EDIT: Ah, Soleil! No wonder the name wasn't as familiar as the music!

on 2008-10-17 18:07:27

wow its funny i started playing this game its good to see someone finally give these tracks some justice good work! this is going on my zune.

on 2008-10-17 05:07:40

Fun and uplifting! The uplifting and the less happy sections are very nicely woven together. I'm not in love with those bell-like sounds, but I don't seem to get an allergic reaction to cheese either. ;) That part that starts just before the halfway point is really cool.


Mr. Fox
on 2008-10-16 17:56:49
Ha, shoulda known this was an Iwadare soundtrack. Great source, great oldschool-style arrangement. OCR needs more of this classic feel-good stuff.

I make these words my own. Kinda reminds me of the reason OCR was so appealing to me back then. Good job, piano intro is very, very sweet.

on 2008-10-16 16:21:09

one of my most favorite Genisis games, and to see a remix of it makes my day. i really like it. good job! its definately my style and it incorporates a lot of the game. im very impressed.

Thank you very much!

on 2008-10-16 09:53:12

Very upbeat! The snare punches me in the face though! It has a power level well over 9000, compared to the rest of the track. I think more sidesticking would have helped it ramp up properly.

I think the primarily keyboard leads are nice change of pace from the usual for you, and I know with some of your most recent stuff you are trying even more cool and new things. :-)

This is the kind of song that makes me reach for the sky, since it is such an overnight sensation. It really won't treat me bad, and certainly will rock me tonight.

And that's all I wrote!

The Runaway Five
on 2008-10-16 09:22:06

Catchy! Not my kind of stuff, but catchy.

Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Crusader of Centy (Sega , 1994, GEN)
Music by Motokazu Shinoda
"Place of Peace"
"Rafflesia Training Grounds"

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Electric Guitar,Piano
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