ReMix:Final Fantasy VII "Aire Tam Break" 5:12

By Fishy

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"Anxiety", "Fight On!", "Let the Battles Begin!"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2009-12-29, evaluated by the judges panel

How about some Final Fantasy VII rock/electronica action from Fishy? Can you really decline such an invitation?

First things first: Check out this video of Cain playing the lead guitar part live. Damn right.

...In addition to featuring "AnSo as Swedish," that's some pretty badass guitar work. The mix is also one of Cain's best to date, with an arrangement that fires on all cylinders and production that fires on even MORE cylinders than was initially apparent, for a total of at least 512 cylinders, all firing, all the time. Extended metaphor - run with it. He writes:

"Structurally and stylistically this draws heavily from pendulum, in particular a song called Another Planet but more in the kinda rock crossover style that you find on In Silico. I started toying with addictive drums trying to make them sound as huge as possible and added this drop-in riff just to try it out, and suddenly I had a whole remix.

I really had fun making this; I'm not usually particularly good with synth based stuff cause I'm usually too impatient to layer or automate modulation properly etc but I'm really proud of this."

As well he should be. Whenever a traditionally humble, even occasionally self-deprecating artist like Fishy says "Hey, this is pretty good shit," I think we all look a little closer & perhaps even get a little more critical, but this mix withstands deep, thorough inspection and probing and gets a clean bill of musical health. It's got a pulse of rock-the-hell-out, a temperature of Mr. Super Hotpants (Celsius), and blood pressure of 180 over awesome. Yeah. But don't take my medically metaphorical word for it; 4 out of 4 doctors agree! Dr. Prabhu writes:

"I thought it was a great pairing of Pendulum's style with these tunes. Your synth work was pretty cool here, you deserve to be proud!"

If you experience shreddage lasting more than four hours, you should of course consult a physician, and side effects may include partially melted face, ringing ears, and/or excessive FF7 fanboy gushing. I had a blast listening to this the first time, then just as much of a blast watching the short vid Cain put together; great stuff.



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on 2015-12-16 19:42:01

just noticed the Jeff Wayne's WotW quote at the end. Of course it was the first time I heard the remix. Can see the influence gjgjjgjg

on 2014-08-31 00:22:57

I've listened to this mix for years, and ran into it again on Roulette. Fishy, just wanted to say that for every compliment or thank you that you've heard, you have another twenty or more people that think the world of your work and have regularly received enjoyment from the effort and care you put into this (and other) mixes.

Oh, one last note: the above can be said for many other great artists on OCRemix as well - but I doubt many of them caused so many injuries from hardcore rocking.

on 2012-04-25 12:30:50

Probably my favorite Fishy song yet. The slow intro building the ReMix up was brilliant, and when those guitars opened up, shit got real. This is how you do battle themes. I heard the Pendulum influence as well, which makes this ReMix even better. Nice dark break in the middle there, I love how it rebuilds from there to drive the intensity back in. Nice change-up right after the sample, that made me grin. Simply amazing.

on 2011-12-03 14:03:07

Slow intro, which I actually thought was nice and fit well. I've always savored the sound of guitars in general, so this remix is a treat for me. Top-notch music from Fishy!

on 2011-12-03 02:37:00

Haha great battle theme remix. The beginning was meh to me at first but it kicked in really fast and I instantly loved it ^^

on 2010-04-27 07:33:01

Beautiful work..

on 2010-03-26 07:13:25

OMG this remix is one of my favorites!! Please make more like these!! :)!!

on 2010-01-29 08:15:20

This just blew me away with all its awesomeness. There is plenty that i love about but that vocal sample made it even better.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-01-21 04:58:49

Definitely hearing the Pendulum influence. While I agree that the remix does not sound as "full" as it could, I'm not particularly bothered by it.

Nice use of the vocal sample at 4:34; the part afterwards is pretty nice, too.

on 2010-01-14 19:14:36

Just stopping by to say: I enjoyed this! The Pendulum-like percussion was also a reminder at how action-PACKED this song truly is.

Mr. X
on 2010-01-13 23:37:28

If this is an example of the quality of music we can expect from Fishy now that he has resigned from judging then I am truly excited. This mix is so well put together and generally rocks hard and heavy. If Fishy keeps making mixes like this then god help us all cause the world cant contain that much awesomeness.

on 2010-01-06 04:21:03

I actually thought I was listening to a ReMix of something from Final Fantasy IV until I took another look at the title.

This is a pretty sweet song, regardless of whatever Roman numerals you slap on the end of it.

on 2010-01-06 03:51:06

This song has some interesting ideas, but I feel like some more work could go into this, particularly in having some more low end in the song (with a rhythm guitar or putting the drums more forward maybe?), and perhaps using the second part of the boss theme from the game to make the song more full. It feels somehow incomplete when it ends after just going into the beginnings of the boss theme.

I do like the rest of the song though, as here we have the drums dictating the pace, and there are other nice touches in the song such as with the surf sound with the guitar in the beginning.

on 2010-01-04 11:39:51

This is pretty great, Fishy, though I can't shake the feeling that the mix feels a little... empty. Not quite as intense as some of your other songs, even though the genre adaptation feels like it should be.

I've still enjoyed listening to this one ever since I saw it come up on your Youtube profile, but I don't think it's your strongest effort to date.

on 2010-01-01 11:13:16

The guitar sounds like it was recorded in one of Dexter's kill rooms. No mess left behind.

The best bits about this remix is the harmonized guitar part some time after the 2 minute mark (makes me dream of FF7 NES). Also when you played with the Rhythm of the FF7 battle music (Was that syncopated?) that was awesome.

Those two moments were the 'boner' moments for me, would like to have heard some call backs to those points.

But way better than anything I can do, and a subjective opinion on my part.

Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy VII (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Fight On!"
"Let the Battles Begin!"

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Electric Guitar,Electronic,Synth

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