ReMix:Unreal Tournament "Forgone Rejuvenation" 6:49

By Phrakture

Posted 2010-01-20, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer Nafeu Nasir, alias Phr4kture, sends in some Unreal Tournament action:

"Forgone Destruction is a track that makes me very nostalgic. It's very influencal to my musical taste and style as well. This remix is a show of appreciation I have for the track."

Pretty straightforward, there, and so is the mix. Or so we thought - while Nafeu's mix is very well-produced and instantly enjoyable electronica, it employs some elements verbatim from the source material, which drew out the judge's decision and required my input to set a precedent. While the sine-wavey, basic synth motif utilized is pretty much identical to the source, everything else built up around said pattern is not, and is very well done. It's certainly not breaking any records for "most expansive arrangement," but we eventually reached the decision to post, and I think folks will dig it. AnSo sums up the presiding sentiment:

"Regarding the arrangement, I think Jimmy has a good point here. There is a sufficient ammount of expansion from the original, especially considering how the original is very groove-based. There is clever drum sequencing all over the track and not just a rip from the originals DnB drums. The original synth part at 0:56-> is great and reminds me of Andy's Mindbender. More counter-melodies at 1:52 and onwards. At around 2:36 the three-note chime pattern is arranged together with some additional counter-melodies from a square synth at 2:50. The main riff is arranged heavily with the new chords at 4:18.

I mean, all that doesn't qualify as enough arrangement? Even if it's not the boldest arrangment because of the track's length and similarity in style to the original it's outweighed, in my opinion, by the stellar production, dynamic and never repetitive arrangement (break at 3:18 sent chills down my spine) and overall clever treatment of the source. A tough call for sure though.. In my opinion, this might be borderline but it's a borderline yes."

The slick, gritty saw bass, bitcrushing and filtered drum breaks, and overall attention to detail on the production side really do Michiel van den Bos's source track justice. This one may have been a little challenging for the judges to digest, but for the average listener it'll go down smooth, presenting an instantly accessible, funky synth groove. Great debut from Phr4kture, hope to hear more!



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on 2012-07-19 13:53:03

Again, I kinda have to echo the others here, this is great music to have on when you are doing something else and what to keep your ears busy. It's very entertaining and while I don't think I could sit still and just listen to it for as long as it is, it's perfect for working or studying and such.

on 2011-01-03 16:29:32

I listen to OCR at work, and though there's nothing terribly unique I have to say about this awesome background-but-foreground-of-your-mind music, this post will help me find it so I can download it at home later : )

on 2010-12-04 21:38:59

I can't believe I haven't really sat down and listened to this song until just now. And the more I listen to it the more I realize there's a heck of a lot more happening here.

On the surface, it's light, airy electronica, BUT there's just a lot of odd work going on underneath everything. It's like looking through a frozen lake; sure there's the surface, but you can see all kinds of currents and eddies and fishes swimming underneath.

This track has a unique distinction as being able to be something I can put on repeat and listen to while studying or something like that or just sit down and devote my full attention to it and listen.

This is absolutely worth checking out.

on 2010-12-04 19:13:23

I remember downloading this as soon as it was posted, given that I'm a huge fan of UT and even still play it now and again, if only to listen to the amazing soundtrack. I was a little disappointed that it didn't seem to grab my attention like most stuff posted, but then after giving it time, I found I was wanting to listen to it more and more, especially whilst driving or at work. As such, it's found its way into my iTunes "Top 25 Most Played" list, which surprised me, and prompted me to write this review!

It's certainly one of my favourite "background" songs, but there's also a surprising amount of depth to what at first seems to be a bit of a drawn-out effort. Not only that, but as is the sign of a great remix, it stays true to the character of the original source and I can imagine myself floating through space, shock rifle in hand, blowing the crap out of people on Facing Worlds. I like mixes that evoke strong memories of their respective games, and this definitely does that for me.

Kyle Nin
on 2010-11-14 11:27:04

Great song. If I want some music playing in the background (while I'm doing something else), I just set this song on repeat and it's just perfect.

Oh and every time I listen to it, it seems like it would be a perfect fit for a "Metroid Prime" game. I don't know, it just feels similar to that type of music, which I like. So, maybe that's another reason I like this song.

on 2010-05-28 05:15:47

Really digging this track and I'm always delighted to see more UT remixes, but I'm not sure why people keep going for the least interesting tracks from the game when there is stuff like Phantom, Cannonade, The Course, Razorback, Run, etc. :)

on 2010-02-21 12:16:02

There is a lot of great stuff here.

However, I find it very repetitive and I think about 2 or 3 minutes could be cut from this without killing the arrangement.

It's the same stuff with minor differences every few measures for the first three minutes. It's changed up for about a minute, and then it goes right back to what it was in the first three minutes, again, with some very MINOR differences. And then the drums are a little different, which helped make it not sound as repetitive.

Excellent production, but while the arrangement is interpretive, it feels dragged out. I'm not gonna call this "boring", but it certainly becomes uninteresting quickly as a song.

on 2010-02-15 00:20:00

The repetition in this mix really didn't bother me. I just kept grooving along, bobbing my head the whole time. Heh. The bass is awesome. I think that even though it doesn't change up much (the source doesn't either), it has a great flow to it.

I especially liked the change at 4:18. The song up until that point sounded really dark, but at the beginning of 4:18, it started to pick up and take on a different mood. I do think the very end was a little abrupt though. I didn't notice it first, but the song didn't fade out very well.

on 2010-02-12 12:45:48

This was always one of my favorite tracks in the game and I'm glad to see someone has tackled it here. Unfortunately, I too find the mix a little too repetitive. Perhaps my issue with it is that my favorite part of the original version was the awesome chord progression that appears at about 2:50 into the piece, while this remix focuses mostly on the intro riff instead. Still, not a bad job overall.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-02-06 11:22:25

Doesn't seem particularly repetitive to me. Granted, it doesn't go crazy with solos and melodic changes, but what's there never ever becomes boring.

Great atmosphere, textures and layering. Looking forward to future submissions.

on 2010-01-31 12:56:39

You know, this song really is one that fits in the background while you're doing other stuff, which is reminiscent of the music in the UT games in general I seem to remember (feel free to correct me on this, I could be remembering wrong).

It does seem repetitive, but I seem to remember that the UT music was repetitive overall, and is meant to take a backseat to the action. This song accomplishes that IMO with looping of the melody, and more subtly the background instrumentation.

Pretty good job!

big giant circles
on 2010-01-23 11:07:02
Yup, I'm with Will. I think this style would have worked a lot better with a bit more melodic content. What impresses me, though, is the exquisite use of textures, layering, and expansion as the mix goes on.

Definitely more appropriate for the detail-oriented listener, but it's very well produced and I think everyone can appreciate that on some level :-)

One thing you guys have to bear in mind, is the source tune is not outstandingly melodic either. It's mostly a groove track. :)

But yeah, the textures and layering and just overall enhancement are what set this one above the bar for me.

Giga Bowser
on 2010-01-22 17:35:28

You are amazing!! Ive been waiting sooo long to hear a mix on this addictive track.

Keep up the good work I'll be looking forward to your future remixes ;)

Oh yes forgot to mention the part that your only 14 !!!8O I'm 20 and I can't even make one perfect remix V_V well may be in the future....

on 2010-01-22 11:46:53

Yup, I'm with Will. I think this style would have worked a lot better with a bit more melodic content. What impresses me, though, is the exquisite use of textures, layering, and expansion as the mix goes on.

Definitely more appropriate for the detail-oriented listener, but it's very well produced and I think everyone can appreciate that on some level :-)

on 2010-01-22 11:21:25

This mix isn't for me personally, its a little too repetitive, but I have to say I admire the skills put into making this... production is fantastic, and it has lots of cool ideas to spice things up.

And the guy was 14 when he made this? You guys serious???? You don't want to know what level I was at with music making at that age.... :lol:

Give it a few years, who knows what he will be coming out with... someone to watch, thats for sure ;)

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Unreal Tournament (GT Interactive , 1999, WIN)
Music by Alexander Brandon,Andrew Sega,Dan Gardopée,Kai-Eerik Komppa,Michiel van den Bos,Peter Hajba,Tero Kostermaa
"Foregone Destruction"

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