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"Ending Theme"

Primary Game: Mega Man X5 (Capcom , 2000, PS1), music by Naoto Tanaka, Naoya Furutani, Shinya Okada, Showtaro Morikubo, Takuya Miyawaki

Posted 2010-06-19, evaluated by the judges panel

It's been awhile! DCT writes:

"I recently completed a new remix and seeing as how it's been forever since my last one was posted (though "conventional" calendars might say it's only been about 4 and a half years), I figured I'd submit it. All my artist info is still accurate, but I don't think Mega Man X5 is in the database. I've never played any of the games in the Mega Man X series but always enjoyed the music. I was in a creative slump one day when the End Credits song for MMX5 showed up in the mp3 player. Creativity arose, and I put this arrangement together....then the slump returned. *sigh* Anyway, I hope it meets the OCR standards."

It does, and no worries, we added MMX5 to our database just for you :) Hope that slump abates and it doesn't take another 4+ years to get another mix from DCT, as this piece reminds us of his sonic skills, even if his domain name makes it hard to forget. There's a smorgasbord of Mega Man tunage out there, and while the NES classic II & III get so much (deserved) love, it's great to see the horizons expanded a bit. Things intro w/ smooth EP and bass and then a slick R&B/hip-hop beat comes in, synth pads swoosh around, EP trades out to acoustic piano, and things develop from there. This arrangement reminds me of some of Kaijin's work - smooth, well-produced ballad approach, in this case with more of an emphasis on the beat. Intonation gets a little more challenging with some curveballs further in, like the descending piano line at 2'31" (quite odd but didn't bother me) and strings at 3'07" - I find that changeups like this keep things fresh, especially in ballads. I weighed in again on this vote, so let's see what I said:

"Would have liked a bit more evolution w/ the beat - it's good, but it stays fairly static throughout. Other elements are smoov all around, and while straightforward, the arrangement executed the genre well."

That's true, in retrospect - the beat is good, but does stay pretty static. However, the artist changes everything else up and introduces new elements, so it's not a huge deal. Vinnie adds:

""Subtle dynamics", I like that, Larry, seems to describe this to a T. There's a lot going on on a micro-level, and it keeps this relatively simple take interesting throughout. The piano interlude is gentle and haunting, and I just love the quirky, yet spooky atmosphere crafted here"

I found this more comforting than haunting, personally, but either way it does have nice detail work and DCT stays on top of the arrangement the whole time, tending it like an observant gardener and making sure it grows. Great, smooth stuff from a previously unmixed source & an artist we hadn't heard from in far too long!



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on 2011-04-04 19:24:49

I can only belatedly echo previous posters when I say- smoov, smoov stuff. These downtempo chill (but not *too* chilly, there's some warmth to those vibes!) are absolutely perfect for unwinding at day's end. You know, under the moonlight and such.

on 2010-12-17 12:07:45

Wait, a Mega Man X series track than isn't rock or electonica and sounds amazing? Madness! The smooth piano and hip hop beat is soooooooooo good. Such a peaceful mellow ReMix that is relaxing and calm. This ReMix would be the kinda thing that would blow my mind after a hard day's work or just need to chill out a bit. Awesomeness all around.

on 2010-12-06 00:35:48

I think I've grown more partial to "mellow" music since I started browsing OCReMix. And in that regard I love DCT. Every time he pops up on my iTunes I just become more and more relaxed. :

The source melody fits perfectly with what you were going for. I didn't really expect the beginning of the source to play in the middle, though. Big surprise, but I love it.

I have really no complaints for this song. I absolutely love it all around. Even the beat.

Martin Penwald
on 2010-07-07 16:51:17

Very relaxing and smooth, though I agree with what djp mentioned in the write-up: the beat is bit too static. Considering that it's a 4+ minute song, a little more variation would have been nice.

Overall, I enjoyed this one.

on 2010-06-23 01:41:24

Never knew just how much musical diversity and talent DCT had in him before this song :-) Great contribution to the OCR library, I loved this when I heard it on your site and I still love it now!

Nobbynob Littlun
on 2010-06-22 21:21:48

Hmm pretty nice, pretty mellow, but I feel like the percussion that runs throughout is too pronounced. Especially the snare drum. Perhaps a tambourine would suit!

big giant circles
on 2010-06-21 22:10:21

your remix is doing wonders for my mood. keep it up! :)

on 2010-06-21 12:31:56

You guys are doing wonders for my ego. :D Thanks a lot!

on 2010-06-21 10:27:14

Pretty mellow stuff, but with some edge to it. I like it a lot, nice work. Great treatment of the source. :-)

on 2010-06-20 23:52:52

my nigga's back

Tuned Logic
on 2010-06-20 23:46:30

Ah, one of my favorite tunes!

You did a great job here; the mood is a bit different from the original, though, which is neither good nor bad. The original was much more spacey and haunting; this mix is definitely more on the cheery side, but I really enjoyed it.

I might do a MMX4/MMX5 remix soon. You've sparked my creativity ;)

on 2010-06-20 21:50:26

This is fantastic! It's great to see X5 get a little love.

Joshua Morse
on 2010-06-20 14:03:33

I'm vibin'!

on 2010-06-20 10:13:48

its good to see him back im really feeling this track..i was hoping there was gonna be some bar spitting but i guess i will have to wait till next time :)

on 2010-06-19 23:11:16

Awww man, such a tight groove!

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Primary Game:
Mega Man X5 (Capcom , 2000, PS1)
Music by Naoto Tanaka,Naoya Furutani,Shinya Okada,Showtaro Morikubo,Takuya Miyawaki
"Ending Theme"

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Ballad,Hip Hop

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