ReMix:Animal Crossing "Camrade" 2:30

By Diggi Dis

Arranging the music of one song...

"Comrade K.K."

Primary Game: Animal Crossing (Nintendo , 2001, GCN), music by Kazumi Totaka, Kenta Nagata, Shinobu Nagata, Toru Minegishi

Posted 2010-11-20, evaluated by the judges panel

Diggi Crossing... Frank sends us some electric guitar-centric AC mixage, with a good blend of distorted and cleaner tones & textures, that employs Spanish/Latin rock flavors very effectively. Animal Crossing meets Santana? Vinnie writes:

"It's not a secret that I can't stand the Animal Crossing music, but the arrangements of it tend to be a hell of a lot better since they eliminate the offending element (sorry K.K). This is no different, and the Spanish-guitar/rock arrangement from Frank is pretty sweet. The verse guitar line is modified a little which is why this isn't just getting DPed, but the chords are the same and the same style of arpeggio playing is used, which makes that connection solid. The main melody is also used some of the time, and the rocking original chorus rounds it out."

Shariq channels his inner cable-television and adds:

"Yes sir, I do like this. It makes me feel like I'm down in Miami having a mojito with Michael Westen and Sam Axe, getting ready to take on some international spies or a druglord. Fantastic performance, excellent structure, really well produced."

If you're gonna be hanging in Miami, at least be chillin' w/ Dexter ;) In addition to the cucumber-cool performance & production, there's some humor & charm thrown in as a bonus; OA 'splains:

"Personalized, well produced, nicely performed, and very awesome. The KK beatboxing is hilariously cool, and the whistling homage was nice."

These guys said it all; great stuff from DD, who rocks a mean KK.



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on 2017-08-30 12:32:08

I dig dis, I diggi dis diggi mix diggi did.

on 2012-05-03 09:41:34

This sounds like it would come right off a Santana CD, especially in the intro. Liking the whistle and piano work here and this is a spicy little ReMix that I can stand behind. A little short, but adds to the charm here.

on 2012-03-29 02:22:20

Ohhh yeah. It's good to hear that people 'get' Animal Crossing music. There's some really catchy, melodic jingles crammed into it, and that fact alone led me to jump through a lot of hoops just to collect all those KK songs. Pain in the ass, but worth it.

The best thing about this mix, besides the fact that it's got smoking production, is that it captures the Animal Crossing vibe whilst also ramping up the listenability. The use of the signature game assets make sure you don't forget the mix's humble origins, which I love. The whistling is a super, super nice touch that was handled in all the right ways and is eerily complementary to the excellent guitar work.

As far as emphasising the strength of melody, this mix pulls out all the stops and ensures everyone can enjoy what Animal Crossing has to offer. I've gotta admit, I prefer this version to the KK version now; its the best of both worlds. Although when KK's unique vocals burrow into your psyche, you're a fan for life.

Snow Taradien
on 2011-10-17 04:20:14

My favourite piece from KK Setlist.

on 2010-12-13 09:08:18

Songs like this are why Diggi Dis is one of the best musicians in the scene. This dude can do it all.

Love that title too. :D

on 2010-12-11 15:43:34

Thoroughly enjoyed this mix. My only gripe is that it's so short! Perhaps with the revival, we can make it longer, yes? --see what I did there?

Brandon Strader
on 2010-12-09 15:43:43

Just to put this out there again, this song is going to appear on the K.K. Setlist that is currently being revived and put together, hopefully to be released at OCR in the future. :-)

It's a great interpretation of a lovely source, gotta love that K. K. Music. :-P

on 2010-12-09 12:24:43

Oh hell yes, this is tiiiiighhtt! It totally plays off of the great melodies from the original (*stares angrily at the AC haters) and really breathes a ton of new life into it, which is why I was so disappointed to see the Animal Crossing project fail - the source tunes, while they may sound unconventional, are full of great melodies like this one that can be adapted in so many ways.

Major props on the KK samples too, that's just awesome! :-D

on 2010-12-09 11:38:02

really nice guitar playing, and the once again, awesomeness for the KK beatboxing.

The mix itself is pretty short, but it says what it needs to and is well suited to repeat plays, so all good. There is a lot of great textural variety in such a small package, and overall the remix is really strong. Nice work, DD Slider. :-)

Martin Penwald
on 2010-12-08 15:25:22

Have to say that the guitar sound e.g. around 0:40 just isn't my cup of tea.

Whistling and piano are dope, though.

on 2010-12-07 15:08:08

Pretty short, but sweet guitars. I do wish the whistling was a little louder but otherwise a nice job overall.

on 2010-12-04 18:55:23

For some reason, this reason this mix reminds me a lot of this mix. I don't know why.

But anyway the guitar work here is drop dead gorgeous, and the whole thing feels so mellow in a so sizzling hot it's cool kind of way.

This is an absolute must listen to and is by far my favorite (as of now) Animal Crossing mix on the site.

Also, just ending with K.K. Slider whistling is brilliant.

on 2010-11-25 09:41:46

Dude, this is awesome! This one's got this Andalusian flair :)

Love it as usual...but we're talking about Frank here, so that's to be expected. Keep it up, man!

Benjamin Briggs
on 2010-11-24 23:34:01

this is why diggi dis is a bad dude

and you are not

on 2010-11-22 11:29:18

Wow, this was amazingly good. Another gem from Diggi Dis =D.

Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Animal Crossing (Nintendo , 2001, GCN)
Music by Kazumi Totaka,Kenta Nagata,Shinobu Nagata,Toru Minegishi
"Comrade K.K."

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Electric Guitar
Time > Duration: Short

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