ReMix:Jazz Jackrabbit 2 "Jazz Castle Adventure" 3:36

By Elation

Arranging the music of one song...

"Jazz Castle"

Primary Game: Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Gathering , 1998, WIN), music by Alexander Brandon, Robert A. Allen, Sean Hiler

Posted 2011-04-22, evaluated by the judges panel

Jazz Jackrabbit 2! Alexander Brandon! Dj Bjra follows up his FF6 debut from August of last year with a definite change of pace in terms of source material:

"This is a remix from a game I played in my childhood and have those fond nostalgia memories of. I think i really captured the feel of my favorite song of the game in this remake. I downloaded the game, listened to the first song, felt inspired, opened my program and a few hours later I had this. Enjoy it!"

Mazedude mixed JJ2 for his American Album way back in 2007; it really did have an excellent soundtrack, deserving of the attention & setting the stage for Brandon's later, larger titles like UT & Deus Ex. Judges were all pretty cool with the production, but felt the arrangement could have been a bit more interpretive; OA writes:

"Really cool take on the source, it's got a bit of a Mazedude vibe to the synths that I really like, and some nice backing elements that give it some additional class. The production and sound choices are all solid, no issues there. Arrangement is pretty close to the source, though. A lot of instruments are changed, and the feel is distinctly different, but the synths, and main melody and structure are kept really similar. There are some extended passages. It's a tough call, because it's clear that this isn't just a sound upgrade, as the flow and build of the track feels a lot different. The breakdown helps this was well, but still it's cutting it close.

Production I dug. The strings didn't sound realistically articulated, but the intent wasn't realism, and they provide a very interesting texture. THe beats are good, and everything balanced well."

While I'd definitely like to see Bjra go a little more expansive on his next submission, I'm glad we're posting this mix; the source doesn't get enough love, we don't get enough Windows/PC mixes in general, and I think his passion & nostalgia for the source shines through.



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on 2015-12-04 11:36:10

I love the Jazz Jackrabbit soundtracks. Like many others, it's based off this knowledge of the originals that we derived our own creative takes...and if we're not: We're searching for people who have. :)

Krank created something pretty wonderful here. A very cool synth lead and some interesting deviations from the original melody really make this remix have a unique feel. The drums felt like they could use a little more variation but the mix can stand on its own two feet and it's because of all the other elements in the tune that really help keep you listening.

P.S. This was actually the mix that made me consider having Krank solo on one of my own ReMixes. :nicework:

AND, if anyone's interested, this is his SoundCloud page (he has a new name):

on 2013-06-03 01:10:07

The only problem I've ever had with this were the autopilot drums, but they're pretty hefty so I think the mix is solid anyways. I did like the sync lead enough to recreate it. ;)

Phonetic Hero
on 2013-06-03 00:41:45

Still one of my absolute favorites. You know a track is great when it makes you get the game having never played it before. Still looking forward to having the opportunity to remix something from the OST myself... Alex Brandon is the guy. Excellent work on this one

on 2012-10-26 15:02:11

Even though I haven't played this game, I loved the soundtrack to it and I'm glad to see a ReMix like this one. The piano later on was a great addition along with the synth and the beats that go with it. Really enjoyed the strings and the arrangment of this one. Yeah, a synth change might have taken this ReMix to the next level, for what is here, I think you did a nice job all in all. Not much to nitpick here.

on 2011-12-08 14:01:57

Jazz Jackrabbit! Glad to see someone else is representing the underloved platformers out here :)

So hearing the track, it plays really safe towards the source material, with two straight interpretations and the second one having some slight differntiation by towing in a varied-up piano lead. I'm usually one to say that you shouldn't make things like that and the strings so mechanical and quantised, but I'm under the impression that you weren't looking for realism. It's generally pretty solid, if not almost too safe.

What makes up for is some very interesting production ideas; the sliding lead synth really has shown a great amount of expression, even through modulation and later decay placed onto it. That acid bass also reminds me of some of LeeBro's early works in a way, and it also feels very well balanced into the mix. And even though the piano may sound very snapped, there's definitely been enough done to the overall timbre to make it feel like the real thing is being played alongside with the rest of the sounds. There's definitely a lot going on here that would clearly interest fans of the score.

Either way, this track isn't bad :) I'm hoping that you'll learn from everything in your previous two subs and contribute again in the future, because I'm seeing some solid mixing potential from you.

Martin Penwald
on 2011-07-01 16:08:50

I like the strings and piano in this one; they gel surprisingly nicely with the overall more synthy sound of the remix.

I do agree with Mazedude about the synth usage, though; I think changing it up a little in the second half of the song would have added some nice variety.

on 2011-04-26 13:07:57

I liked your final fantasy remix and this one isn't any different. I don't have anything constructive to say, all I have to say is that I like this a lot =D.

on 2011-04-24 15:19:26

Ah, more Jazz Jackrabbit love, I like!

This did make me smile, brought back memories, and I like that my friend Alexander Brandon is getting some love.

A couple criticisms though, if ya don't mind... for one, I would have liked to hear the lead synth change up, rather than maintaining the same sound throughout the track for so long. I would have also liked to hear some more creative liberties taken with the melody, once it was already established. Ya know, you've played through the theme once as is, now have fun with it, ya know? The joy of using those types of synths is that they're great for screaming, wacky solos.

I felt the percussion could have used some more variety too... the groove was nice, but maybe try some rides instead of non-stop hihats, some alternate snare sounds... that kinda thing. But that's me.

Still, a nice mix, fun, and from a game that has a lot of possibilities. Good stuff. :)

- Mazedude

(And yes, the S3Ms weren't that hard to find within the game package, but ya know, not a lot of good if you don't read S3M files.)

on 2011-04-24 05:39:23

Gah how nostalgic makes me wanna cry a little. ^^

Really like the funkyness the entire soundtrack had and you succeded to bring some of it back, Really great Work! ^_~

Luckily I still got the game with manual and disc.

I better go dive in Jazz jack rabbit's 2 funkyness castle with Jazz well

Spaz(jazz's brother) is still my favourit though but Jazz's mother in law, she screams so terrible haha ah memories lol funny boss). :-D


on 2011-04-24 02:35:49






Big tip!

on 2011-04-23 22:09:04
The Jackrabbit soundtracks were some of my first ever game music downloads...back in the days when those things were IMPOSSIBLE to find online (except in not-that-great MIDI format). You either ripped it yourself or...well, you ripped it yourself.

Strange, I never had trouble finding them online. Furthermore, in the original JJ2 release I believe the S3M files were just in the game folder, not encrypted or anything.

Slightly more on topic, this is a great track and I hope to hear many more Jazz Jackrabbit remixes on this site in the future.

on 2011-04-23 12:02:36
back in the days when those things were IMPOSSIBLE to find online (except in not-that-great MIDI format). You either ripped it yourself or...well, you ripped it yourself.

They were MOD's or S3M's for this game, were they not?

on 2011-04-22 23:07:55

The Jackrabbit soundtracks were some of my first ever game music downloads...back in the days when those things were IMPOSSIBLE to find online (except in not-that-great MIDI format). You either ripped it yourself or...well, you ripped it yourself.


Great song, hope to definitely hear more from this fellow.

on 2011-04-22 21:53:39

this is ridiculously top dude, great work!

on 2011-04-22 21:46:38

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Primary Game:
Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (Gathering , 1998, WIN)
Music by Alexander Brandon,Robert A. Allen,Sean Hiler
"Jazz Castle"

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