ReMix:Sunset Riders "Bleeding Guns" 4:00

By Dj Mystix

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"Draw, Pilgrim!", "Mountain BGM 2", "The Beautiful Setting Sun"

Primary Game: Sunset Riders (Konami , 1993, GEN), music by Motoaki Furukawa

Posted 2011-06-24, evaluated by the judges panel

2010 saw our first ReMix of Sunset Riders (SNES) from Dr. M, and now Dj Mystix provides it with some company from the Genesis version. In addition to having a cool name, Mansoor Nazar's debut Revenge of Shinobi + Lost Odyssey arrangement really caught my attention; great texture, great melodic emphasis, and it's one of those mixes I find myself whistling randomly all the time, so I was looking forward to his follow-up, and it doesn't disappoint:

"Sunset Riders was a great game and, although not 4-player, but still fun to play on consoles as well. I only played Arcade and Sega Genesis versions but fell deeply in love with the awesome sound track.

I didn't want to stick close to the wild west theme and attempted to create a new style mixing modern RnB with western theme. I haven't used anything more than the lead melodies from the sources. One track that didn't make it to this mix is "Face with Courage" ( which shortened the mix's length to 4:00 minutes. As for the ending, I had to write something original because no other track made sense. Hope you'll like it."

Mystix also mixes in some old-school synths & beats, which play well against the RnB and myriad strummed/plucked components, and I really didn't mind the solo trumpet at the end - I've heard far worse, hell, I've USED far worse myself, and it didn't detract at all for me. Mansoor seems to have this knack for paying homage to multiple decades at once; both his mixes effectively blend instruments & textures that sound like transplants from the 80s, 90s, and today. I know, I know, it sounds like the slogan for your local Top 40 FM station... but it fits. And again, as with his first mix, the artist manages to incorporate multiple source tunes with COMPLETE integration & a very natural progression. These are really cool strengths to have as a ReMixer - they're not easily acquired - so I'm psyched about seeing how he develops with each new piece. Probably the least obvious element to have added to this track, and the one that seals the deal for me, is the more rapid strumming that enters at 1'15" - very nice. Vinnie writes:

"I really enjoyed this, it had a low-key charm. Even the brass towards the end, which was the fakest thing to ever fake, fit the 90's midtempo track vibe because you reverbed it into silk. You really did hear that kind of stuff back then (and sometimes still today). The acoustic and electric guitars were beautiful leads and the live feel to them helped make up for the other leads which weren't as dynamic. Great track, I likey."

There's almost a Tarantino, Kill Bill quality to this mix.. it speaks to & conjures a sense of "Epic Western Legend" in ways that part of that film's licensed score did. Excellent follow-up from Dj Mystix that proves his impressive debut was no fluke!



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on 2011-12-16 17:03:28

This is a well done mix - the two Sunset Riders mixes really make me want to play the game, they're pretty sweet. The synth usage to start the song is great, helping relax the feel some. The electric guitar afterwards then sets the tone. The introduction of the acoustic after an interlude by the synth adds a very nice touch overall though. The blend of instruments really shines in this departure into the sunset!

on 2011-12-13 10:22:55

Huh. Kinda like Spaghetti Western with a little bit of synthy guitar and a good hip-hop beat to it, almost like a something to a modern western feel. I like this quite a lot actually, and although I'm not overly fond of the bass later on in the ReMix, this maintains the feel of the genre pretty well and being a fan of the game myself, it's nice to hear it get good lovin' like this. The arrangement was well done, and whenever the production seemed to shake a little, the rest of the song covered it nicely.

Melbu Frahma
on 2011-12-13 01:53:31

The intro definitely had me feeling some 80s music :-D. Track is filled with lots of great little moments, including when the synth comes in around 1:15.

I agree with Rexy about the synth guitars - I've never been a huge fan of them, but what you did with them in this ReMix was just amazing, excellent work. However, I've also gotta agree about that brass - in particular the first five or so seconds of it was pretty awkward, although it actually sounded better as that part went on. By the end, it had ceased to bother me as much.

Overall, great stuff.

on 2011-12-05 06:30:05

Hearing this track as well as Dr Manhattan's contributions to the series have done some good things to exposure for Sunset Riders within the community in the past year, and I feel glad to hear that approach for lesser-known territory.

So the arrangement may be kind of straight forward with the placement of the melodies in a more contemporary setting that might be expected from pop tracks a few years ago, but for the most part it works well. Considering that chunks of the Mountain source were in 15/4 timing, you did well to adapt it to the straight 4/4 setting. What managed to drop my jaw even more were the convincing synth guitars; I'm no fan of synth guitars at all as they're often too difficult to emulate just right, but the programming done with them really gave the track a surprising lift in regards to the production processes.

However I'm going to have to be with the sentiment expressed about the awkward fake brass at the end; not the most convincing sample out there, but it was manipulated fine enough to still maintain that human feeling. For next time I may suggest layering the brass with other samples and see how it comes out; it should be able to give it a more layered approach.

All in all, a great track coming from you - so great up to the point that (as stated in another thread) it introduced a friend of mine to OC Remix as a whole! Let's hope you keep up the effort on future works, and maybe even continue to shine spotlights on lesser-appreciated VGM :)

Martin Penwald
on 2011-08-16 15:10:21
Whoa, how did Ricky Martin get in here? Seriously, in the beginning, I could swear I could hear him serenating to me :P

Hehe, I know where you are coming from with this; the intro sounds like something you'd find in a Ricky Martin song. In fact, this remix sounds like the title song to a spaghetti western with Ricky Martin playing the lead role ;)

Nice synth around 2:00.

on 2011-07-21 21:56:03

Whoa, how did Ricky Martin get in here? Seriously, in the beginning, I could swear I could hear him serenating to me :P

In all actuality, very nicely done ^_^

on 2011-06-24 16:57:35

Yay for Sunset Riders ! It sounds cool, nice synths ! ;)

Wina A. Kamlongera
on 2011-06-24 16:53:04

Dude, this is awesome (Pretty dope title too)! The way the track begins is so beautiful, and don't get me started on when the beat kicks in, lovely - reminds me a little of 'Until the End of Time' (Tupac). Man, I need to step my game up, wish I could arrange like this!

RnB and Western, huh. Sounds awesome the way it's done here, nice work! Gonna have this on repeat for a long time, will give the game a look too!

on 2011-06-24 15:32:31

Hey, not bad! I enjoyed it! It stays pretty chill the whole way through and incorporates some neat things throughout. Everything was pretty seamless and sounded nice. I wasn't as big a fan of some of the leads, but the rest made up for it. Nice work!

Level 99
on 2011-06-24 14:38:41

I was lucky to listen to this during the Judge's evaluations. This track was very memorable, and definitely proves that Mystix got some skill with his arrangements.

This feels more in line if Spaghetti Westerns had a baby with Beverly Hills Cop. And I love every second of this. Only qualm is that I really wish there were real guitars in. The fret noise is believable but it does sound very close a synth to me. If they WERE real, then kudos to him for confusing me!

on 2011-06-24 14:23:52

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Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Sunset Riders (Konami , 1993, GEN)
Music by Motoaki Furukawa
"Draw, Pilgrim!"
"Mountain BGM 2"
"The Beautiful Setting Sun"

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Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Synth
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