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Newcomer Leandro Abreu provides an interesting, borderline-minimalist take on S3's 'Marble Garden Zone' with this stripped down rock/jazz jam that foregos a full spectrum mix for a syncopated groove that leaves every instrument/performance exposed. It vaguely reminds me of Steely Dan or The Police, and part of that is because the performances are excellent - when they're this emphasized, with nowhere to hide, they really kinda have to be. Fortunately Abreu can PLAY, and towards the end things get downright spicy. Always difficult to impress, Mr. Larry Oji offers:

"Pretty coverish, but nicely personalized instrumentation. The energy's a bit subdued due to relative emptyness in the textures - it's arguably thin, but I think adequate; the space is filled out OK. It gets a lot more right than it gets wrong, and has a mellow approach that ultimately shows off a lot of creativity."

This is a relatively popular source tune, and I almost feel like had things been more fleshed out, it would have sounded far more similar to existing arrangements, so I kinda like the Spartan, it-is-what-it-is vibe & focus on isolated components. Shariq was less reserved:

"Pretty conservative but very organic feel. My first thought when this mix started was "wow, great percussion." The sparseness of the soundscape feels appropriate here. Very intimate sound, great performances all around. Extremely tight playing and fantastic interplay between the parts."

I think this mix is almost deceptively good; it appears a little thin at first, but it's a slow burn as intensity builds and the ReMixer shows off more of what he's capable of. Drums are indeed sweet, the overall sense of rhythm & timing is impeccable, and the bass is funky, fun, & not kept on a leash but allowed to explore, which is nice. Great debut from Leandro that's got a unique style & swagger and takes a familiar source on a crunchy, creative, & altogether hot ride. Definitely looking forward to hearing more - check out his website for more tunage in the meantime!



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on 2013-01-22 01:33:10

This might be my least favorite song of the source material, and the minimalist/individual style is something I'm not accustomed to or generally prefer... and yet I kept listening. While not my bag, I think this mix really does have some talent. Hopefully that is a bigger sign than someone who loves this kind of sound outright that more should give this unique take a listen.

on 2013-01-18 04:45:03

I love this, it reminds me of 80's jazz-rock, like John Scofield!

on 2013-01-16 02:20:35

WesternZypher said it best; I didn't want this song to end. I really got into it and when it cut off, I thought 'Wait, that can't be it D: '

Very well done!

on 2013-01-15 16:46:04

Let your eyes adjust to the smokey backroom of some dive hidden in the city's underbelly. Find a seat near the stage, don't worry the song's not over - they've been noodling around just before you arrived. They'll play this in bits and pieces, between their other more well known hits. And then end the night with a impromptu variant jam session that will never seem to end - and no one wants it to.

on 2013-01-15 09:52:55

I'm really loving the percussion of this ReMix. It's unique and clear, so great job there. I really like how it still feels like rock, but with the jazzy atmosphere along with it for the ride. Can totally see where the coverish comments come from, especially in the beginning, but I think the more this mix goes on, the better and more original it gets. Sweet stuff here.

on 2013-01-14 18:28:09

Been waiting a long time for Abreu to show up on OCR; glad to see it's finally happened.


on 2013-01-14 16:37:17

Abreu Project? Que competiu no GMB? No OCR?! Que massa!!! \@/

At first I see what the judges mean about it sounding coverish, but the way this track develops itself definitely makes for an original, cool and laid-back jazzy reinterpretation. I like it ^^

on 2013-01-14 16:31:51

Awesome. I love it.

Insane groovage going on here. It's like the room left in the soundscape was just so...just for the listener, to pull a stool up right next to the band, surround themselves with the funk.

on 2013-01-14 16:28:35

Pretty chill, even if it is still a bit hard for me to hear the source without Danny B saying he's a knuckleduster XD

on 2013-01-14 16:12:17

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Music by Bobby Brooks,Brad Buxer,C. Cirocco Jones,Darryl Ross,Doug Grigsby III,Geoff Grace,Jun Senoue,Michael Jackson,Tatsuyuki Maeda,Tomonori Sawada
"Marble Garden Zone: Act 1"

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