ReMix:Wild Arms "The Traveling Band's Last Song" 2:49

By Artem Bank

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Journey Is Your Companions"

Primary Game: Wild Arms (Sony , 1997, PS1), music by Michiko Naruke

Posted 2013-01-19, evaluated by the judges panel

Next up we've got Artem Bank's other contribution to our Wild Arms album, following his impressive debut mix that we posted last year; he writes:

"Well, I'd already done one song for the Wild Arms project, and Jade wanted me to do another, so I found one I liked and did it. I liked the idea of taking the fully orchestrated song of TJIYFJ and making it into a sort of jam band sounding rock song. Really laid back and noodly - but not complicated."

NIce; reminds me of Brandon's 'Earthrise' mix we justed posted, though that was even mellower. While the intro is solo acoustic guitar (with a lot of verb & some very faint accompaniment - nice touches, both), things pick up @ 0'29" with a loose acoustic groove, then electric guitar takes over on the lead melody and things progressively get a bit edgier, while still maintaining a reserved, straightforward vibe. I like & agree with OA's take on this one:

"Some of the playing was ever so slightly on the loose side, but overall I thought this was really nicely done. I love the reverb used for the intro/ending, and the track itself had some good texture and direction, where new elements were adding up to a big finish. Source use was good, if somewhat vanilla, but I think this is a simple and clean take on a pretty good source."

There were also some critiques on the EQ - that electric lead is a tad muffled and certain elements don't cut through like they could, but it's not a show-stopper, and even contributes a bit to the arrangement's drifting, softer feel. Another strong arrangement from AB, who's now two-for-two with Wild Arms submissions - great stuff, part of what made ARMed & DANGerous so dern good, and looking forward to whatever else he's got up his sleeves!



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on 2015-01-18 13:18:59

This is how credits theme should sound - sorta relaxing, mellow, both happy and sad. And the combination of acoustic and electric guitars with some reverb touches is probably the best choice for this. It's just awesome to hear how this track becomes more and more complex and lush and the just drops, leaving you with that excellent delicate aftertaste of this track. I love this Artem's contribution to AD most of all - short but sweet.

on 2013-02-11 15:57:02

Combination of acoustic and electric guitar was an amazing choice for this. I wouldn't mind hearing more mellow meets rough ReMixes like this one, especially if it's as powerful and upbeat as this is. Switching back to full acoustic for a few seconds was great for the ending.

on 2013-01-24 15:05:17

I think the sound choices are spot on. The vintage elec.guitar is sooo fitting, I loved it already on the trailer. Equally enjoyable as East meets Western.

on 2013-01-20 11:09:40

Love this song. That intro is really emotionally powerful (as are so many songs on Armed Dangerous). The transition from the acoustic to electric guitar was well done. Very enjoyable!

on 2013-01-19 16:59:24

I might like East Meets Western better, but this still sounds like something to relax to on a mountainside in the summer after a LONG mission!

on 2013-01-19 16:31:20

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Primary Game:
Wild Arms (Sony , 1997, PS1)
Music by Michiko Naruke
"The Journey Is Your Companions"

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Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar

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