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If you've seen Poltergeist (big fan, personally) you'll know that opinions on going into the light or staying away from it can often vary even among experts, but in this case I'm thinking the former makes sense, as Rexy's crafted a really cool blend of new age, ambient, soft jazz, & r'n'b with this smooth jam that blends Sonic Colors with other sources from Sonic's journeys, and which has some contextual and personal relevance & resonance for her:

"I am pretty much envisioning this interpretation from two different sides here. On a gaming front, the Wisps must've been really desperate and lonely when trapped in Eggman's cages throughout Sonic Colors, clinging on to any faith they have left or any significant lack thereof. It would get particularly heightened the closer they are to becoming Nega-Wisps, their hearts blackened by the fact that no one was answering their pleas. So it'll be by no surprise that when being freed, they would show the full force of their emotions by merging within Sonic's body and pulling off their respective power. Apply that to their entire home planet, at this point being a giant construction site of doom, and you could probably see how emotionally disturbed the Wisps must've been.

On a real life front, it's seen with a similar premise - we all have times when we just feel as if we've collided with a brick wall and have nowhere to go, have taken a step in the wrong direction in regards to character growth, or otherwise have been knocked down mentally/physically to the point that we ourselves no longer feel any self-faith. Though, much unlike the Wisps, the physical barrier doesn't exist, though your peers are more than welcome to help you break out of this sudden negativity. They may not be there for you straightaway, but by keeping the faith you become a stronger person as a whole."

Motivational, indeed. What I love about this mix is that, while predominantly a mellow & relaxed jam, there are some blue notes and intonation shifts that pop up here and there which keep it a little edgier & provocative than it would have otherwise been. Vinnie writes:

"I love the delicate intro, though the vocal sample broke the mood for me a little. There's something about Jaleel White (or a Jaleel White imitator) that I can't take seriously. Once it broke into the main section, the mood was smooth and chill. I wouldn't have minded some more oomph to the groove, and the snare that comes in later is a bit exposed, but I think you took other skills to a huge leap in level here. Sequencing and writing (including automation) was fantastic, I love the slow build. The instrument set was varied but quite complementary. You should be really proud of this one."

OA adds:

"This was really gelling for me on a lot of levels, and felt really polished as a cohesive effort. I gotta agree with Vinnie that the vocal sample wasn't really needed, but it's treated soundwise correctly in context of the song. I really enjoyed the more spread-out arrangement, that wasn't in a rush to cram all its ideas into the smallest space possible. I'd like a touch more tone on the bass, but otherwise the sounds were really nice and breezy."

Cool & refreshing while avoiding auto-pilot and throwing some interesting twists in, this arrangement from Rexy provides a nice contrast/foil to Brandon's more aggressive and elaborate mix, and both submissions exhibit considerable creativity & freedom. Great compo work from Bev and Brandon with two very different arrangements that collectively bring us our first coverage of the Sonic Colors OST!



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on 2019-08-19 13:37:52

My OCR listening heyday seems to stretch from near immediately after the site's inception thru the end of its first decade into the 21st mostly missed Rexy's work, as I somehow never heard her mix fr '05; gonna rectify that now. Mellow, jazzy, hopeful - good stuff.

on 2015-12-03 13:48:36

Mmm... So dreamy and smooth. Really love how Bev managed to join all the sources into one cohesive song with solid transitions, build-ups and other stuff. My favourite part here is probably 3:46 - 4:40 just because of the leading synths :) The past-paced part later on is a great touch as well. Stellar work from Bev as always!

on 2013-08-05 13:15:17
Pretty sure I heard a little nod to Sky Deck in here

Yep! That's one of 6 hidden cameos in there - 5 Sonic-related, 1 in a completely different game series. Wonder if anyone would find them all... :wink:

on 2013-08-05 12:16:21

Pretty sure I heard a little nod to Sky Deck in here. Never played Colors or heard the music, but this is a nice relaxing track.

on 2013-07-31 10:59:33

Ah, that very first audio clip was great for many reasons for me, but I'm loving this ReMix. The soft mellow piano being back up by some nice beats and a little bit of a mysterious ambiance that this kind of genre excels in, it all binds together to make quite the arrangement. It's nice that it all picks up a bit near the end. Been listening to this one all week. Great work Rexy.

MC Final Sigma
on 2013-07-21 14:39:54
"No copyright law in the universe is gonna stop me!"

And with that bold proclamation still ringing in the ears of his enemies, Sonic's alignment had finally and fully shifted to Chaotic Good.

Love the audio clip and mood and progression on this track - nice work!

on 2013-07-17 04:58:54

Hmm. Looking at the list of themes you couldn't be helped but think it was more of a Sonic mash-up in general. Would help if I played Colours, but I digress. It's smooth and seemly, a nice little listen to relax too with a bottle of Magners and watching some Cricket... yeah that's my summer wrapped it if it wasn't for work ;)

on 2013-07-17 00:46:55
Bev did a really stellar job mixing all the themes together in one cohesive mix too! The song flows together quite well. I really enjoy the overall atmosphere and instrumentation throughout, definitely one of my favs from her!

Matt summed up my musical arrangement/production thoughts pretty well here (I LOVE how many musical nods to various Sonic tunes there are), but I'll add that I not only love your sounds/atmosphere/groove/etc. on this track, but I feel that it's some of your best production work as well. I've already told you a couple times how much I love this song, and how it always gives me effing chills when I listen to it :)

on 2013-07-16 19:40:35

Good stuff! loved the progression of the track! Very beautiful sounding mix :)

on 2013-07-16 18:03:17

Love this song! Those chimey parts in the first 2 minutes are a really nice touch, especially when paired with the piano later on. Bev did a really stellar job mixing all the themes together in one cohesive mix too! The song flows together quite well. I really enjoy the overall atmosphere and instrumentation throughout, definitely one of my favs from her!

on 2013-07-16 17:44:59

Subjectively, I would have liked richer pads and a richer bass tone overall, but the sounds work well together (though I will say the PWM lead at 3:47 didn't quite work tonally), so I like it. :)

on 2013-07-16 17:17:44

I feel stupid for sending the first post to one of my own tracks, but in response to Vinnie's post, it's Roger Craig Smith, not Jaheel White.

But I do appreciate the feedback nevertheless, both from the panel and the site visitors :)

on 2013-07-16 16:59:28

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Sources Arranged (4 Songs, 3 Games)

Primary Game:
Sonic Colors (Sega , 2010, WII)
Music by Fumie Kumatani,Hideaki Kobayashi,Kenichi Tokoi,Mariko Nanba,Naofumi Hataya,Tomoya Ohtani
"Planet Wisp - Act 1"
Additional Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog (Sega , 1991, GEN)
Music by Masato Nakamura
"Green Hill Zone"
Additional Game:
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Sega , 1992, GEN)
Music by Masato Nakamura
"Emerald Hill Zone (2 Player VS Competition)"
"Hidden Palace Zone"

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Ambient,Downtempo,Hip Hop,Jazz,R&B
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