ReMix:Kirby's Adventure "Double Rainbow" 4:17

By Patrick Burns

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"Cloud Level", "Dream and Cold Level", "Level Map Select of LEVEL 4"

Primary Game: Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo , 1993, NES), music by Hirokazu Ando

Posted 2013-10-07, evaluated by the judges panel

Up next we've got Mr. Burns with a DOUBLE RAINBOW (!!!), memingly arranging several tunes from Kirby's Adventure in a pleasant, floaty sort of synth pop/rock style:

"This remix is about 2.5 years old - I was only able to solve some its form issues when I revisited it a couple weeks ago. It has still got some issues I think, some forced continuity and a lack of stylistic identity, but I'm currently just trying to get some old mixes off my mind and out the door for someone to appreciate. Besides the Grape Garden and Rainbow Resort stage tunes, the Grape Garden stage select makes a brief appearance as well as an original melody, a synthesis of the themes that - hopefully - helps them feel a bit less juxtaposed.

All the bass, bells, pads, guitars, flutes, and harp things are Logic's Sculpture synth. It's the most interesting synth I have at my disposal currently. (I really need to broaden my synth/beat toolset beyond built-in Logic - I think a part of my brain still refuses to let go of the paradigm I learned from playing with midis at - i.e. it all begins and ends in the piano roll.) Thanks for listening."

Thanks for submitting :) The vibe here, with all the percolatin' arpeggios and plucky motifs, really reminds me of the 'Special Stage' music from the original Sonic the Hedgehog; very carefree & drifting. I think the ReMixer actually did a great job of blending the themes into a cohesive whole, and Emunator seems to concur:

"I love the unique rhythms created from the interplay between your delay and your melody lines, especially in the intro. The whole mix is very easy to get lost in, your sounds all have a very retro edge to them (I particularly liked the guitar-style synth) but the production is extremely smooth and polished. It's an excellent combination that makes this track very, very listenable."

Palpable adds:

"I sometimes fall on the side of thinking synths imitating real instruments sound too fake, but I loved the lead "guitar" synth here. Rather than sounding like a fake guitar, it sounded like a synth with oodles of expression. Actually, this whole song has tons of humanized touches for a synthetic song. Really pretty arrangement, a very easy pass in my book."

Agreed on the guitarish synth lead; I thought it was tasty, and was sequenced in a fashion that didn't attempt to "sell it" as an actual electric guitar. Following Brandon Strader's 'Poop,' this is a nice respite & calming (but still funky) groove that's hard not to dig. I'm glad Patrick revisited this & revised it to a point he was comfortable sharing with the world, as I think many will enjoy tasting these rainbows; great stuff!



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on 2016-05-16 15:45:52

I love this remix so much, I can't believe I never posted anything. The synths are so peaceful they create a wonderful dreamy atmosphere.

The section beggining at 1:55 is one of my favourite sections of any remix. Awesome mix!

on 2016-05-01 21:20:16

So I never commented on this, so mea culpa. So I love this for sure, but more specifically I love that faux guitar...really love it, but yet even more specifically at precisely :38, due to that awesome guitar, I felt the urge to say


"You can be my wingman anytime"

"Bullshit, you can be mine"

....and thats no lie.

Patrick Burns
on 2013-10-11 23:15:52

Thanks for the feedback guys/girls. Though I worked on it a bit last summer right before I submitted it, it's actually older than I thought -- I did most of it as a sophomore in college, and I graduated a year and a half ago! Man, makes me want to get all nostalgic and write an essay about life :-/

Looking back, mmmaybe could've gone with less reverb . . . and maybe a bit less clutter overall. I think the guitar works in context fine, but the first 38 seconds were really the seed of the mix for me. If I could redo everything, maybe I'd continue that smooth, elastic vibe of the intro instead of jump into the synth guitar ideas.

The Kirby's Adventure soundtrack is some amazing stuff -- probably my favorite of all time. So much musicality packed into such short tunes.

And yes, dfcentre, speaking of nostalgia: is some serious meta nostalgia right there.

on 2013-10-11 11:27:35

What a surprise! I always listen to the track before reading the description, but yes, I too got lost in this track. Love it. So confident. The arrangement is gold and as a Kirby's Adventure fans even I didn't notice you had blended tracks from different parts of the game. Well done.

I feel so old when I think about haha. My homepage for years was hahaha. The only reason I took it off my homepage was my soundcard had to be replaced and midi sounded crappy with the new soundcard. Ah, those were some funny days.

on 2013-10-10 12:01:50

Very enjoyable remix. Excellent work!

on 2013-10-08 09:21:57

I think the guitar is brilliant in the way it was used, and for the rest of the ReMix, I just love the light and airy melody that flows on all around the guitar. It is almost like a cake, light and fluffy for quite a bit of it, then you hit the icing and BAM, flavor. Very cool.

on 2013-10-08 03:38:24

I love Patrick's work and I love Kirby's Adventure soundtrack... what else ? :)

on 2013-10-08 02:57:31

Loving this, and also loving the fact that I actually saw a real double rainbow today where I live. haha.

on 2013-10-07 21:08:15

Hey, I remember this one! I even suggested something that's still there! The workshop version's actually been in my phone for like over a year I think.

Still an awesome mix! I think my favorite addition is the fact that it has a name now.

MC Final Sigma
on 2013-10-07 16:54:17

I will third that! This is excellent, and very floaty and dreamy, just like the little pink guy himself. Great work!

on 2013-10-07 16:48:14

VERY nice sound-scape and blend of different sounds. This sounds like a warm cake with hidden caramelized pieces and various flavored chocolate chips hidden throughout, topped with French Vanilla ice cream and warm melted fudge on top. with a side of baked cinnamon apples slices.

might've went overboard with the analogy, but I'm just saying that I love this a lot. From the very beginning I already knew I'd be heavily in love with all the different textures, and by looking at the Remix title I wasn't expecting this kind of arrangement, to be honest. :)

I second that, it is very easy to get lost in. great job. sounds super dope.

on 2013-10-07 14:31:59

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Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Kirby's Adventure (Nintendo , 1993, NES)
Music by Hirokazu Ando
"Cloud Level"
"Dream and Cold Level"
"Level Map Select of LEVEL 4"

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