ReMix:Kirby Super Star Ultra "Warrior of the Galaxy" 4:04

By mXenon

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy"

Primary Game: Kirby Super Star Ultra (Nintendo , 2008, NDS), music by Hirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa

Posted 2014-03-05, evaluated by the judges panel

Newcomer mXenon (Steve Polak) gives us our first Kirby Super Star Ultra mix that's just MEAN, man - evil, completely unrelenting metal of the skull-splitting, pit-moshing, extraordinarily-rude variety. I should also add "dramatically-panned" to that list of hyphenated descriptors, as one thing you'll notice, especially with headphones, is that some of the guitar riffs here are stylistically panned hard right. You'll also probably notice (it's hard to miss) that this mix is LOUD, and has plenty of spastic change-ups. If you were being electrocuted AND having a seizure AND trying to twerk at the SAME TIME, you'd be approximating the listening sensation through interpretive dance. This is the type of music you play to make adults go away, children cry, or illegally-detained terrorism suspects break. There's a quietish section @ 2'02" that's spooky-calm when compared to the feeding frenzy that surrounds it, but other than that, you're not gonna get much of a break, or much sympathy. That's my "SURGEON PRETZEL'S WARNING™," so don't say we didn't prepare you! Larry writes:

"Anyway, aside from the volume being set to ear-break and some questionable (but brief) panning, this... was... awesome. Great energy, great performances, and reasonably well mixed. Loud doesn't have to mean cluttered and indistinct, and it was nice to hear something \m/ where all the details can still be appreciated. Nice work, Steve!

Want something intense? It's right here."

Indeed it is; unapologetic, raw, and sonically apoplectic, this is a pretty hardcore debut for mXenon that you certainly have to be in the right mood for, but which has a ton of energy, rage, & power. Not for the faint of heart!



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on 2015-12-28 12:56:32

It would be kind of tough to sell a hard rock arrangement of….a hard rock track. This seems more like a greatly extended version of Galacta Knight’s theme inspired by Pantera. I like it, but this seems like one of those “either love it or hate it” tracks, and not just because of the genre choice.

on 2014-03-06 16:54:27

Yeahhhh, this is pretty loud. The snare could have used some transient shaping to be on par with the kick, which was lacking some lows. The drum sequencing was pretty bombastic sometimes but it works alright in this context.

Other than that, nice and heavy stuff. :nicework:

on 2014-03-06 08:58:55

I don't have a problem with the loudness of it all, but it wouldn't hurt to have more punch than noise, even in metal, but that's just me. Even still, this has plenty of punch and it's great to see Superstar Ultra get some love with this heavy as hell ReMix. Enjoyed the break in the middle as it goes into the more deliberate drives. Not bad at all on your debut.

on 2014-03-05 16:05:21

Heavy, grindy, Kirby.

Brandon Strader
on 2014-03-05 14:47:05

This is awesome. I didn't notice any 'loudness' issue because I was already listening to metal before this. :-)

I totally dig this. Would have liked more meat and variation (not the same repeating sample at the same velocity) to the kick, seems like a trend to just have a nice punchy kick (with boosted highs) without the meat to it. It certainly fits the genre. At 2:09 it would have been great if the signal was cleaner, get rid of that hardpanned 60 cycle hum. It gets covered up at 2:30 so that works. :-D But it would have been more powerful, I think, if it was cleaner earlier on.

Kirby provokes many dark thoughts and heavy themes, this one is very good.

on 2014-03-05 14:24:47

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Primary Game:
Kirby Super Star Ultra (Nintendo , 2008, NDS)
Music by Hirokazu Ando,Jun Ishikawa
"The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy"

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