ReMix:Sonic 3D Blast "Enigmatic Melody" 4:39

By Arceace

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rusty Ruin Zone: Act 1"

Primary Game: Sonic 3D Blast (Sega , 1996, GEN), music by Howard Drossin, Jun Senoue, Masaru Setsumaru, Seirou Okamoto, Tatsuyuki Maeda, Yukifumi Makino

Posted 2014-11-03, evaluated by the judges panel

For his third posted mix, Arceace (Ben Clifton) takes on the Genesis incarnation of Sonic 3D Blast with a watery EDM jam anchored by a rubber-band saw bass & shimmery piano, bells, and bubbling synths. After a couple revisions/resubmissions, Ben writes:

"I'm throwing this one at you again! I've focused solely on increasing the production quality and mixing of the final track this time around. I would really like to thank timaeus222, SuperiorX, and G-Mixer for giving me some wonderful feedback on the WIP forums."

DragonAvenger comments on the final form of this arrangement:

"Sticking with it really paid off here. I love your opening build, and while things never get super thumpin' in terms of energy (it's not meant to be) you've done a great job of adding a lot more life since your original sub. There are a lot of little details and intricacies that really bring this together, and I can definitely tell that you've spent a ton of time working on the tweaks that, while not overtly noticed, really push it over the bar. Kudos!"

What strikes me as unique/intriguing about this mix is the offset of an EDM-ish style foundation against ambient natural FX (water), combined with the changing structure & emphasis on the beat. The beat here shuffles, skips, grooves, and drops out entirely, and it's an oddly sparse instrumentation at times, but I think it works. So does Palpable:

"This is my first time hearing this, so I can't compare it to previous versions. Love the intro, it takes a lot of skill to make such a subtle build that smooth. Even though the song proper doesn't kick in till 1:45, it never lacks direction - you can tell that it is building towards something. I was expecting something fuller at that point, but the sparse shuffling beats were an interesting twist. As I kept listening, it grew on me and when the piano came back in, it really clicked. Hard to believe this is a fourth resub, because this is an easy YES. A beautiful, confident song with some risks taken."

What he said; Vinnie's analysis often tends to line up with my own, so I regularly CTRL-C/CTRL-V his judgequote and just toss my two corroborating cents in ;) The Saturn version of 3D Blast tends to get more love, so it's nice to see its counterpart getting some love, and I'm glad Arceace persisted with revisions, as the end result features production that sells the arrangement. Distinct, interesting stuff that's ALSO pretty dern easy to just tap yer toes to!



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on 2015-12-29 12:08:21

The intro was nice and interesting with the FX, but lasted too long IMO. Nice groovy bass later on. The mix of electro and retro elements with the piano and strings/synths worked really well here. The production is clean, and the track very enjoyable. Nice job! :)

on 2014-11-26 22:12:24

Fwhoa, this is gorgeous! I always loved this tune. Glad to hear it get some awesome treatment. :) Honestly, a lot of songs I like get remixed into a genre I can't stand, but this just made the whole thing better, so ahhh... my ears. You made my ears happy. Glad you stuck with it, glad it's posted, thanks for sharing! :)

Trinity Dragon
on 2014-11-06 09:45:13

I love that swing beat that comes in after the intro. I've never actually played 3D Blast, so this is the first time I've heard the melody. Arceace did a really good job here, though.

on 2014-11-05 12:41:07

God, I am a sucker for intros like the one here. Water running with some distant thunder and ambient music leading in to the mix, so awesome. Great build to letting the beat pick up with the piano behind it. Very powerful in a subtle way if you get my drift. Lots of little things and a whole lot of work and you have a pretty damn good mix here. Very cool, man.

on 2014-11-04 19:36:09

a lot of polyrhythm and counter-melody going on here, is that right? that first funky sound that comes in after the piano sounds like it's in a time signature that isn't 4/4 but i could be wrong. Never played sonic blast but really like this :)!!

on 2014-11-04 11:05:23

Super lovely. I am much appreciative of the ambientsy intro, it's very carefully measured, as is the whole track, lovely restraint but not without impact. I've been playing a lot of FTL and listening to its wonderful soundtrack, and this fits into that mood quite well.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-11-03 18:43:59

Bringing the hyperactive Genesis version of this song down to its mellow, mysterious brethren on the Saturn was a neat idea-- and it paid off! Perhaps this ReMix's greatest strength is the way it takes time to grow.

on 2014-11-03 14:25:25

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Primary Game:
Sonic 3D Blast (Sega , 1996, GEN)
Music by Howard Drossin,Jun Senoue,Masaru Setsumaru,Seirou Okamoto,Tatsuyuki Maeda,Yukifumi Makino
"Rusty Ruin Zone: Act 1"

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