ReMix:Xenophobe "Audiophobe" 2:54

By Sir_NutS

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Primary Game: Xenophobe (MicroStyle , 1989, AMIGA), music by Barry Leitch

Posted 2014-12-11, evaluated by the judges panel

Showroom Dummy (Ralf Schneider) debuted over five years ago with a nice Erasuresque arrangement of Tales of Symphonia - good to have you back! This is our FIRST ReMix from Xenophobe, in this case the Amiga incarnation, composed by Barry Leitch, whose work on Harlequin was covered by Binster back in August.

"This is my newest remix. It's from Xenophobe Amiga. I made it for PRC #258. My style is more old electro influences and more calm, but for this mix, I went very modern electro but with some twists. :) I always try to keep pulse waves in mixes and this is one with them too. It is very powerful and I worked more on keeping it surprising for the listener all the time. Hope it is good for you guys and thanks for listening! (And sorry if any bad English.)"

Jivemaster writes:

"Quite minimal in execution, but this song really doesn't require much, and the included elements are more than enough to carry it. Lots of unique fills and blips and blops throughout to make it your own. No real production crits from me, a little more body to the kick would be nice, but this seems well mixed with a decent level of clarity. Good to see unrepresented games get a mix against them in the catalogue."

Definitely a crunchier, bitcrushed take on electro, with some sweet modulation that gets in your head. Xenophobe is one of those games that was in arcades and then got ported to a ton of different systems, but back then the Amiga almost always got special attention when it came to ported soundtracks, and this is no exception. Liontamer adds:

"In any case, I agree with the others that this gave more direction and focus to the source. I actually enjoyed the original in a twisted way, but the loose timing of some Amiga tunes is an acquired taste for some. There could have been some more spicyness in the arrangement, but there was solid dynamic contrast and development throughout. All in all, good work! :-)"

Always love getting new Amiga mixes, great to see Ralf again after so many years, and I really think he did a great job with this source, dressing it up to the nines & making it more accessible in the process. In just under three minutes, it does a lot, and those exposed chip trills were a nice way to close things out!



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on 2016-11-09 09:01:12

This arrangement has the really nice pound of a old school hard-hitting electronica. Style-wise this is quite a nice upgrade of the original. The stuttery start-stop fills are quite enjoyable. They break up the relentless energy without losing it.

The bleepy lofi arp that comes in at 0:55 I’m not a fan of. It sounds purposefully off-key, and I think it works - even if I don’t really like it - when there is no other melody playing at the same time. It has a broken machinery feel to it. But when there is other melodic content playing at the same time, it gets in the way and makes the whole part messy, which unfortunately happens for long enough stretches of the track that it’s not enjoyable for me. There’s a lot to like if you don’t mind that though! The full-arrangement stutters at 0:44-0:53 are my favourite.

on 2015-12-14 01:06:44

This is definitely inspired by 80s electronic. The low chords seemed symbolic of creatures chasing after you from every corner. I almost wish this track was longer, but at the same time, I wouldn’t consider this track too short. Still very enjoyable.

on 2015-12-07 21:13:34

Really feels like you captured the 80's-style electro with a modern twist. It seems the mix can get a bit confused at times, especially around 1:30, but that could just be my ears playing tricks on me. Overall very energetic and enjoyable; great job!

on 2014-12-23 11:36:54

This is a fun ReMix to listen to. Such a good beat and a great sound with those bits and chips swimming around the melody. Like a retro sound that I would expect to hear from a great indy game, which is cool. Nice work.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-12-19 23:43:31

My brother bought me the NES version of Xenophone for my birthday last year. It ruined my birthday.

But that's okay, because this is an infectious ReMix of a song not even featured in those unhappy memories (look up the NES soundtrack to discover what I was stuck with). Good energy, constant beat, fun vibe of unstoppable alien attacks. And who doesn't love those?

on 2014-12-11 00:50:32

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Primary Game:
Xenophobe (MicroStyle , 1989, AMIGA)
Music by Barry Leitch

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