ReMix:Supremacy: Your Will Be Done "Pixel Storms in the Planetary System" 3:08

By Sir_NutS

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Supremacy: Your Will Be Done (Virgin , 1991, C64), music by Jeroen Tel

Posted 2014-12-11, evaluated by the judges panel


It's been insane so far, with so much creativity, originality, inspiration, perspiration, devotion, & emotion that I get a little weepy with the feels just thinking about it. Five years ago, when we celebrated our ten year anniversary, we posted ten mixes, and I spent a little time covering the highlights from each successive year of OCR's history. It was a nice way of looking back and taking stock of some of the major events that have helped shape the site. We've got five years to catch up on, and there are five mixes left to post; I think you might see where this is going...

In 2010 we released Donkey Kong Country 2: Serious Monkey Business, with a contribution from series composers David Wise, Grant Kirkhope, & Robin Beanland. We also released Final Fantasy V: WIND (which will FINALLY see Part II in 2015!) & Threshold of a Dream, in addition to releasing our first free OSTs, from Kaleidoscope, Trenches, & Return All Robots, AND attending our first PAX panel at PAX East 2010. Plus we posted 189 ReMixes...

Not too shabby, I'd say.

Mixwise, up next we've got Sir_NutS. Showroom Dummy already repped the Amiga with his Xenophobe arrangement, but there's always room for MORE COMMODORE as Mr. Molina takes on Supremacy for the C64 with an invigorating chip & dubstep ReMix:

"Greetings. This is a ReMix of Supremacy's title theme for the C64, composed by Jeroen Tel, a guy whose music I admire a lot and inspires me as well. He made some of the best C64 tunes and he's also a really cool guy.

Over the course of several months, I've been doing some dubstep tracks, and although I have done several that I could submit, I decided to go with this one first, as it's my favorite so far. I mixed chiptune and dubstep elements here, and tried to go for the most abrasive and gritty dubstep bass sounds I could create while also making the drums as hot and big as I could. I think it turned out pretty well and I think it's my dubstep track that sounds more "big" so far.

As far as the sound design goes, I had a surprisingly easy time with this one as I created the sounds exactly how I wanted them in almost no time (love when that happens) and in very simple ways. Most of the hard work had to do with the modulation and CV routing which is fairly complicated. As always, all the synths and drums were programmed from scratch by me on Reason.

This was yet another product of the People's Remix Competition, so another shout out to everyone who participates."

Jeroen Tel is one of the LEGENDS of VGM on the C64; great to see another game/track of his get some attention. Larry was all about this one:

"Man, this source is catchy as hell. Don't sleep on Jeroen Tel.

The arrangement was absolutely incredible; easily one of the most intense VGM adaptations I've ever heard, with tons of ear candy, super pronounced source melodies and amazing original writing complimenting the whole package. Easily Mike's coolest (and I'd argue most polished) track in the history of ever."

Very melodic, almost folk/classical bent to that source melody, and NutS, well... he goes nuts with it. What, you thought I was gonna resist that one? No way. Highlights include LUDICROUS SPEED @ 1'24", that cheeky little transition riff @ 2'04", and the bass. It's rude. Not like, "doesn't say thanks" rude or "chews with mouth open" rude, but more like "punches you in the face for no reason" rude. Felony rude. Some judges weren't feeling the ending, but I personally loved it; leaves you hangin' and doesn't care either way. No manners, in the best sense. Really great stuff; Mike's transitioned his EDM chops into more modern genres very effectively, and the results have been impressive, expressive, & a whole lotta fun!



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on 2015-12-03 14:53:27

Hell yes for chiptune-infused dubstep! It's fucking awesome. The flow of energy here is just mind-blowing and the bass is simply jaw-dropping. Love the past-paced section @ 1:23. It makes me move like a crazy freak. Tight stuff, Mr. Molina!

on 2015-01-16 09:50:18

Didn't expect to enjoy this as it got going, but ended up really enjoying it by the end! That 5-note lead that kicks in after 2:00~ locked the whole thing down for me.

on 2015-01-03 12:39:15

I am greatly enjoying the arrangement here, combining the chiptune and bitty elements with the harder edged dubs. And when the speed picks up after almost a minute and a half leading into that switch-up at two minutes, there's a lot of great writing here and I'm loving it. Awesome use of dubstep that doesn't get obnoxious and a good mix of bits, and I don't even have an issue with the ending. Sweet stuff man.

OverClocked PodCast
on 2014-12-30 12:33:38

That's hard hitting. And rad, also. Definitely does justice to the supremely Commodore-ish beat. I can't say I loved the ending, but that's about ten seconds of "hmmmm" from three minutes of "yeeeaaahhhh" so who am I to complain?

on 2014-12-11 00:50:44

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Primary Game:
Supremacy: Your Will Be Done (Virgin , 1991, C64)
Music by Jeroen Tel

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