ReMix:La-Mulana "Sakit Chills Out" 3:41

By Lemonectric

Arranging the music of 4 songs from 2 games ( view all )...

"Giant's Cry", "Giant's Cry", "Giant's Rage", "Giant's Rage"

Primary Game: La-Mulana (GR3 Project , 2005, WIN), music by Houryu Samejima, Takumi Naramura

Posted 2015-05-04, evaluated by the judges panel

From Hylian Lemon comes our first ReMix of "old-school hard" platformer La-Mulana, originally released for Windows in 2005 and more recently & visibly remade for multiple platforms and a wider audience. Offering up a suspenseful, chiptune+ take on the original with a nice transition into swing time, Ben writes:

"As far as I can tell, no one has submitted anything from this game, so it's about time someone did! I started this arrangement in 2013 after playing the game for the first time, and the Kickstarter for La-Mulana 2 motivated me to finish. "Giant's Rage" and "Giant's Cry" are two of my favorite tracks from the game, and they're essentially based on the same motif (which is also used to introduce most bosses), so why not stick 'em together? And why not throw some swing in there for good measure? I kind of drew inspiration from both versions of both tracks.

This track was originally rejected for following too closely to the source for the first minute and a half. I've done some fiddling to personalize the melody, and here we are. No changes beyond the 1:26 mark. If someone reading this hasn't played the game, give it a look! It's hard, it's confusing, and it's a blast. I recommend the remake."

Palpable writes:

"This is my first time hearing both the sources and Ben's sub, and I'm impressed by everything. Ben took those creepy melodies and did a lot with them, and the swing transition was an unexpected but awesome detour. For such a dark melody, it seems like it could have been kind of silly to take it that way, but the mood of Ben's sub is pretty light and it fits perfectly. Great work!"

Liontamer adds:

"The core pattern at the foundation of this does sound super close, but there was enough personalization in the other writing to put this above the line arrangement-wise. Also a fan of the swung rhythms at 1:32, nice touch! The second half's intensity really kept the arrangement interesting throughout. Infectious stuff here!"

Ben's got his chip sounds down pat, and it's fun to see how creatively he uses them; transitioning to swing time is perhaps a trickier feat with more realistic instrumentation, but with this sound palette & some solid sequencing, he pulls it off quite naturally, and it becomes a highlight of the mix rather than a potential pitfall. Energetic stuff that conveys a sense of adventurous spelunking & spelunkerous adventuring - great to see Ben veer off the beaten path a bit and arrange an unmixed game, and while I haven't played it myself, this mix makes me want to!



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on 2015-12-15 16:23:57

It has a nice adventurous vibe to it -- it even reminds me of some Castlevania titles. Love the chiptune used. The addition of the percussion and other synths works wonders here. I get a direct reference to your remix from Legacy, which I love too. Nice job, HL! :D It put a smile on my face!

on 2015-05-18 11:31:20

Cool dark adventurous and chilling arrangement you've got here. I unfortunately haven't had the chance to play this game, but I can easily see this being used for an environment for a cave or cemetery for an old nes platformer. Really digging the swinging used along with the chips as well. Wonderful ReMix, Hylian Lemon!

Mr. Bottle Rocket
on 2015-05-04 16:41:57

I've been wanting someone to remix la-mulana for a while now, even tried to gather interest for a remix album but to no avail, this makes up for that though, it's a wonderful mix of some of my favourite themes from the game. :mrgreen:

Who knows maybe now someone else will get interested in this gem of a title. :)

Kenogu Labz
on 2015-05-04 15:35:03

Ahh, excellent! The original tracks are two of my favorites from the game, and this does supreme justice to the source material. Funny enough, I never even noticed the common motif thread between the two until I heard them blended together here. Nicely done!

on 2015-05-04 14:48:14

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Sources Arranged (4 Songs, 2 Games)

Primary Game:
La-Mulana (GR3 Project , 2005, WIN)
Music by Houryu Samejima,Takumi Naramura
"Giant's Cry"
"Giant's Rage"
Additional Game:
La-Mulana (Asterizm , 2011, WII)
Music by Houryu Samejima,Takumi Naramura
"Giant's Cry"
"Giant's Rage"

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