ReMix:Final Fantasy II "A Kingdom Fallen" 6:27

By Juan Medrano

Arranging the music of one song...

"Main Theme"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy II (Square , 1988, NES), music by Nobuo Uematsu

Posted 2015-06-18, evaluated by the judges panel

EPIC EPICALITY. Any Rebellion that has Sixto Sounds onboard is bound to triumph, and we fittingly conclude our second album flood with Juan Medrano's knock-down, drag-out, pull-no-punches rock/metal/chiptune opus, arranging the main theme from FF2:

"This is just a last minute addition to the ff2 project. i had the idea for this remix a few years ago and then i kind of forgot about it. found it recently and shared it with a few people when brandon asked me to finish it for his project. this really isn't the kind of remix i typically make, but i have some really fun new sounds courtesy of the chipsounds vst and the refx nexus 2 sid expansion as well as the electronic library for superior 2. i plan on learning these tools and using them more often to change things up a little. you are witnesses at the new birth of sixto sounds mk ii. hope you enjoy my new direction."

A chippier, crunchier Sixto Sounds, to be sure, but one that still rocks just as hard. Perhaps even harder; some judges felt the formidable "wall of sound" presented here a little overwhelming at times, but Chimpazilla summed up the overall feeling:

"Whoa, interesting combination of instruments here, I'm loving that. I absolutely dig that you transcribed this source to 6/8. The song has such different flavors all through it. I wish I could hear the piano better after the intro. I love how the leadwork trades off from the piano, to synth, to guitar. Great dynamics, especially in the breakdown from 2:21 to 3:06. Source usage is more than enough, and the track has amazing peronalization. Soloing is dynamite.

Soundscape is packed, for sure, bordering on too busy at times, but it is nice and wide and it works for me. Yes, dat snare. Impressive and enjoyable mix."

Liontamer adds:

"Juan did an awesome job combining the chip leads and influences alongside his signature rock style, and the arrangement's energy just grew and evolved over the course of the 6 1/2 minutes. It's like he's found a new toy, but damned if it didn't sound like he wasn't already familiar with how to put those tools to work. Great stuff!"

What he said; sometimes when an artist has more of an established sound and branches into new sonic territory, there's a "tell" - even when well-executed, things don't seem quite as natural relative to their other work. None of that here, really; Juan blends dem chips with dem geetars in a way that works & feels second nature. Massive rock/metal sound tightly integrated with tasty chip components? Sign me up. Epic track to end an epic second flood of mixes from an epic album; props of great justice & legendary valor to all who participated in a successful Rebellion!



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on 2016-01-26 22:13:34

It's weird that this remix has so few comments...

I love the melancholic feeling of the mix. Leads are very nicely played, with the bends and vibrattos adding a lot of feeling to the music. I also really like the panning, with the clean guitars and synths on different sides.

The mix is very true to the source, but with one small twist that makes the song so much more impactful, which is the rhytm change for the backing instruments. It's a subtle change but it adds a lot.

Awesome remix!

on 2015-12-08 15:42:33

Very nice rock/metal remix by Sixto. The snare has a very "real" feel to it. The production is excellent and the performance is really, really good. The solos are perfectly fitting. The chiptune parts are a very neat addition, I love them. The smaller stereo-panned synths are sometimes distracting but other than that this is a great remix. The blend of metal and other elements works really well. \m/ :D \m/

on 2015-10-11 20:31:33

Awesome remix! Immediately stood out to me and is definitely a new fave.

on 2015-07-16 14:51:34

Now then, this is a treat. Sixto not only rocking as only he can, but throwing in some new tricks and styles as well. I love the chip bit crunches at about 2:30 on and having the guitar trying to break through was intense. I love how this keeps growing and growing even though the foreground is already filled and it never sounds too busy. That's some great creative planning. So many masterful solo sections and terrific guitar playing. No wonder on why Sixto has always been one of my favorite ReMixers. Congrats to everyone on this fantastic album and all the incredible tracks on it.

on 2015-06-20 00:06:36

You get about 9 seconds to get situated before this mix takes over and kicks your ass.

Where to start? The astonishing solo at 1:19? The section at 1:52 with the crazy-full harmony? The I-don't-know-what-to-call-it static/snow/breakups at 2:28+ that are matched up with a lone melody in some crazy mixture of beauty and hardcore? How about the crazy 5:00-5:35 section where there's just too much awesome to let anyone calm down? Even the ending seems beautifully fitting!

The fullness of this arrangement demands closing your eyes and appreciating the attention to detail and the beautiful way different instruments wax and wane throughout the arrangement, turning this mix into nothing short of a freaking rockhouse. I love it.

Major props to the remixer. So impressed!!

on 2015-06-18 11:05:26

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy II (Square , 1988, NES)
Music by Nobuo Uematsu
"Main Theme"

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Chiptune,Electric Guitar
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