ReMix:Final Fantasy Tactics "Finding Somebody to Love in This Meager World" 4:29

By Level 99

Arranging the music of 3 songs...

"Delita's Theme", "Main Character's Theme", "World Map"

Primary Game: Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1), music by Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Yukiko Mitsui, Yuko Miura

Posted 2015-06-24, evaluated by the judges panel

2015 has gone on far too long without a ReMix from Stevo "Level 99" Bortz, who remedies the situation with a gorgeous instrumental arrangement of Final Fantasy Tactics on 12-string acoustic guitar. Addressing a personified email account, he writes:

"Well, it's been nearly 2 years since I last sent you an email, submissions inbox. I'm sorry I'm so bad at keeping up my end of the relationship. It's not you, it's me. I know I've treated you like you don't exist, and I'm going to try to make up for it now. Please take me back, baby. I miss your automated responses.

Last summer, I went on a quest to get a 12-string acoustic guitar. I found the one I wanted, but was a bit short on the funding to get it at that time. For the first time ever, I turned to my fans for help. In return for a small monetary contribution towards getting the guitar, I would make them a song of their choice using it. One fan in particular, Daniel Kaelin, donated and requested that I do an arrangement of Final Fantasy Tactics. He didn't care which song I did, just do something from Final Fantasy Tactics.

Here's the thing with Final Fantasy Tactics: I am scared to death of arranging it. The music is so complex, and layered, and perfect basically as it is. It is source material that I am afraid to touch, simply because I feel like I will most likely not do it the justice it deserves. The first arrangement I ever made, back in 2004 for VGMix 2, was an arrangement of FFT. I didn't even know what I was doing back then, and once I started learning about what I was doing, I just didn't want to do FFT again until I felt competent. With this remix request from Dan, I no longer had a choice about it.

This is nothing but guitars. I recorded my-my-my-my Mitchell 12-string into an MXL 990 powered by Focusrite Saffire 6 USB preamps. There's a total of 6 guitars playing at one time max. The main chunk of the song is "Delita's Theme," with the bridge being "World Map" partially incorporating the hero's theme motif. The ending is "Delita's Theme" with the hero motif modified on top of it. Should be plenty of source usage by OCR standards.

I am absolutely in love with this guitar's sound. I try to utilize all aspects of acoustic guitar sounds, and now with this new axe, I can really make the high-end harmony shine while exploring the additional percussive aspects the additional strings provide. Anyways, hope you enjoy the remix, and I'll hopefully send more again soon. Stay well, inbox!"

Really beautiful stuff; the harmonies & texture afforded by the 12-string are on full display, & Stevo utilizes them to their utmost with his arrangement. zykO agrees:

"oh my, this is so good. first of all, nice guitar! huge fan of 12 stringers (though i've never made the plunge for one, i do fancy my 12 string oud very much) and this one has a very sweet, clear voice. secondly, your chops are on full display here, brotha; the performance is clean, confident and emotive... check, check, check. reallynice stuff.

the arrangement is on point, too: the really impressive bit here is that when combining the three sources, it is never in doubt that delita's theme is the most fitting to take the lead... because then world map feels like a natural fit as the bridge. that balance is usually where multi-source arrangements tend to be uninspiring as even experienced remixers don't optimize how different sources fit together. you did."

Agreed on all counts; this is a beautiful, intelligent, & emotional arrangement that's custom-tailored to the specific strengths of both the instrument & the performer, and whenever that happens, it's a special sort of magic. Happy to see Stevo back & excited for what's to come, but in the meantime, our first FFT mix in a long while is from an artist whose respect for its OST is clearly evident & who has done a superlative job in paying homage to several sources. Highly recommended!



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on 2015-12-14 12:43:47

A very emotional remix, the acoustic guitar alone as a neat idea. The arrangement is lovely, but very sad/melancholic. Very well performed and produced. Nothing to add, it's beautiful.

on 2015-08-06 11:51:37

Such a beautiful and emotionally expressive piece.

on 2015-07-17 11:20:30

Sweet lord, Stevo, this is absolutely beautiful. 12-string works amazingly for these themes and I love the sound of it. I can understand the hesitation to ReMix music from FFT, but you've certainly nailed it. Lots of emotion that really stirs you up inside. Cool ReMix for sure.

on 2015-06-30 01:15:20

I loved hearing about the remixer's journey towards this song. I totally understand what it is to be afraid to remix one of the most cherished themes in your library (mine is from Final Fantasy Adventure!), so I hope you understand when I say that you have truly accomplished your goal. The transition section starting at 2:10 really shines as an example of the beauty and range of the piece. Special props to the emotive and powerful ending. Congratulations, Level 99 - you've done FFT proud.

on 2015-06-28 23:48:10

Absolutely brilliant. It's an amazing melody, very nostalgic and sweet. A very emotional piece indeed, conveyed masterfully.

on 2015-06-25 23:40:26

Sakimoto listened to it - he said 'lol, that's damn cool!'. Just thought i'd share with you :)

on 2015-06-25 15:36:13

Good LORD that's lovely! Haven't heard good 12-string in a long time...

on 2015-06-25 13:43:05

This mix really got me emotional, it's *perfect*


on 2015-06-24 23:46:49

It's pretty great!

Didn't think to use a 12-string guitar but it actually works quite well given Sakimoto's layered, complex scores for his FF stuff. If it's ok I'll send this piece to him when I get a chance.

Definitely sure Stevo would be down with that; never a need to ask to pass on a mix to Sakimoto. We've got a good FF12 mix (along with other FFs in there, but mostly FF12) coming soon too. :-)

EDIT (6/25): RebeccaETripp - Final Fantasy XII, VI, IX, V VII 'Final Fantasy Forest Medley'

on 2015-06-24 22:08:24

It's pretty great!

Didn't think to use a 12-string guitar but it actually works quite well given Sakimoto's layered, complex scores for his FF stuff. If it's ok I'll send this piece to him when I get a chance.

on 2015-06-24 19:06:37

Hooray FFT! What an excellent song choice for the instrumentation and your style. Love the ideas here. Some soft strings to break up the texture could have potentially been a cool idea. Will be enjoying this one for years! Hooray for Stevo for he's a jolly good fellow!

Melbu Frahma
on 2015-06-24 18:21:36

My God.

I'm not exaggerating here, this remix literally brought tears to my eyes. I don't think any other remix has managed to do that, save maybe "October Rain." A beautifully layered-together piece featuring several of the best pieces off of the masterwork that is the Final Fantasy Tactics soundtrack, that somehow takes them and brings the moving scenes of the game to life in a deeply articulated way, while at the same time more than the original tracks (not better, just more).

This track made Daniel Kaelin my personal hero. And Stevo for actually making it, of course. Made a somewhat shitty last couple of months all worthwhile just to hear this piece.

on 2015-06-24 15:35:13

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Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
Final Fantasy Tactics (Sony , 1998, PS1)
Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto,Masaharu Iwata,Yukiko Mitsui,Yuko Miura
"Delita's Theme"
"Main Character's Theme"
"World Map"

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Acoustic,Acoustic Guitar
Arrangement > Medley
Production > Live Instruments

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