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AFFLECK AS BATMAN!?! It could work, who knows, we're reserving judgment... but in the meantime, we CAN endorse this rock/chip/edm groove-driven & guitar-infused take on the Batman (GB) title theme, from Eino Keskitalo and Tuberz McGee, off our Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary album; Eino writes:

"...I did feel I got some The Cure influence in there with all the chorus stuff going on. Anyway, I got some good feedback from the compo, mainly about clarity in mixing & arrangement. Then I took the track to the Workshop forum and got absolutely amazingly great feedback from TheReverend, which I can't thank for enough (just look at this). The overall structure basically needed an additional part to be complete.

When the Game Boy 25th Anniversary project was re-started as a quick completion EP production, I thought "this is the opportunity to get that track finished!" I mean, deadlines are great: compo deadlines help me get started on arrangements, and album deadlines make me finish them. Why not combine the two? Genius. Ahem. I added the part TheReverend had suggested, with now much greater recording fidelity. As always, I can't really play the guitar - I only assemble guitar parts, and especially the solo at 1:45-2:19 is spliced up from the best bits of four different takes, making up new phrases from the combinations of what I actually played. Major cheating (at least, would be in DoD), but I'm quite proud of it nonetheless. The old guitars also took a lot of editing for timing & EQing for clarity.

I got great steering and feedback from the directors Mr. Strader & Mr. Mourey; Alex suggested asking Tuberz to come on board for some additional guitar: our third (or fourth, if you count Shell Shockers) collab has him delivering some absolutely searing superfuzz soloing at 1:11 & 3:08, plus some padding/doubling work at 1:28-1:44 & 2:19-2:52. Oh, and the starting mooing noise is also his playing slowed way down. Big thanks once again to Callum for excellent contributions on a short notice!"

Tuberz adds:

"Eino approached me to work on the track and, given our excellent track record, I happily accepted. I threw some leedle leeds and meedle meeds and it somehow worked out."

Very cool that this piece evolved from a compo track to an album track and enjoyed feedback & revisions via both processes. This ReMix has a really unique texture that's a little heavy on the high-end, with fuzz, chips, distortion, and crunchy drums all contributing to a general fizziness. At TIMES it's distracting, but most of the time it works and ends up lending a pretty distinct soundscape, and when guitar takes on the lead melody and rocks it out, everything clicks. Palpable writes:

"Pretty unique combination of sounds here: lo-fi Cure-style guitar, bitcrushed beats, and chip sounds. It's amazing how many songs I listen to as a part of my job as a judge, yet still hear some new combinations. The sound isn't perfect - there's a little too much distortion and the guitar doesn't slot into the soundscape as nicely as it could - but I like what I'm hearing."

Brent aka Clem aka Redg adds:

"Sweet rearrangement. cool deconstruction of the cartoonishly badass drop section from the original. You capture the brooding nature of the dark knight, but the style stays comic-book in lofi percussion, over-the-top guitar sounds, retro synth patches, all mixed with finesse. Can't complain."

Hadn't thought about it that way, but it makes sense... some Adam West in your Christian Bale! Textured, distinct, & still enjoyable stuff from Eino and Tuberz!



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on 2015-12-21 15:08:08

I love the guitar work in this track, but I wasn’t too thrilled with some of the percussion work in this. Seemed very distracting, and distorted in an unenjoyable way. If it weren’t for the guitars, I would have stopped listening to this halfway through.

on 2015-12-15 22:05:10

Nice track. ^_^ Dips into a sort of noir feel. Perfect for a Batman stealth level.

on 2015-12-02 06:55:20

New review: I'm a bit biased here, since I co-directed Legacy ^^

The blend of chiptune, clean guitars, and fuzzy additions (percussions, synths) really work here. The overall mix is maybe a little too much high-pitched (the bass is a little too buried under fuzzier instruments), but it is far from being a problem. There's an industrial feeling I get when I listen to this one -- fits the caped crusader.

on 2015-07-18 09:31:26

Now this is cool, low-fi and brooding with some beats that give this some jump. Really like that guitar use with the bits, it's a good combo. Nice work, guys.

on 2015-07-16 13:48:34

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Primary Game:
Batman (Sunsoft , 1990, GB)
Music by Naoki Kodaka,Nobuyuki Hara
"Title Scene"

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Chiptune,Electric Guitar,Synth

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