ReMix:Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith "Temple of the Omnisword" 5:24

By HeavenWraith

Arranging the music of one song...

"Native Faith"

Primary Game: Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith (Team Shanghai Alice , 2007, WIN), music by Junya Ota

Posted 2015-08-06, evaluated by the judges panel

TOUHOU TIME!! HeavenWraith (Antanas Palaitis) wins an award for persistence & dedication, having revised this mix five times based on panel feedback. It got better each time, and while there were still things that the judges were pointing out that I myself agree with, the revision/evaluation process definitely worked and resulted in a high-energy, blisteringly-fast, too-many-notes (not really) rock/metal arrangement that maintains the upbeat tempo of the source but makes things decidedly edgier & more aggressive:

"Went for Demetori-style progressive metal, though, I'm sorry, I'm not a godly guitarist like Teramae Masaru, so bear with me. Overall, it was a fun work, took a lot of tweaking, but I'm quite satisfied with the result. Followed some of the advice from the judges and enhanced clarity in the mix, sharper side-chain compression here and there, and went through the mix with an EQ scalpel. With huge help from Timaeus, the track received a thorough EQ surgery and sparkles more than ever."

Palpable writes:

"Right off the bat, I'm liking the mixing job courtesy of Timaeus. Definitely at a good volume level and clarity; in fact, I think I hear details that I haven't noticed before. Some of the problems are still here, like strangely dry synths and a quiet section that loses a little too much energy, but most of this is as good as it can be. Your vision is finally getting sold - the craziness makes a little more sense, because it sounds more purposeful. I think I hear something coming.... could it be? ...... yes, I think it's a......... YES!"

Well said, Vinnie. I weighed in on this one as well, so now I get to judgequote myself, which makes the angels cry:

"Energy is through the roof... musical caffeine! Some of the sections Larry identified COULD have used a bit more polish, but they breeze by so fast that it really didn't bother me much. This has been revised several times and this incarnation feels ready for prime time, to me; there's perhaps a tendency to see multiple revisions and be a little more sympathetic, but I don't think I'm doing that nor do I think it's necessary for this mix as it now stands."

Well said, me; with subsequent revisions, it's harder to remain objective, because I think there's something in most of us that wants to see persistence & hard work pay off. Nevertheless, we assign neither advantage nor disadvantage to repeat submissions, and do our best to evaluate them consistently relative to the standards. Here's a question: Would an "omnisword" make an "omnislash"??? Makes sense to me... Congrats to Antanas for sticking with this one & as Palpable said, selling the vision - a high-octane, crazy-fast vision that embraces all things Touhou and gives the original mucho gusto!



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on 2020-12-26 05:08:18

Honestly better than the bulk of the real band that shows those songs (galynerius i think?)

on 2016-03-24 01:07:02

Mad dash rushing piano and incredible metal, yep, this is Touhou alright! Touhou music is outstanding on it's own, but the arrangement you've given this theme is terrific. Lots of energy befitting a battle with an awesome intro and breakdown before breaking into a sprint to the end. Love it!

on 2015-12-07 23:58:17

The source tune of this remix is one of my favorite VGM songs of all time, so I guess its natural that I love this too. Like, the instant the intro cuts out and everything else comes in at 1:03, you know that things are about to go down. I really like the higher intensity/energy take on the source, and how it goes even faster if that's possible.

this is like musical red bull

on 2015-09-14 17:49:57

I must say that this composition is quite good as the sound of electric guitar and piano sound pretty good .... the first time I heard this I went compo almost a tear (ah do not think that was yawning sorry), but talking seriously I gladly compo I had to repeat the song ... this remix finding this to be heard twice 8-)

on 2015-08-07 12:15:34

Yes! YES! More Touhou!

I'm ashamed to admit that I started giggling madly when I noticed this. Touhou music is just so GOOD, man. So good. And for some reason I always really look for the mixes specifically posted to OCR, but I digress...

Great job! I love how it starts out slow and mystic, fittingly enough for the source, anyway... but then it just SLAMS you with music fitting for a battle with Suwako. Very good! It may not be a favorite but it's definitely an insta-download! Keep it up!!

on 2015-08-07 00:01:30

Haha, just to be clear, I only provided a buttload of feedback, and Antanas handled the mixing all himself (which is impressive persistence!). Finally went through! YEAH!

on 2015-08-05 11:38:26

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Touhou Fuujinroku: Mountain of Faith (Team Shanghai Alice , 2007, WIN)
Music by Junya Ota
"Native Faith"

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Choir,Electric Guitar,Piano,Synth
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Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Time > Tempo: Fast

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