ReMix:Deus Ex "Only in Novels" 3:13

By Daniel Ran

Arranging the music of one song...

"DuClare Chateau"

Primary Game: Deus Ex (Eidos , 2000, WIN), music by Alexander Brandon, Bryan Rudge, Dan Gardopée, Michiel van den Bos, Reeves Gabrels

Posted 2015-09-22, evaluated by the judges panel

NOOBFLOOD continues with a dramatic, isolated solo piano arrangement of Deus Ex that puts a "looking out the window on a rainy fall day" spin on the source material, from Daniel Ran:

"My piano arrangement of "DuClare Chateau" from the original Deus Ex. Original composed by Michiel van den Bos."

A bit minimalist with the arrangement AND the commentary, I see :) Since I weighed in on this one, I'll quote myself:

"Such a cool source to adapt for solo piano; love it. Very lonely, perfect for a rainy day, but (key point) it does pick up a bit and introduce some shift, so it doesn't feel one-note in terms of mood."

Palpable adds:

"This is the hardest type of arrangement to do well, I believe - subtractive, solo instrument, sparse. As a mostly electronic musician, I'm always bowled over when an arranger can do this right because it just feels so far from the realm of what I can accomplish. It's almost like we have two different hobbies. Personal reflections aside, this is gorgeous, haunting, careful, and definitely well-played. Great piece."

I concur; this ReMix falls squarely under the "deceptively simple" umbrella - it seems straightforward, there are no virtuosic passages involving runs or flamboyant displays of technique, and yet each note lands with a Zen precision, and in just over three minutes the overall arrangement fully delivers a vision & revision of this source as something altogether more solemn and pensive. It's not uplifting stuff, and it may actually make you sad, and that's okay. This was really an excellent, illuminating approach to take with this source, and Daniel Ran pulled it off quite effectively; bravo, and hope to hear more!



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on 2018-01-06 02:02:59

Wow, yes, I love this. Solo-piano ReMixes always seem like the kind of arrangements that bring out the most beautiful sound and emotional imagery when done right, and this certainly seems done right to me. Starting off slow and building up absolutely gives this a kick of hope like Chernabogue mentioned. I definitely like this piece, very effective and beautiful. Great job.

on 2015-12-03 11:38:05

I don't know the original soundtrack, but man, this track is beautiful. The beginning sounds very sad, but you can feel some hope later on. Not a lot to say, since it's a piano-only remix, but it was really nice. More please.

on 2015-10-17 14:51:45

Catching up on some missed remixes and noticed this one didn't get a lot of commentary. A shame if this one flies under the radar - there's a lot of thought and beauty condensed into 3 minutes. It's the kind of song that take multiple listens before you can even start to unpack and process it.

on 2015-09-23 11:56:10

Love it! Was really excited to see a remix from Deus Ex (one of my favourite PC games of all time), and even more so once I saw it was a solo piano remix.

I feel I could listen to it many times over. Thank you.

on 2015-09-22 19:19:10

Beautiful. I really like this take on the original.

on 2015-09-22 11:47:53

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Primary Game:
Deus Ex (Eidos , 2000, WIN)
Music by Alexander Brandon,Bryan Rudge,Dan Gardopée,Michiel van den Bos,Reeves Gabrels
"DuClare Chateau"

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