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We JUST posted our first ReMix of indie Sonic-inspired platformer Freedom Planet, but guess what? It's out TODAY on the Wii U eShop and we've got another awesome arrangement, this time in the form of a hawt funk/rock fusion jam from newcomer Toni Leys with the geetar assist from Esteban Bellucci. Larry's got the background notes:

"Source by Leila "Woofle" Wilson. Check out the props galore from the Freedom Planet team for Nutritious's recently posted FP mix, including composer Woofle herself (!), creator/composer/lead dev Stephen "Strife" DiDuro, and voice actress & vocalist Dawn M. Bennett - not bad! Game's not only available on Steam, but it's now out TODAY on Wii U eShop! You love old school Sonic? Get this game! There's no better way for us to celebrate than to immediately hit you folks with OCR's second Freedom Planet mix!"

Very cool; Sega did aight with Sonic 4, but I love seeing indie devs up the ante and put out a spiritual 2D successor that fans of the original trilogy (& CD) might dig a bit more. Toni writes:

"My favorite track from the game. Wanted to take it and make it more bombastic and exciting (which was hard, since the original was exciting enough for me) and made a harder arrangement combining electronic and acoustic sounds as is my style and the original soundtrack's. The guitar solo was recorded by my friend Esteban Bellucci as a "Let's see what happens." It turned out into a super great solo. Made with love to the guys from GalaxyTrail."

Funky & flavorful, with an upbeat sound that blends a sampled electric funk bass and aforementioned live lead guitar with a colorful & positive rock/pop accompaniment. Clem writes:

"Lots of attention to detail. Synth design is well-done. Expressive and organic. Your leads have a vocal quality that works well. Nice rhythmic control with those turnarounds, nice transitions. I think you've improved the original."

There was some concern about copypasta and repetition, but the consensus was that it wasn't a dealbreaker. Since he had our first ReMix of Freedom Planet posted just a few days ago, let's see what Nutritious thinks:

"This analysis is a bit tricky because it sounds like the first half of the bridge line is being modified to the point of being original, while the second half is used much more closely to the OST. This becomes a repeated motif throughout the remix in general and encompasses the majority of the second half of the track. Fortunately, even not counting half of each time the bridge is used, it still gets it over the 50% mark.

Really loving the energy that this track is bringing to the OST. Lots of well-written synth & bass parts as well as some subtle creativity on the lead lines. Would've loved to hear more of that guitar lead that didn't come in until the second half."

Ditto all that; some minor balance issues on production, but all told, the funky bass & positive vibes compensate and the arrangement provides an accessible, energetic, and downright groovy take on the source. Great work from Toni & Esteban, hope to hear more soon, and be sure to check out Freedom Planet as it already has some serious VGM fan appreciation going on!



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on 2020-12-29 01:58:31

Great mix. Great game.

on 2018-03-01 02:49:37

Ahhhh, this is so good. The style kinda reminds me of a really advanced tune that would come from a DS Sonic or Mega Man, with the funky bass and rock working together along with the "starbits" sounds that show up every now and then, especially in the very first second of the song (I don't know what that is actually called, so I just call them "starbits" in songs, because that's the image in my head when I hear that sound effect, a star flying). Upbeat, catchy and full of energy, this is all around a fantastic ReMix. Absolutely love this one!

on 2015-12-21 15:32:32

I wish I had Freedom Planet, not just for the game, but because I wish I could hear the original version of this track. Because this remix sounds fantastic. I could definitely hear the melody of an old school Genesis platformer, on top of fabulous synthesized beats and chords.

on 2015-12-18 13:55:58

Oh man, the drum writing here is incredible! My favorite slap bass is here as well. And then you've got some amazing guitar chops on top of that. Very well done!

on 2015-12-17 16:07:45

This is nice and upbeat for sure. I like the chord resolve you keep using. It was a good way to showcase a catchier portion of the original. It's kind of pop-like in structure due to that.

on 2015-10-05 18:45:18

This actually sounds like something someone would make a beatmap for in osu!

JK, as a recurrent player of FP, I do think this follows up the source perfectly. Good job.

on 2015-10-02 00:51:53

I might not know the source, but I know a fun, upbeat mix when I hear it! This is easy and fun, and by the gods, this DOES remind me of Sonic. A happier Chemical Plant, perhaps?

on 2015-10-01 13:25:26

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