ReMix:Mega Man II "Miljoonamiehen Muistelmat" 3:44

By Eino Keskitalo

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Primary Game: Mega Man II (Capcom , 1992, GB), music by Kenji Yamazaki (I)

Posted 2015-10-13, evaluated by the judges panel

Eino Keskitalo contributed this relatively stripped-down, energetic rock arrangement of Mega Man II for the GB to our Legacy: Game Boy 25th Anniversary album

"This is another PRC tune I decided that the Game Boy EP project would motivate me to finish. This comes from the quite recent round number 270. I had won PRC268; I picked a theme from Death Rally for round 269... no mixes seemed to appear. As an incentive of sorts, I promised to make an entry for the next round. Yami won that round with a pretty sweet, mellow electronic tune and chose the title theme from Mega Man II.

I started early figuring out a couple of basslines, and when the finishing rush came about, I recall spending about a day recording bass, guitar and clavinet over copy-paste drums. It must have taken more than a day surely though, I just don't work that fast. All the feedback from the compo version was citing problematic structure & flow so I worked to fix that -- thanks to everyone who commented. Extra cheers to the round winner OneUp, who seems to have been a fan of this one.

Post-compo, I added two synth tracks from my Roland SH-201, padding it up a bit + replacing some of the constant guitar noodling. Pretty much everything apart from the drums was assembled from live takes, with lots of the usual editing & patching I do.

This was a very fun track to do, kind of back to alt/Finnish rock roots for me. Finishing it in time for the GB EP was a bit exhausting, but I'm happy I got it done. Thanks to Brandon & Alex for running the EP & giving direction. Especially, thanks to Brandon for the idea to slap some effects on the guitar here and there. And, as always, many thanks to my fiancée Pirjo for insight & support! She remarked that this sounds much like our old band, Claudius, which was a surprise to me, but it's true. Back to roots indeed."

While not quite garage, there's a rawness to this that vaguely reminds me of The Strokes, who I love. I like the let's-get-down-to-business intro, the oscillation between forward momentum & a swaying reluctance, and the general fashion in which each part is clean, decipherable, perhaps a little rough around the edges, but always full of character. Emunator writes:

"Another cool, crunchy guitar/synth jam from Eino! I find your stuff growing on me with each successive listen. Although your tracks generally seem pretty texturally straightforward to me at first listen, there's a deceptive amount of craft and detail that goes into each arrangement that makes them enjoyable. This track is no different. Love the use of distortion effects and lead guitar tone. I feel like your guitar work is outshining the synths in terms of expressiveness, but they fit pretty nicely regardless."

Wes nailed it; really glad Legacy gave us a ton of Game Boy ReMixes, since the system has a goldmine of amazing music that doesn't get enough attention, and glad that Eino put together his own distinct take on MMII for it!



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on 2018-03-06 03:49:22

Yeah, I hear the rough style of this one, and it really gives this song a unique personality because you can tell that it was done as a choice. Reminds me of a chill bar or a lounge type place from an older time in the slower parts. Certainly an interesting ReMix to hear, and while I can safely say that I'll never spell the title of this mix correctly ever, I can see myself enjoying the actual song a few times in the future. Nice work!

on 2015-12-28 12:23:58

As already stated, the roughness of this track is truly remarkable. But the track itself doesn’t really do anything for me. Maybe it’s the original source material, or the arrangement? I’m not sure, but it’s kind of hard to rock out to this, as the truly head bopping part starts near the end of the track, while the rest of the track seems more lounge rock. But even then I’m left waiting there, wondering when it’s time to rock. It’s decent though. Not great, but not terrible either.

on 2015-10-27 20:02:34

The stop-and-go feel of this is rather interesting. At first I thought it was going to be straight punk rock or something, but the beat gets varied at apt times. I also like the "roughness" to the production. Not rough in the poorly-polished sense, but rather, in the grungy/crunchy sense.

on 2015-10-14 14:14:04

Good work here! I like the effort and feel of the piece. It has a 'rough' sound which comes across as 100% purposeful and gives the mix some character. I enjoyed it!

on 2015-10-14 12:09:24

Yeaaaaaaaaaaah! This is my favorite song from Legacy 3 Love the touch of both sadness and rawness.

on 2015-10-13 11:25:04

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Primary Game:
Mega Man II (Capcom , 1992, GB)
Music by Kenji Yamazaki (I)

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Clavinet,Electric Guitar
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