ReMix:Pokémon Red Version "Crescendo to Chaos" 3:46

By Chernabogue

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"Last Battle (VS Rival)", "Victory Road"

Primary Game: Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB), music by Junichi Masuda

Posted 2016-03-14, evaluated by the judges panel

Thanks for the warm reception to the cold villainy of BadAss: Boss Themes: Volume III!!

Here with a follow-on mixpost is co-director Chernabogue (Alexandre Mourey), who put together a rousing, orchestral/cinematic arrangement of POKEMANZ (Red) that sounds like Pikachu had an encounter with Conan the Barbarian, named after the working title of the FIRST BadAss album, "Crescendo to Chaos":

"We're still in the orchestral section of the album, but "orchestra" doesn't rhyme with "quiet" here. Get ready, as this track contains more crescendos and decrescendos than a roller-coaster. This soundtrack is the one that plays during your greatest battle against your rival.

Since the first volume of BadAss, people requested that someone should arrange a boss theme from Pokémon, especially the final battle with Gary Motherf*ckin' Oak from the first generation. A remix of that track was in the works for the second volume, but it never happened. As I was working on a Digimon remix too, I thought I could also do something for the Pokémon fans.

The source from Pokémon RBY is very chaotic - it sounds frenetic and not structured. I tried to make it sound as epic as possible, since epic is the theme for this final volume. Bombastic was the goal here, but I also added some darker/ominous sections, which I really love. Gary Oak is the final boss, the ultimate obstacle, the last trainer you have to best before finally earning your title of Pokémon Master. Are you ready? Because he really is."

Director pu_freak (Pieter van Os) writes:

"Alexandre's second mix is an orchestral rendition of the Champion battle from the first generation of Pokémon games. It may be the same genre as HoboKa's Deathevan mix, but this has quite a different energy. THIS. IS. WAR! Imagine yourself having defeated lots of enemies, only to climb up the last hill. But when you're on top, the only thing you can see are the enemy's vast armies. A whole different level of despair, as you're overwhelmed by the power and conviction within this mix. Still standing? You better be, because we're not even halfway to the end."

It's also got sort of a God of War vibe to it, with all the hand-percussion, choral components, and BIG sounds. I chimed in on the judges' decision, so I get to quote myself, which is always fun:

"Very cool! Your production has really improved! Arrangement checks out, sounds are big, exposed choral bits are brave and, while they hit some uncanny valley territory, strike me as a bold and creative decision. Know what this needed? Some Bartók pizzicato. Know why? Because it's awesome. Just kidding, although it WOULD have added to the creepy/evil factor a bit. I concur with Kris's comparison to The Omen soundtrack - hectic, apocalyptic, and well done!"

What a joker. Flexstyle sums it up nicely:

"Everyone else has already said the good things - this thing got me ready to kick some punk all over the map with my ultra-grind-leveled team, yo. No complaints here - solid orchestral work, and definitely one of my favorites from you, Alexandre!"

Ditto - on this being one of my favorites from the artist, not on kicking punks with my ultra-grind-leveled team... yo ;) Chernabogue sets a new high-water mark for himself and busts open a can of epic whoopass, adding dramatic presence & cinematic atmosphere to BA3!



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on 2022-08-18 14:19:47

What a fantastic and epic take on the final battle theme, and using victory road as a lead in was cool. Pretty sweet mix.

on 2016-10-22 18:13:32


Scares the heck out of my like the Final Rival should. Nice take and execution!

on 2016-08-24 02:37:09

A great remix good job guy !

on 2016-03-15 12:29:05

Ça rappelle des souvenirs ça ! :P Good job dude !

on 2016-03-14 10:43:49

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Pokémon Red Version (Nintendo , 1996, GB)
Music by Junichi Masuda
"Last Battle (VS Rival)"
"Victory Road"

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Brass,Choir,Chromatic Percussion,Orchestral,Strings
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