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We end our four-mix Undertale flood by returning to Mr. DrumUltimA (Doug Perry), who offered his services on vibes to the overall brilliant, pensive jazz arrangement that Detective Tuesday (Anton Corazza) has put together... I'm gonna step out the way & let Anton lay it down for you:

"First off, I must credit my friend and neighbor David Higdon for mixing and mastering my arrangement. Got this thing sounding out of this world.

Undertale's a very powerful game. As "It's Raining Somewhere Else" played in the background somewhere between chill and sad (lousy description), this combo of emotions I felt towards the in-game dialogue had a depth similarly hard to describe, yet I recall it clearly as this melody. The feeling stuck with me because, despite this being a work of fiction, I really just had to sit there at my computer FEELIN'. As artists, we try to make the audience to feel something beyond the technical aspects of our respective art forms, and with the immersive experience Toby Fox and co. created, I personally feel this was accomplished to a higher degree than I might've ever thought to ask for. How could we not be inspired?

It's great to have Doug on board. Not only is he a fantastic instrumentalist and a huge Undertale nerd (like me!... the 2nd part, at least), it's just always a blast jamming with him, so I knew if I threw some jammable stuff his way, he could nail it. His vibes brought awesome depth and emotion to this piece, which I couldn't have achieved without him. And that vibe solo?? Killin' it, Doug. Have mercy.

On my alto sax, I referenced multiple Undertale songs which correlate to said dialogue and other major plot elements. As for the blend of organic and electronic instrumentation, let's call it a metaphor for how this electronic game got some SOUL (k, I just made that up, 808 kicks just sound hot to me). While I do love cramming motivic Easter eggs in my arrangements, I'm trying to make stuff sound good and natural without depending on your knowledge of source materials, so I hope you enjoy this whether or not you've played the game! Now, please play the game... unless you have anything better to do."

So freakin' smooth... the overblown sax notes here and there, JUST right, like butter. The final piano chord as the mix says goodbye... elegant, graceful, classy AF. This is some rainy-fall-day, looking-out-window, reflecting-on-your-feels material, here, and Anton & Doug have nailed every aspect of it. Doug adds:

"Undertale is a fantastic game with an incredible soundtrack. When Tuesday approached me about playing vibes on this track, I was more than excited. I can't get enough of this soundtrack, and hope to get to do many more projects like this one!"

...well, we know how THAT turned out :) Really atmospheric, amazing stuff... sets just the right tone, each note landing with a Zen sense of timing... jazz feng shui. Sir_NutS sums it up nicely:

"We get a gazillion remixes of this game; not many are as good as this one though. The powerful sax performance in this one is really something else, this whole thing sounds like it came right out of film noir, I'm just waiting for the gruff narrator to start talking about the lady in red and the dark corners of the city... but I digress. Everything in this mix is done with expert musicianship, I feel the strongest aspect of this mix is the adaptation, but the build down towards the end starting at 04:19 is just genius. The rainy ambience is something that people overdo but in this song is handled perfectly.

I could sing praises on this mix forever but people just need to listen to it."

Ditto; perfect way to conclude our four-mix flood of ReMixes that I think ALL do a fantastic job of exploring the Undertale soundtrack, each with something unique to offer. Hope you enjoyed!



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on 2016-09-20 20:52:37

too much Undertale in one day.... seems an OCRA That's Supicious.... passing another point this remix makes me chillout 10/10


on 2016-09-20 16:06:17

Unique, brooding but not without charm, and intriguing approach to the theme. The high expertise of the artist is displayed in every part of this song. Highly recommended.

on 2016-09-19 02:30:14

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