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Breath of the Wild is right around the corner! Seems like good timing for a lovely, extended new age / folk / orchestral Wind Waker medley from RebeccaETripp!

"This was one of the most emotionally rewarding and intellectually stimulating projects I've ever worked on. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it!"

Her project file was lost, so 128Kbps is the best encoding available, but generally the quality is pretty acceptable/impressive for that bitrate, aided perhaps by a relatively sparse sound field that takes a minimalist, intimate approach to reviewing a collection of themes from the game. Transitions are handled relatively well, the shared aesthetic & general pacing make things feel more continuous, and the arrangement creates a serene, natural atmosphere. Liontamer writes:

"I thought the source intertwining that started at 5:41 was pretty effective, actually, and while some of the theme switches in the beginning could have been smoother, there wasn't anything particularly jarring about the flow of the medley or any of the theme changes for me. Melodically, things were close, but everything was personalized in terms of the instrumentation and overall adapted well for this genre."

Clem adds:

"the shifting themes sound natural. your transitions are well done, and the many variations in melody keep the piece sounding fresh. i can feel what some are saying about sample quality, but I’m cool with it. some instruments sound more unconvincing and stiffly sequenced, but there’s a lot of attention to detail and texture. well done."

Last but not least, DaMonz chimes in with some very specific observations:

"I think you did a great job writing a progression that makes a lot of sense and that tells an engaging story. I also think there's plenty of blending of the different themes, and the transitions are not a problem for me overall. There are weaker parts, and I'd say that 1:30-1:53 felt pretty awkward because of the mechanical sequencing, but other than that nothing stood out to me as problematic in the arrangement. There are a lot of great things to say about it. The change in instrumentation at 3:04 is a beautiful surprise. I *loved* the subtle reference to the ocean theme at 5:48. Zelda's theme being progressively introduced around 6:45, and the climax 7:00 onwards are gorgeous, and make for a very satisfying ending."

Definitely a special experience for hardcore Zelda fans, who will recognize each theme & stitch together the narrative that Rebecca has woven, but enjoyable even for casual fans or just folks lookin' for some good music. At almost eight minutes, it's a substantial accomplishment, with plenty of ideas, variety, and points of interest along the journey... alternatively meditative, tribal, celebratory, reflective, and mysterious, this ReMix is a miniature world unto itself & an excellent tribute to Wind Waker!



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on 2017-04-20 03:32:12

This is absolutely gorgeous in just about every way. So peaceful and relaxing, I could really chill out and maybe ease up enough to close my eyes and drift to sleep to this ReMix. At almost eight minutes long with multiple sources blended together well, it definitely portrays a neat narrative and the transitions sounded smooth to me. Loved it from beginning to end, especially that hint of the Ocean theme. This is great!

on 2017-03-09 12:20:35

Great tribute to the Zelda game with (IMO) the best music of the series!

on 2017-03-01 16:04:09

Well done.... lighthearted and easy to listen to.... I enjoyed the bit from 5:41 on with the mixing of themes. Well thought through!

on 2017-02-27 19:54:52


Nothing bad about this track.


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on 2017-02-27 13:54:56

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Sources Arranged (6 Songs)

Primary Game:
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo , 2003, GCN)
Music by Hajime Wakai,Kenta Nagata,Koji Kondo,Toru Minegishi
"Forest Haven"
"Makar's Awakening"
"Sage Fado"
"Sage Laruto"
"Staff Credits"
"The Legendary Hero"

Tags (11)

Folk,New Age
Flute,Hand Drums,Harp,Strings,Woodwinds
Arrangement > Medley
Time > Duration: Long

File Information

7,706,571 bytes


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