ReMix:Mickey Saves the Day "sleepy baby weasel dook" 2:42

By tymime

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rock-a-bye Weasel"

Primary Game: Mickey Saves the Day (Disney , 2001, WIN), music by Noel Gabriel

Posted 2017-03-17, evaluated by the judges panel

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

We've got an appropriately Celtic folk lullaby/ballad from sibling newcomers tymime (Ian and Tavish Stone), which is also our first arrangement of Mickey Saves the Day, for Windows. Ian writes:

"I'm a big fan of the often-overlooked Disney weasels, so when I found there was a song dedicated to them, I knew I had to do something with it. This is mostly me, but Tavish contributed some parts -- the violin solo especially. There are a number of instruments that I picked to suit the mood I was going for, but the most important is the Celtic harp lead. When I was little, my mom used to play a tape of Celtic harp music to me and my brother to help put us to sleep, so I felt that this was essential to the arrangement.

Also included is the music box soundfont from Yoshi's Island (more nostalgia), and, at the very end, the actual sound of baby weasels playing. I don't imagine that whoever wrote the source expected anyone to take it at all seriously, but even if you picture a Disney weasel sleeping, the music to go with it *has* to be cute."

This ReMix definitely gets filed under "unexpected" and "obscure source" - and it also would have been a PERFECT fit on our Esther's Dreams album, too. As a sidenote, through no parental pressuring of our own, our daughter Esther has become relatively obsessed with Mickey Mouse; we've got Mickey gloves, pants, shirts, pajamas, books, toys, and I've heard "The Hot Dog Song" from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse *probably* around 6,234,823 times, now. That's a rough guess; I could be off by an order of magnitude or two. For your St. Patrick's Day celebrations, this wouldn't be drinking music... more like a had-way-too-much-and-is-now-sleeping-it-off lullaby. Celtic harp lead is gentle, instrumentation is warm and comforting, and since the source itself is derived from "Rock-a-bye Baby" it should seem somewhat familiar... basically an arrangement of an arrangement, but that happens more than you'd think in our lovely land of VGM. Gario's vote sums things up well:

"This is such a strange source to draw inspiration from, but damn do you pull it off. There's a lot of extra material in there, but from my calculation (source at 0:30 - 1:10, 1:32 - 1:49, 2:15 - 2:33) it clocks in at about 60% source, which is plenty.

The harmonization really pushes this arrangement to somewhere the original could never dream (ha, pun), and changing the harmony under the source (1:32) is a GREAT way to continue to get mileage out of it without having it go stale, so kudos to that. The plucking of the harp is a little too punchy for my taste when it carries the themes, and the violin sounds a little mechanical (the attacks use a little too much detache and nothing else), but otherwise the instrumentation is pleasant.

It's something that could've easily been a part of Esther's Dreams, and frankly it's unexpectedly good from what you pulled it from. Great work!"

Mellow, relaxing, and straightforward, from a very unexpected source & with memorable inspiration... good, simple stuff from tymime that makes for excellent sleepytime music!



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on 2017-03-18 00:46:03

The background strings and foreground violin were fairly detached, but besides the artificial nature of the strings orchestration, I like the soundscape that was accomplished, and the intended semblance of a dream-like state was a solid success.

on 2017-03-17 14:27:37

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Primary Game:
Mickey Saves the Day (Disney , 2001, WIN)
Music by Noel Gabriel
"Rock-a-bye Weasel"

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