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...and now for something COMPLETELY different!

Let's get it on now; it's been 3+ years since our last SF3 ReMix, and this blistering & badass hybrid rock/d'n'b arrangement from newcomer Arvangath (Andrés Márquez) is still just our third from the game, but DAYUM is it good to see its utterly unique & charismatic OST get some love:

"I've always been in love with fighting games and their music. Where I live, one of the few entertainments were arcades, and when I was really young, I used to go there with my brother, and I vividly remember playing Third Strike and falling in love with Ryu, Q, and Urien. I really love Third Strike! Was one of those games that most arcades where I lived had, and was really different from the SNES Street Fighter II I had played until then.

Urien's stage theme has played loops in my head since those days, and particularly, the voice used by Urien's VA Lawrence Bayne sticked with me. A powerful and commanding growl, almost like a rabid dog that yelled "GET READY TO DIE" or "CRUSH" and, particularly, "AEGIS REFLECTOR."

I'm really excited about Urien coming to Street Fighter 5, so I put together a remix of that guy's theme. I think they nailed the essence of the character in this version, the voice acting is pretty rad and the design is on point! I watched the Japanese trailer for Urien released in September, and this theme made an orchestral comeback, sounds pretty cool! Kudos, Capcom!


With this arrangement, I intended to reflect what I perceived 3rd Strike as - a powerful, fast, and upbeat skull-crushing game, with great animations and sound design, that helped me fall in love with games even more. I'm mainly a bassist and recording artist nowadays, but I want to get better at everything related to audio production.

I started making covers in YouTube as part of a contest, and to improve my audio skills, since I'm an aspiring composer and sound designer for video games. I'm actually a lawyer, living in one of the poorest countries of the world, but OC ReMix has accompanied me in the worst times of my life here, and I love the site and video game OSTs in general. I want to get out of here and obtain a job doing what I love - SFX and songs for video games."

Alright, that's cool; Andrés might be amused to know that Liontamer & I have squared off in Third Strike hundreds of times, and that he spams the hell out of Urien's Aegis Reflector - like any good Urien player should - while I flowchart Ken. No shame. We've also played some great matches with Detective Tuesday at MAG over the years. Of all the fighting engines out there, TS is my favorite, because it has enough depth to reward learning while also being accessible from the get-go. Of course, the completely unique and very urban audio aesthetic also makes it hella dope; trickier to ReMix, perhaps, because of its singular style. Larry writes:

"...for such a short track, you wove in a lot of original writing ideas and didn't get repetitive with the arrangement at all, plus the production was solid. I thought this packed a lot into a small amount of time and rocked this theme out. Solid job, Andrés!"

Yeah, that makes sense. Short'n'sweet d'n'b; some judges did criticize the timing, which feels a little unsteady, especially towards the beginning - I was waiting for things to go off the rails, tbh, because we DO see submissions like that, but instead there was only improvement. DragonAvenger writes:

"Yeah, interesting here. I can see Jive's issues with the mix in regards to timing, but I am actually seeing it as a little bit of the character of this mix being the frantic beast that it is."

Select and make your first pi.... ah wait, that one doesn't work. This could easily have descended into timing chaos, but the ReMixer reels it in & tames it enough for the result to be both musical & invigorating. I always found Urien a little amusing, because he's arrogant & talks smack while at the same walking around in a giant man-diaper, like his brother. This brief mix captures the rapid, high-stakes energy of his stage theme, putting his SFX/quotes to good use & building a temperamental but ultimately convincing d'n'b/rock tribute. Good, unexpected stuff from Arvangath - hope to hear more!



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on 2023-08-19 22:02:11

I can't tell you how much I love that fake out ending before the melody hits one more time. This has all the adrenaline and energy I love about Urien's theme and kicks it up a notch. Nice touch with the vocal clips as well. Loved this!

on 2017-06-27 14:56:52

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Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future (Capcom , 1999, ARC)
Music by Hideki Okugawa,Infinite
"Urien Stage ~ Crazy Chili Dog"

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Electric Guitar,In-game FX
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