ReMix:Chip's Challenge "Da Funk Do You Know 'Bout Chip?" 2:44

By That Andy Guy

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Chip's Challenge (Microsoft , 1991, WIN), music by

Posted 2017-10-05, evaluated by the judges panel

That Andy Guy (Andrew Masson) follows up his swanky SFA2 debut from 2014 with our FIRST evar arrangement of classic puzzler Chip's Challenge, dialing up the funk w/ a short-but-sweet jam:

"A remix of one out of 3 tunes from Chip's Challenge! This game was da besss! Probably the most random remix I'll ever do, LOL! I dunno how many of you remember this game, but the original music will be embedded forever in my mind. That game is still awesome/frustrating on some levels.

I played this game entirely too much when we got our first computer when I was around 6 years old. This music has stuck with me since then and I figured a funky spin on the tune would be a good fit. That and the title of the track kind of drives home the fact that not too many people I know have even played the game, but hopefully fans of the game come out of hiding to enjoy this mix!

I wish I knew who the original composer was... :C"

ACTUALLY, I'm a huge fan of the game and played it a ton... on my Atari Lynx. Said no one, ever? Yes, I had a Lynx. I also had a Jaguar. And a 32X. And I actually have some fond memories from each, though not nearly enough to justify their respective price tags at the time. Jivemaster writes:

"Piano is certainly stiff - humanisation on some of the notes would've made this feel better, especially considering the chords play underneath the entire track from beginning to end. Nice choice of percussion, they are a little heavy in the highs but it's more of a sizzle than a pierce (a good thing). Good production quality across the board, all parts are clear. Agree with the others that you've taken the source into a lot of fun territory, with a great mix of house chords and synth licks. Mix doesn't overstay its welcome - in fact it felt a tad short, but I feel it achieves all it needs to in the duration. Overall I'm ok with this one, the stiff piano does pose some problems but the others aren't holding it back for this and I don't feel strongly enough that this needs revision. Solid fun arrangement."

I attributed some of the piano stiffness to the same house vibe that Joel picked up on, so I'd tend to give some leeway there. Coulda been longer and worked in a synth solo, breakdown, or numerous other components without them seeming superfluous, for sure, but also doesn't feel overly brief. Nutritious adds:

"Nice writing work. Good idea on changing the more rigid syncopation on the original piano(?) to something more swing-y. Clear adaptation of the original with a lot of great personalization. Nice work on the lead synth. This is just a super cool track, nothing else to say."

Short, sweet, funky beat = complete treat. Great to see Andy back on OCR; an unexpected game choice for his follow-up mix, but one that I dig & I think others will, too!



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on 2017-10-07 12:08:27

This remix brought back so many memories! This was the first computer game I got after me and my dad built my first computer. Its good to know this game has not been forgotten. Thanks for this awesome remix.

Btw, I just found and bought this game on Steam.

on 2017-10-06 20:40:34

Just great! I am deeply surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's sad that a lot of people will not recognize the game and give this song a pass when it's soooooo good.

on 2017-10-06 06:12:31

I like this, super-effective, punchy and funky. I only listened after reading the write-up, but the piano does sound exactly on point with the style. Being less mechanical might even make it less effective. I did play Chip's Challenge back in the day, but didn't actually have a soundcard then, so the music is still unfamiliar to me!

on 2017-10-04 05:01:20

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