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A short, mellow jazz interlude for you today, as AJ DiSpirito follows his February SSBB debut up with our first ReMix of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, offering a relaxed 3/4 groove that features piano with bass, drums, & brass accompaniment:

"A jazz remix of the Main Street themes from Animal Crossing: New Leaf (the 1st and 3rd ones).

I'm sorry that the horns are not performed by real musicians. I would love to record some one day. (They were at least all performed on my piano, if that's better in any way, LOL.)"

They sound really good, to my ear; plenty of character, and since they're mostly doing backing chords, nothing sticks out as synthetic or ruins the super-mellow atmosphere. Liontamer writes:

"It's melodically straightforward, but beautifully fleshed out. Subtle stuff, but love that dropoff at 1:13 for that understated dynamic contrast before picking back up at 1:31. Didn't hear anything potentially dissonant, just noting. Lovely work, AJ! Please keep 'em coming!"

Sir_NutS speaks mostly to the mood:

"So chill, this one. You can't really help but lay back and chill to the calming groove of this arrangement. Very beautiful interpretation as well, with the performances playing off each other in playful ways but always, always keeping the soothing mood. Not much else to say here other than this is just perfect for those who like to relax to VGM arrangements, or like to have pleasant music in the background."

Yep; I can see looping it a few times, too, since it's relatively brief and easily withstands the repetition. AJ expressed concern over the horns, but they're ultimately a highlight for me - love the writing, love the sound, and always love hearing lead piano backed up with mellow trumpet/sax. The ReMixer's previous debut mix was also short-but-sweet, but there ain't nothing wrong with that: both pieces have full ideas which are fully conveyed, and both are well worth your time!



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Uffe von Lauterbach
on 2017-10-17 17:37:07

If Animal Crossing was a genre, it'd definitely would be jazz, despite the game pouring out all sorts of genres on the record player. :P I love this remix. It's very relaxing, and sadly, it's short. I wish it could be extended. But there's always that replay button.

on 2017-10-09 06:08:15

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Primary Game:
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo , 2013, 3DS)
Music by Atsuko Asahi,Manaka Kataoka
"Main Street (Nookling Junction ~ T&T Mart)"
"Main Street (T.I.Y. ~ T&T Emporium)"

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Time > 3/4 Time Signature
Time > Duration: Short

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