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This sale ONLY happens 365 days a year, so to celebrate we've got a nice Autumnally-titled, high-octane d'n'b + sizzing electric guitar Undertale ReMix from Faseeh (Faseeh Deen), following up a fun EDM Sonic Colors debut from last year & teaming up with newcomer Tiago Rodrigues on guitar:

"Undertale, a game I dearly love and has made me cry and laugh at the same time. Beautiful masterpiece. The music especially blew my mind. Couldn't help but arrange this track.

When I played the game, I probably died at least 9 times on this boss. Toby agrees it's one of the hardest, and I guess that inspired me to go for this chaotic rendition. The energy in drum and bass is great, but rock 'n bass is even better. :P Tiago is an amazing guitarist, and he totally delivered on this track through his guitar solos. Glad to have collaborated with him!

Imagine this whole track as an interactive video game music track. The introduction represents the encounter, the attacks switch every time the track changes sections, Muffet's pet comes out for the guitar solo, and the breakdown is the part where you're genuinely sweating and are scared to death."

Awesome, assertive stuff here, mixing modern EDM production with more traditional d'n'b, then adding Tiago's searing electric git to the mix, THEN even getting a little funky & adding some shuffle towards the end. Judges had some concerns about crowding on the production side & the ending, from an arrangement perspective, but the majority felt that neither was a dealbreaker. Gario writes:

"There's a lot of energy in this - the guitar work is great, and the background drums are filled to the brim with hats, snare and all sorts of knick knacks that makes for a rich sounding drumline. Pretty cruel to leave us hanging on that ending, though - it's begging for a cadence to end it all that you simply don't deliver on. That's just mean. Ending and small crowding aside, I think this is a pretty good track. I love the Spider Dance source, and I enjoyed the style you went with for it. Nice work!"

I dig d'n'b in general, but I always prefer it when things get changed up & there's a bit of genre-bending going on, so this is perfect for me - breakneck speed, agile beats, some face-melting electric guitar, and even a brief swing into funkyland. Creative, passionate, & a cool narrative take on the source from Faseeh & Tiago!



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on 2017-12-03 14:25:38

Spider Dance was one hundred percent my favorite song from Undertale, so I greatly enjoyed this hard hitting DnB with a dose of electric metal take on it. Fast and beat-filled, this is the kind of high energy ReMix I like seeing for a boss battle with an adorable spider girl throwing croissants at you. That breakdown with the piano in the middle gives the mix that touch of creepiness that I think a lot of people felt when they knew something wasn't quite right with Muffet or saw her lair for the first time right before the fight. I totally agree with Tiago, drum and bass is great, but rock and bass is fantastic. Nothing sweeter than cookies and cider......except a good old round of chaos! Love it, great song, guys!

Ronald Poe
on 2017-11-27 13:30:10

I've always prefered "Spider Dance" to "Hopes and Dreams" and found it to be slightly underrated (by Undertale standards at least). I think it has a ridiculously catchy and fun melody that's well done. Speaking of well done, this remix is a great DnB adaptation of the source that does it justice.

on 2017-11-27 13:21:06

Is that a Galaxy Quest quote?

I think it is - HA!

Also, she CAN be tough, but if you want past the spider girl just use some spider products that you purchase in the beginning of the game and she'll leave you alone. Just sayin'!

Er... Yeah, for the music I think this is a solid and enjoyable arrangement of a really cool source. Go check it out. :)

on 2017-11-27 11:27:59

Wow, this caught me by surprise. Really neat arrangement, sounds really tight. Great job you two!

on 2017-11-25 00:22:28

Nice! :D Wasn't expecting spider dance to be remixed, but THIS. IS. AWESOME! ^___^

on 2017-11-24 09:11:55

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Sources Arranged (1 Song)

Primary Game:
Undertale (tobyfox, 2015, WIN)
Music by Toby Fox
"Spider Dance"

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Drum and bass
Aggressive, Energetic, Funky
Bells, Breakbeats, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synth
Time > Tempo: Fast

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