ReMix:Pokémon Gold Version "Morning Sunlight" 4:22

By Pavos, ilp0

Arranging the music of one song...

"Goldenrod City"

Primary Game: Pokémon Gold Version (Nintendo , 1999, GBC), music by Go Ichinose, Junichi Masuda

Posted 2018-01-09, evaluated by the judges panel

For today we've got a relatively mellow folk/rock take on "Goldenrod City" from pu_freak, collaborating with ilp0 on guitars, that's been nine years (!!) in the making; Pieter explains:

"This mix started a LONG time ago. I mean really long, since it was 2009, maybe even 2008. I was part of the Pokémon album (The Missingno Tracks), but, much like my posted Pokéred Gym theme, this never saw the light of day on the album. I made a guitar version of the Goldenrod theme on my (well, not even mine) electric piano, and, suffice to say, it wasn't really up to par. :P

So, I asked ilp0 if he was willing to record the guitars for me. Luckily, he liked the arrangement and was more than happy to not just play the part on his acoustic guitar, but to give me three versions of him playing bass, lead acoustic guitars played strong, lead acoustic guitars played soft, rythm guitars, distorted guitars, and slides, which was awesome! Let's just say I had a lot to choose from. However, my equipment then did not permit me to do his work justice, while the guitars alone were just too little to carry the song.

Flash forward to a about a year ago when I finally got my own high-end equipment. Since the guitar-only part had been on my playlist for all these years, I decided to finally do this justice and added electric piano, regular piano, strings, and drums to the track. I sent it to ilp0 and he really liked the result.

So, after this way too elaborate story, this collab which started in 2009 is finally done! Many thanks for ilp0's enthusiasm and skills, and I hope you guys can enjoy it as well!"

Better Late Than Never: The unofficial motto of OC ReMix ;) Things start off in a relaxed, intimate folk/acoustic space & stay there for a good while, with later introduction of drums, pianos, etc. as the instrumentation blossoms. Liontamer writes:

"Heyyyy, nice to see an ilp0 track again, and nice work by Pieter in enhancing this further, as well as having a "never-give-up/I'm-just-resting" attitude on finishing this. I didn't have any issue with the usage of the piano, as the part-writing remained distinct enough and I didn't feel things clashed. Good stuff, easy call!"

Good stuff; I dig how the first 1'52" keep it folksier, more like a ballad, going in a rock direction after the first two minutes & elaborating further on the melody. Reflective, resonant, rich, and refined (over almost a decade!), I'm glad Pieter stuck with this one, and it's also great to be featuring ilp0's work again; check it out!



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on 2018-01-11 22:43:06

So cool to see this finally posted. I, too, have had the earlier version of this in rotation since the early 2000's, and I'd certainly never expected it to get a proper release. Awesome work guys :)

on 2018-01-10 15:39:08

I've had an old version of this on my computer for the last like 8 years. It is nice it finally gets the attention it deserves, this has always been one of my favourites :)

The Damned
on 2018-01-10 11:17:23

I vaguely recall a super-early version of this from the old project forums. God, was it that long ago?

It's been a long time time since the album came out, and I always wished we could have had even more music on it. But it's nice to have a really good pokémon remix every so often. And this one will do nicely.

on 2018-01-10 01:21:55

Wow, what a feel on this piece! Stay for 0:50+ and you won't be disappointed at the way this evolves and feels. Reminds me of the happiest tunes out of Final Fantasy I, almost - a kind of hopeful belief with a tinge of adventure. The warmth in this performance and presentation is what really sells me here. So happy you made it to the finish line - well done both of you!!

on 2018-01-09 19:30:29

The arrangement was super innovative! I loved how all the different contours made the same melody sound new, and ilp0's performances were on point.

on 2018-01-09 16:34:01

Guys, thanks for cheering me up with this beatiful song :) Really love light and sunny tunes like this one.

on 2018-01-05 12:09:47

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Primary Game:
Pokémon Gold Version (Nintendo , 1999, GBC)
Music by Go Ichinose,Junichi Masuda
"Goldenrod City"

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