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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection lands SOON, and I've been dusting off my trusty flowchart Ken in anticipation - this should be the definitive handheld SF experience (on Switch), if nothing else. Here to help get us psyched & realize our Ken is newcomer That Headband Guy (Mike Stevenson) with an energetic, 2'33" hard rock + chiptune anthem:

"Shoryuken! Ken's theme from the legendary Street Fighter 2. A typical "THG" metal arrangement - starts with the theme, builds to an original rhythm/solo (while keeping in the confines of the source material) and resolves back to theme. Production-wise, no notable faults that are picked up by my ear. Your experience may vary, which is fine!

For the solo section, I was going for a very 80's Yngwie Malmsteen keyboard versus guitar - typically operating around D harmonic minor, which gives it a classical-esque flair."

The non-solo bits play it pretty close to a straight-up rock cover, but the chip/guitar showdown injects a good deal of personalization. Which one's Ryu and which one's Ken? Doesn't matter, it's hot. Nutritious sums it up:

"Keeps it very conservative at the beginning, but the arrangement fleshes out more in the second section with the synth/guitar solos and some variation on the progression of the song. Would've liked to hear still more development on the arrangement side since the track is pretty short (2:33) and spends a good chunk of the time covering the original melody (though with different backing).

Performance is excellent. Drum writing is energetic and varied. Ending was sadly a bit underwhelming, but this is fun take on a classic track."

Ditto all that; it's Ken, so perhaps one expects a little "flowchart arranging," but Mike does plenty with the solo sections to change things up & create some combos, and the backing makes intuitive but still well-executed modifications for the genre. It's quick, it hits hard, it rocks out, and it's blond with black eyebrows. Last bit broke the metaphor just a tad; either way, strong & well-timed debut from That Headband Guy - hope to hear more, and I'll be playing this one every day until SF30 graces us with its presence!



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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom , 1992, ARC)
Music by Isao Abe,Yoko Shimomura
"Ken (U.S.A.)"

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Chiptune,Electric Guitar,Sound FX
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