ReMix:Tyrants: Fight Through Time "The Vast Glass Orb" 3:31

By Inrudiment

Arranging the music of one song...


Primary Game: Tyrants: Fight Through Time (Virgin , 1992, GEN), music by Matt Furniss, Michael Burdett, Richard Joseph

Posted 2018-10-16, evaluated by the judges panel

There are plenty of Genesis games I've never played, but I'll usually recognize a name or a series, at least in terms of what gets submitted to OC ReMix. Well, I had to look this one up... it's the renamed/localized port of Mega lo Mania for the Commodore Amiga. One of the cool things about the Genesis is that you saw more European support than the previous generation, or at least it felt that way to me, and that included ports of Amiga games since the platform fidelity was closer. This was apparently one of them; interesting to know, especially since the rather dark, brooding theme has been paid excellent tribute here by newcomer Inrudiment (Rustam Bakeev), who provided no comments of his own but had plenty of say with the angsty, powerful, & super-heavy slower rock/metal take on the title theme. DragonAvenger writes:

"The arrangement is straightforward as the others mentioned, with some stronger interpretation at the end. I would have liked things to get to the really cool part sooner in the mix, but I think the first half has its place. Aside from the violin being really stiff, the performances are on point. Definitely not a source that I would have expected much from, but you worked some good magic here."

I kinda feel like this source was reaching & calling out, asking to be arranged in this sort of dark, heavy rock/metal fashion, so the adaptation felt not only natural, but helped me appreciate the original even more. Liontamer adds:

"I love the adaptation to these instruments, which really fleshed out the track compared to the original; I thought it was a valid, expansive arrangement approach. The added guitar soloing from 2:34 was a nice touch as well. Cool overlooked source tune choice, Rustam, and you did a nice job expanding the instrumentation and personalizing the sound to stand apart enough from the original track. Welcome aboard!"

Ditto all that; I love being surprised, and this came out of left field but hits slow & hard and is something I'll come back to. I especially like the piano and spiccato strings on the intro. While the game itself is relatively obscure, you might (okay should) be familiar original/port composers Matt Furniss & Richard Joseph (RIP), who worked with Michael Burdett on the games. It's cool to see their work living on, and the Commodore legacy - albeit in ported, Genesis attribution - being represented on OC ReMix. A hearty welcome to Inrudiment, who turns in a great debut and sheds some light on VGM we hadn't heard before!



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on 2024-05-03 14:27:37

This remix was HEAVY. Those guitars, keys and drums are definitely hitting hard, this whole remix feels like it's drenched in some layer of lore and plot that I am missing out on. (Probably because I've never played the source.). This remix was very well-crafted, and I tip my imaginary hat to you!

on 2018-10-15 23:55:44

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Primary Game:
Tyrants: Fight Through Time (Virgin , 1992, GEN)
Music by Matt Furniss,Michael Burdett,Richard Joseph

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