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OceansAndrew (Andrew Luers of OverClocked University) brings some energized, heavy-hitting EDM to the "Sky Tower" theme from PMD:BRT:

"Even though listening to the source you could really imagine it as a great 70's-flavored horn-fueled rock song, I decided to try a completely different angle. During the process, I learned a lot about myself, life, and Pokémon during my journey. Did you know that they are all related in a giant tower of life? I didn't either, but you can't deny the facts! Anyways, this was definitely a genre experiment for me, but I think it brings a fresh twist to a classic theme. :-)"

The More You Know™!! While a deep dive into the DNA ancestry of pokemanz might be akin to the narrative Midi-chlorianation of the Force, facts are indeed facts. OA merges house & trance for a satisfying groove with beefy kick/snare, gritty synths, and a soaring, sky-high bell/piano melody. DragonAvenger writes:

"Love the intro bringing the melody and some great drum work, then the bass comes in super beefy and you know it's about to get lit, fam. The main melody comes in again work a lot of energy. The breakdown and bridge are a good change of pace and work really well worth the direction of the source. I didn't find the repetition to be much of an issue since it was spread out and also occurred after a strong bridge. Bringing it home felt nice. I do agree that some sections can get a little crowded, though I didn't find that the main parts were being lost.

I'd dance to this."

I as well, if embarrassingly. There's a lot going on, but I like how the lead melody tends to fly over all of it, clearly discernible, and the overall production has a crispness & air that seem appropriate. Fresh, fun, & apparently "lit, fam" as well - great stuff from OA & OCU!



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Primary Game:
Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team (Nintendo, 2005, NDS)
Music by Arata Iiyoshi, Atsuhiro Ishizuna
"Sky Tower"

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EDM, House, Trance
Electronic, Piano, Synth
Time > 4/4 Time Signature
Usage > Workout

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