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More from Rebecca E. Tripp, collaborating with Docjazz4 (David Erick Ramos) on ocarina for a lovely classical/folk take on "Snowdin Town" from Undertale:

"This was a collaboration with my friend, David! I made the arrangement and he played all the ocarina sections! You can also see him playing this song live here. He has loads of gorgeous VGM covers and is my favorite gamer musician online (he plays many other instruments besides ocarina as well)!

So, yeah, Undertale! I was asked to check out the soundtrack and do remixes (I haven't played the game yet, although I plan to) and David ended up wanting to work with me on one. He and I completed a Deku Palace remix as well. ^_^

Snowdin Town is a very light-hearted, wintry place! I hope we captured this well with our cover! The original theme was composed by Toby Fox."

I love the emotion that a live ocarina adds to Rebecca's always-compelling arrangement, especially when it's doubled up; Gario writes:

"There's some really nice orchestration throughout, with the timbres shifting throughout the textures. The quality of instruments is quite good, too, though the opening could've focused on the other instruments pointalisticly covering the theme rather than the piano part. It's an artistic choice, though, so I won't braze the track much for something like that.

Overall the quality is up to par, and it's just a lovely rendition of the source. It focuses on the high end in general throughout, but I don't think that sinks the piece at all. Lovely stuff, I love it, let's get it posted."

"Lovely" is definitely the word; this has a pleasant, inviting, & mellow vibe, and I'm actually glad it's not loaded down with percussion or active low-end, as it lets the more sparse instrumentation shine. Great collab from Rebecca, and great ocarina performance from Docjazz4!



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Primary Game:
Undertale (tobyfox, 2015, WIN)
Music by Toby Fox
"Snowdin Town"

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Classical, Folk
Happy, Mellow
Harp, Strings, Woodwinds
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Production > Live Instruments
Usage > Winter Holiday

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