ReMix:Tangledeep "A Beakful of Beatdown" 3:56

By WillRock

Arranging the music of one song...

"Bandit Boss Battle (Boss Theme 1)"

Primary Game: Tangledeep (Impact Gameworks , 2018, WIN), music by Grant Kirkhope, Hiroki Kikuta, Norihiko Hibino, zircon

Posted 2020-04-16, evaluated by Rexy

NOTE: zircon is currently streaming development of Puzzle Explorers: A Tangledeep Story, which is launching on Kickstarter later this month! (Get the original game too.)

From Tangledeep ~Arrange~, Will of Clan Rock throws down an epic, spiraling dose of power metal with noodling fakey-guitar & sync synth solos, meaty 80's drums, and a pulse-racing tempo; WillRock (William Harby) writes:

"You know, it's been a while since I submitted a remix to OCR. About 3 years! (had a few album floodposts, but, yeah... actually submitting is sparse).

Figured I'd kick things off with a remix of a track written by some guy called "zircon." \O_O/

This is actually an older track that I made for zircon's Tangledeep Arrange album. It's a remix of the "Bandit Boss" theme, which I'd like to add, is awesome and was a pretty natural fit to my style remix-wise.

I had been listening to some POWER METUUUUUL at the time I was making this, and as a result this ended up pretty heavy, while keeping to the synth stylings I'm known for. I also used Shreddage, because remixing a zircon original without it felt almost like it would be insulting. Nothing to do with the fact I actually suck at guitar. Nope.

This version of the track is actually remastered slightly, since the original version I did had sad mastering that was sad. Anyway, I'll probably be submitting a 1-2 more tracks or so. Got a few I'd like to throw to you guys."

Any WillRock is good WillRock, so that's great to hear. This is one of the stronger sources off the Tangeldeep OST, and Will makes the most of the catchy core melody while finding ample opportunity for sampled frettage & oscillar-sync'd synthage. The interaction between these leads is rather a blast, with trade-offs, blistering runs, and triumphant dynamic synergies. Rexy evaluates:

"80s-style processed drums, an arsenal of engaging synths and guitars aplenty - just by hearing what I consider the "classic WillRock palette" along with the choice of BGM, it's easy to say the melodies and his creative process fit together like jigsaw pieces. The instruments are all cleanly mixed, the guitar and synth tones are well-articulated, and the balance is so tight I can't seem to find any flaws here. It's just amazed me with hearing how far he's gone with his music over the past ten years, for sure.

The arrangement is also an engaging one - just the right balance between referencing the melodies, shifting sections around, and the crazy solos I've remembered Will for musically. The source is dominant throughout - opening with exploration on the opening harp riff, then allowing for this crazy shifting buildup between G# minor and G#7b9 - two contrasting chords in terms of complexity - before going into the melody properly at 1:01. A lot of the changes to the source had been minor adjustments to the motifs, but mostly with adding more to the backing and duplicating individual source segments. The solos at 2:29 were some of the densest I had heard him pull off, and had continued the idea for that part of the source with further three-tone steps in the chords.

These subtle changes and the trademark production values blend well to create a full package, and a great homage to zircon's original work - can't have seen it any other way!"

There's a lot going on here, so the clarity of the improved mixing/mastering is all the more impressive. Great source tune from composer Mr. Aversa & a galvanized, epic '80s power blend of guits & synths from Mr. Harby - enjoy!



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on 2020-04-18 08:19:53

Woah! Willrock manages to live up to his name yet again! This kicks so much a$$ 8-)

on 2020-04-15 10:44:16

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Primary Game:
Tangledeep (Impact Gameworks , 2018, WIN)
Music by Grant Kirkhope,Hiroki Kikuta,Norihiko Hibino,zircon
"Bandit Boss Battle (Boss Theme 1)"

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