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Pizza time!!! Mak Eightman (Max V. Kravchenko) remains on fire with some high-energy, creative arrangin', this time providing our first featured ReMix of the NES incarnation of TMNT Tournament Fighters, injecting the "Waterfront" theme with some intense metal & (being a stand-up bloke) throwing in a SURPRISE mallet jam & plenty of synth bits:


Second in a row of "different" tracks.
If I recall correctly, this mix has 32 tracks of instruments (only 3 tracks for drums and percussion) and lot of effects chains.
Actually, it's a monster.
Made it two years ago.

Cool percussion. Gtrs kinda sharp and abrasive. Sometimes cymbals overloaded.
Overall sounds messy and annoying.
NO. Resub.

Thank you!

Mr. Eightman's cheeky humility continues to entertain - "sometimes cymbals overloaded" is a self-contained poem, or a really judgy fortune cookie... or maybe even *both*. Judges picked a couple nits but were unanimous in digging what the Mak cooked up; prophetik music writes:

"mak's always got the best submission mails :)

what an aggressive and mean intro. i love it! particularly the snare, i'm a sucker for a giant trash-can snare sound. i also love the use of phrygian dominant mode - it's such a unique-sounding mode and you really get into it regularly. great job highlighting it with the humanization on the synths carrying it as well. i also liked that such an aggressive track regularly had big breaks to allow it to not get too tiresome over and over again. the big B section at 2:50 was also a great way to emphasize the idea under a half-time beat. rexy's right, the ending's really cheesy, but the track's arrangement is great so it doesn't bother me."

The chromatic percussion vibe circa 2'27" reminded me of the Akira soundtrack & various John Woo HK/triad scores - great, creative addition that lends some variety. It's the type of detail that elevates an already-strong mix & makes it more memorable. Excellent to see Mr. Eightman releasing some more gems like this - it's a fun ride, does the original great justice, and earns a deserved/coveted "Cowabunga!!" in the process. Enjoy!



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Primary Game:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters (Konami, 1993, NES)
Music by Ayako Nishigaki, Junichiro Kaneda

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Aggressive, Energetic
Chromatic Percussion, Electric Guitar, Synth

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6,412,610 bytes


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