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Newcomer PSK (Per Kiilstofte) debuts with a powerful, epic symphonic/cinematic tribute to World of Warcraft, weaving three themes + original writing into a grand whole:

"While mostly an original piece, it lends from some of the iconic compositions of Jason Hayes, like "Legends of Azeroth" and "Elwynn Forest."

I've always been a big fan of Warcraft, since Orcs & Humans in fact. I also used to play quite a bit of WoW. When I saw the recent WoW expansion coming out, I got quite nostalgic and just had to create some music, which eventually became "Legends of Warcraft." While the track clearly builds around "Legends of Azeroth" by Jason Hayes, there are also two nods to both Alliance and The Horde in the piece at 1:14 ("Elwynn Forest") and 2:08 ("The Barrens"), respectively.

Using "Legends of Azeroth" as the base with two iconic motifs while creating a highly epic-sounding orchestral composition I feel encompassed the essence of Warcraft, and in particular the latest expansion, Battle for Azeroth. Thank you for your consideration. :)"

Definitely a strong introduction on OCR for PSK; the production values on this ReMix are top-notch, channeling Hollywood trailers & blockbusters with deep drums, airy & dramatic choral components, big brass, vibrant winds, & suspenseful strings - it sounds *very* polished, in other words. On top of that, the arrangement is inventive, incorporating swaths of original material smartly around "Azeroth" and then working in not one but two supporting sources. Judges were unanimous, with some shared nitpicks on brief robotic timing (quantization) issues; Sir_NutS was feeling the nostalgia:

"This brings back memories of raids and college days. That title music is forever ingrained in my mind. I can also hear the other themes here but they're only cameos, most of the track is just the title screen music and variations of it. 1:14 has elwynn on the flute, and 2:08 has a barren riff on the horns.

Orchestration is pretty good here, and I loved the variations, such as around 2:40 where you transformed one of the initial motifs in the original into a surprisingly catchy section, and later mixed it with a different part of the original in the high violins around 3:20.

This is one of my favorite remixes of this year so far, because I love WoW music (I even use it for the D&D campaigns I DM) and because it's just a very good remix."

Of course, that was written back in February, but any time of year this would be a highlight, I think - we don't get TOO many epic symphonic pieces, and our last WoW mix was from katethegreat19 back in 2014, which is somehow six years ago. Emunator concurs:

"Just going to throw a quick cosign here. Your instrument quality is awesome and you've sequenced with a high degree of realism, excellent use of dynamics, and very competent production. The vocals were certainly a highlight."

There's ensemble choir and also some solo vocalizing, and it all sounds amazing & blends together effectively; PSK has some serious production AND arrangement chops, and this was a fantastic vehicle to show both off while (war)crafting a fitting, epic tribute to a legendary game - awesome work, hope to hear more!



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on 2020-10-06 06:04:58

Hmm. I don't remember that theme at all. I presume it was before the Burning Crusade ever came out, as that is when I started.

Collected the Pre-Cataclysm "Loremaster" achievement, and still don't recognize that. (Pre-Cataclysm it was basically all non-raid quests in the game)

So I came into this thinking "Oh I might remember that." But noooope. The only thing I remember was the Barrens theme cause of all the PvP that usually happened there. Barrens and Duskwood.

Speaking of Duskwood, I remember being level 20 and killing the level 60 horde that chased me down. There was a hut on the West end, where if you did an AOE attack inside it, you'd be killed by ghosts in about 20 seconds. Warriors always used Whirlwind, then I'd run off (or usually die from the hit) and watch them try to gloat only to seconds later be lying next to me. There used to be a lot of fun PvP activities like that (enslave demon worked on all outdoor Elites too, such as the FelReaver)...Then they removed the abilities, and I left.

on 2020-09-16 10:48:51

Epic remix here! Loads of nostalgia, and I'm glad you kept it cinematic and yet still stamped your own mark on the themes. Now I'm off to find Mankrik's wife and heal WC...

on 2020-08-30 13:16:50

Fwhoa, nostalgia! Oh, days of getting home from work and hearing that sweet, sweet login music. ...Then being disconnected when your stepsister calls asking for money.

I'm sure this is as inspiring for other fellow WoW addicts as it is for me. Great job!

on 2020-08-25 22:34:23

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Sources Arranged (3 Songs)

Primary Game:
World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment , 2004, WIN)
Music by David Arkenstone,Derek Duke,Glenn Stafford,Jason Hayes,Tracy W. Bush
"Elwynn Forest"
"Legends of Azeroth"
"The Barrens"

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