ReMix:The Curse of Monkey Island "Bald Monkey at Barbery Coast" 2:10

By Yffisch

Arranging the music of one song...

"The Barbery Coast"

Primary Game: The Curse of Monkey Island (LucasArts , 1997, WIN), music by Michael Land, Peter McConnell

Posted 2020-11-24, evaluated by Rexy

MUSIC VIDEO! Time for some more swashbucking, campfire acoustic folk tunage from Yffisch (Kristofer Yffén):

"Hi again, I'll go with another MI tune this time. :) "Barbery Coast" theme from The Curse of Monkey Island (LucasArts, 1997) which is one of my favorite adventure game soundtracks. I play this with me, myself, and I on accordion, flutes, and clarinet.

The title I made up on this remix is quite personal. I am bald myself and work as a programmer which are usually referred to as "code monkeys." And how ironic isn't it then for a bald (code) monkey to be at a barbershop? ;)

Well, The Curse of Monkey Island music seems in general to have more advanced original compositions than all the other games, so I wanted a real challenge this time. And a couple of weeks later with hard practice every evening, I felt ready for yet another MI remix and this is the result!"

Most if not all of my previous praise & observations about Kristofer's mixes applies; excellent, flowing, very organic/spontaneous vibe that you & your mates could easily drink some quality grog to = good times. Love the backstory on the follicle/simian title pun. Consistent attention to ornamentation & stylization of parts, and a swaying sense of timing that gels w/ the context. Rexy evaluated:

"Kristofer isn't wrong about the source - due to advancing technology, The Curse of Monkey Island allowed higher quality audio than the previous two entries in the series. So it can be daunting to arrange a source with very similar instrumentation and a singular run-through, but when you dive deeper, you can see much more than that.

Like the rest of his treasure trove of MI mixposts, the instruments' recording quality is high and well-placed, with the accordion carrying the soundscape's meat and potatoes. The performance also works out, taking on a bouncier stance than the original and with its human aspects enhancing it. I sensed ska rhythms in the A section, grace notes aplenty, lush woodwind harmonies during C, careful use of softer dynamics/tempo slowdown in the D section to wrap back to A, and most importantly, minor changes in the melody to accommodate for Kristofer's practice time. It shows that he's still got a knack for not only showing off his accordion skills, but also the promotion of conservative arranging here on OCR!"

While remaining very close to the mark in terms of the source concept, Kristofer injects his personality into his arrangements & the performances they rely on, and transports things sonically to a more realistic setting in the process. Short, straightforward, and FUN - enjoy!



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on 2024-04-08 11:13:29

Aw yiss some fun accordion action, very fitting for Curse of Monkey Island. This was fun to listen to! Great job!

on 2020-11-24 10:27:37

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Primary Game:
The Curse of Monkey Island (LucasArts , 1997, WIN)
Music by Michael Land,Peter McConnell
"The Barbery Coast"

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