ReMix:Guild Wars 2 "Rytlock's Super Critter Rave" 4:02

By Paper Coelacanth

Arranging the music of one song...

"Rytlock's Critter Rampage"

Primary Game: Guild Wars 2 (NCsoft , 2012, WIN), music by Jeremy Soule, Keenan Sieg, Lena Raine, Maclaine Diemer, Matthew Moore, Stan LePard

Posted 2020-12-16, evaluated by the judges panel

Paper Coelacanth (Owen W.) follows up a debut Silent Hill 2 mix from back in 2016 with this energetic, FX-laden EDM take on the retro/chiptune theme from "Rytlock's Critter Rampage," also used in the GW2 "Super Adventure Box" meta-game:

"Last year, Pixel Mixers did a free tribute album, Super Adventure Box: Try Hard and Tribulations, for the annual April Fools' Day event in Guild Wars 2, Super Adventure Box. It was a fun project, for sure. This track was my contribution to that album.

The moment I heard the rising arpeggios in the original song, I knew I wanted to extend it into a poppy dance tune, and I had a ton of fun with it! I even tried to take a little inspiration from the FX in the HTML game of the same name.

Really excited to be a part of my first Pixel Mixers album (as well as my first collaborative album project in general)! It's definitely really cool to be on an album with so many talented people! I had a lot of fun making this arrangement and returning to my more "traditional" electronica style, I hope you like it too!"

Fun stuff - things start off a little meat & potatoes, with some staple/common EDM textures, but the arrangement is elevated as things progress and FX are added. Jivemaster writes:

"Expands the original's soundscape quite well. Things start out similar to the original but with an added range of backing instruments. The chord section in the break at 1:16 leading into the chorus portion was enjoyable. There is a modern disco style feel to the layers here. We hit a more major breakdown at 2:15, bringing with it a change of pace. At 2:58 we're reintroduced to the chorus portion for a final run, but it's presented differently, with blippy fills. This was appreciated and made the end portion more unique, separating it from the earlier section. Things end in pretty standard fashion. The production here is handled well — parts are clean and have their place, and there is a good level of variation across the arrangement, while maintaining the original's vibe. Nice work."

Roger that; nothing mind-blowing or texturally unorthodox, but a solid EDM suit of clothes for a short-but-sweet chip groove, and the bass jumps around in an active, disco-esque manner. DragonAvenger adds:

"What an excellent expansion on a relatively short theme! Really love the overall bubbly vibe, and there's a ton of change-ups to keep the soundscape fresh. Solid downtempo at 2:30ish that transitions nicely back into the pre-chorus. The rising arpeggio really keeps things tied together well, solid use there without overstaying."

What she said; Owen does a great job taking a familiar palette & structure and developing the core idea with evolution & additive/subtractive work - enjoy!



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on 2024-04-05 19:21:31

A very uplifting and fun remix! Great work on the production, everything felt tight and cohesive. I enjoyed the section near the end with the random sound effects and bits thrown in, it was great! 10/10! ?

on 2021-01-16 16:10:51

Super peppy! Nothing too crazy going on, just plain fun head-bopping dance stuff, which I can always appreciate :) Especially enjoyed the chorus parts of the track and the various bleeps and bloops at 3:15. Pretty nice track, well done!

on 2020-12-15 09:53:14

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Primary Game:
Guild Wars 2 (NCsoft , 2012, WIN)
Music by Jeremy Soule,Keenan Sieg,Lena Raine,Maclaine Diemer,Matthew Moore,Stan LePard
"Rytlock's Critter Rampage"

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