ReMix:Undertale "The King of All Monsters" 4:49

By SpaceGhost

Arranging the music of 2 songs...

"ASGORE", "Bergentrückung"

Primary Game: Undertale (tobyfox , 2015, WIN), music by Toby Fox

Posted 2021-02-02, evaluated by the judges panel

Three newcomers in a row! SpaceGhost (Deion W.) debuts with a slick, modern house & trap remix of Undertale, taking "Asgore" + "Bergentrückung" to new places:

"I just really feel like this is a great song for everyone who ever played Undertale. I wanted to make it into a track you can dance to, while still keeping the original feel.

I hope you guys enjoy and add it to your site. I been a long-time fan for over 10 years. I been making video game music for just as long and finally decided to submit something."

I love that we're old enough to have decade-long fans/visitors finally submit something, and glad Deion did - I haven't heard trap & house paired together exactly like this, but it works. The house-styled piano takes most of the melodic spotlight, and has a genre-appropriate punchiness and relatively angular timing to it, and the transitions have some EDM risers going on, so the drum sounds themselves & their sequencing reflect more of the trap influence. Liontamer steps away from the McRib to lend his approval:

"Opens up with the pump in full effect. Definitely liking the sound of this right off the bat. Small criticism, but the bass kick that came in at :34 felt both hollow and too loud; would have liked a thicker sound to give this more punch, but no big deal.

Nice instrumentation at 1:25 and 2:00; I always enjoy hearing Undertale music using sounds I've not heard in other arrangements (given how many of them are out there).

Solid sounds & textures as well as good dynamic contrast throughout to keep things fresh. I see Jivemaster's point on the melodic repetition, but like him wasn't bothered by it enough to feel this wasn't developed enough or wouldn't be a pass here. It could have been more energetic, but that's just a personal preference thing and a contrast with the energy of the source. This is a nice take on it; welcome, Deion!"

The melodic repetition gets me a little bit, to be honest, but as with Joel & Larry, it wasn't a huge issue. Rexy honed in on this particular concern with laser focus & her analysis is ever-insightful:

"What made me go back and forth, however, was the recapitulation at 2:51. For the next 70 seconds, it repeats everything from 0:17 onward, almost note for note. Thankfully, the chill section before the drop at 3:08 had a minor textural variation with the white noise sweep and more further cymbal prominence, and the groove-based variation utilized different transitions. And 3:42 onwards dropped the keyboard part while its counterpart at 1:08 kept it in play. So after combing through, I saw past the repetition and saw some subtle textural adjustments that rightfully justify the writing on display."

Roger that! I guess (?) it can be polarizing (like dubstep) to some listeners, but I'd love to hear more trap VGM takes, as I think it's a genre/sound that's fun & allows for a great deal of sonic flexibility & rhythmic creativity. This still hits me a bit more as a house mix than trap, but the flavors are there, and at the end of the day, everything's a hybrid :) Everyone, too. I dig the production and application of FX, the attention to detail, and of course the groove - looking forward to hearing more from Deion, along with Peter & Jordan - three new mixes from three new mixers, with some amazing, distinct creativity! Enjoy!



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on 2024-04-05 17:07:18

This was very nice. Great rendition of the original. Classy and good usage of the original game SFX, and overall a bop! :)

on 2021-01-29 14:29:53

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Sources Arranged (2 Songs)

Primary Game:
Undertale (tobyfox , 2015, WIN)
Music by Toby Fox

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