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Reuben Spiers sends us an easygoing, folk/acoustic arrangement of Digimon World, our first featured mix from the game:

"This is my acoustic cover of "File City (Night)" from the 1999 PlayStation video game Digimon World, the soundtrack of which was composed by Koji Yamada and Yuko Ishii. The original track belongs to Bandai, not me.

Ft. Kain White on kalimba, shakers, and most importantly, triangle. I'm likely gonna do more tracks from this gem of a game in the not-so-distant future. :P"

Peaceful, serene, and wouldn't be out of place on Esther's Dreams - mellow, but with enough depth & movement/transition to still hold interest. Accordion, piano, kalimba, and a prominent acoustic guitar make for a satisfying blend of timbres, and at 2'53" it's a relatively brief foray & DOES go gentle into that good night, more or less. Judges were all on board; Jivemaster writes:

"Percussion and guitar start things off, with bass and accordion coming in at 0:40. An accompanying piano line enters at 1:12. These play off each other for the next section, building up into the guitar’s return at 1:52, and altogether at 2:08. Arrangement is fairly basic, but does introduce a number of added elements to the original. Production wise things are ok, given the track is quite minimal — less issues are expected. I will say things do sound a bit stiff/to the grid, and could do with some humanisation, although I don’t think it’s a dealbreaker. There’s not a lot to it, but I think what here works well enough. A tidy little track with a different slant on the original."

prophetik music adds:

"the kalimba's got a nice sound. once the rest of the band comes in, this has a very Stardew Valley sound to it - very organic, very present. i agree that the kalimba's pretty repetitive but it's placed in the soundscape well so it's not obnoxious. the arrangement does a nice job expanding on the melody throughout. the ending's pretty lackluster, which is unfortunate when the main body of the piece is actually pretty clever in its simplicity. my only other complaint would be that some of the guitar performance is stiff, but as a whole it's well-played and feels nice."

Perhaps a little more humanization/emotion on the timing, based on panel feedback, but generally speaking everything clicks & achieves the intended vibe; warm, comforting stuff from Reuben & Kain - enjoy!



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on 2024-04-05 16:35:18

I was tapping my foot along. This was a lovely and chill remix. Thank you for making it. :)

on 2021-03-08 03:35:57

Definitely got Esther's Dreams vibes as well, maybe because this track sounds a lot like how ilomilo's soundtrack originally sounds. ;-) Good stuff! Enjoying the percussion in particular, it's a very effective 'bed' for the song. I didn't have an issue with the ending, I thought it winds down nicely.

I was curious about the FAT32 filesystem reference in the title, and it looks like floppy discs are an item in the Digimon world? That's a fun reference.

on 2021-02-24 01:27:36

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Digimon World (Bandai , 1999, PS1)
Music by Koji Yamada (II),Yuko Ishii
"Starlit Night"

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